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Reviewer: skepticallady Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/22/2012 6:53 PM Title: Home and Finding New Hope

Oh yeah.  Stonn is courting Ted and he just doesn't know it.  Too funny.  I like the fact that he got help.  What he did was wrong and he did kill two people but if the Vulcans were able to forgive and allow him to live with them then it was the right thing.  Very good with Jim and Spock. 

Author's Response:

I figure the death penalty (in Starfleet anyway) likely doesn't exist in the 23rd century. Also, someone had mentioned to me that I should bond him to Stonn, so that was kind a shout out. lol. Post traumatic Stress Syndrome is a BIG problem for many people, especially those that have seen too much war. If you listen all the news, then you know what I'm talking about.

Sorry, I don't mean to get depressing. My point is, I wanted to give some depth of reason behind Matthews losing it. Waking up one day and everyone you love is gone. That would be hard for anyone.

Reviewer: CMM Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 03/22/2012 5:41 PM Title: Home and Finding New Hope

Nicely done, although I'm sorry Matthews is asjusting so well. I would have enjoyed him having a long, long time trying to get used to Vulcans.

Author's Response:

Lol. I know eight months isn't a long time in general, but it was really never about Vulcans...the root of Matthews' break was always Nero, he was just projecting it on to Vulcans. Besides, after taking my tally of votes...pacisifism and redemption seemed to be the order of the day. If it were left up tom, he probably would met his ends via eaten phaser, just to tie it up nicely.

Oh well, Since I did write him as someone that was mentally ill and not just some hateratin' douche bag, I figured the voters were probably right and sent him down a different road.

Anyway, thanks for sticking it out and for all your kind words. :D

Reviewer: ShadowRavin Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/22/2012 3:34 AM Title: The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

I love it! You spell God, ghod, though and it is rather annoying.

Author's Response:

LOL. It's so you hear it right and I like ghod better than gawd, because it's all about the sound I'm trying to have the reader hear instead of just God. It's intended to sound more breathy and exasperated.Because typically, when I use it...someone is either moaning in esctasy or bemoaning their situation. Does that make sense? lol.


Either way, I'm very glad you like it and thank you for taking time to review :)

Reviewer: Arcadii Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 03/22/2012 1:06 AM Title: The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

Alright, I'll forgive you for letting Spock show mercy to 'Ted the schmedd' by giving him a guilt epiphany via mindmeld. But that's only because of the promised 'steamy' shower scene. You know . . . the one with all of the ear tip nuzzling and finger sucking that you alluded to previously and that I'm waiting patiently (if you believe that one, then I deserve an Oscar) for. ;)

Author's Response:

Lol, yes, I know. I'm actually working on that shower scene right now. Today was my daughter's birthday and unfortunately, due to car issues, I had to drive hubby to work and she had to miss school, so I wasn't able to get ANY writing done today during the morning hours--which is when I do most of my writing. I knew it was going to be crazy busy because of the birthday, but holy hell. Did not need the car drama on top of it.

Reviewer: Hypatia Kosh Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/21/2012 7:05 AM Title: The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

Timely story.

Not sure Spock did the smartest or most ethical thing by melding with the guy, but that broke him pretty effectively, huh?

I guess Matthews didn't actually have 500 backup plans because he didn't do sh** after Spock grabbed him.

Kirk wanted to rub his relationship with Spock in Matthew's face was hilarious, if quite human.

Not sure why Pike is trying to scare Komack with Kirk (hmm, okay, I can think of some reasons) because I'm sure Pike would garotte anyone who harmed a hair on the head of his beloved protogee. I mean, I definitely get that vibe. :)

I wonder if Matthews will quickly slip back into his disordered thinking since he clearly does feel the pain of the disaster and can empathize with Spock and others but it's lost in the paranoia. (Perhaps an attempt to replace that feeling of powerlessness with the feeling of power brought on by 'secret' knowledge and anti-social behavior?)

The conspiracy-mongering about pon farr hits exactly the right note.

Bring on the smexy times!

Author's Response:

--No, as Jim said, it's easy to attack someone from a distance, but having to face that person down is a whole othe affair. One that Matthews was never really prepared for.

--Spock will explain his reasons for melding with Matthews in the next chapter. It may not have been the most ethical, but Matthews did ask him to prove it and how else was he supposed to get through to him, right? Anyway, explaination in next chapter.

--I actually had Jim say it out loud at first, but then dialogue took away from the scene, so I edited it out.

--Pike was just making the point that the savior of Earth, after 2 years of a successful captaincy, has sway with people over the Admiralty. And yes, Pike is like a proud papa, that's how I see him in the ST XI universe anyway.

--I actually edited out the final line of the chapter which described Matthews as feeling clearer than he had in two years. The next chapter is more of an epilogue and we'll get an update on Matthews' status in recovery.

--I'm glad you liked the Pon Farr bit.


--Smexy times are a coming. T


Thank you for reviewing. :)


Reviewer: Mairin Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/21/2012 7:02 AM Title: The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

This was a great read and I love how Spock did the whole dues ex machina thing in sickbay, to quote Scotty "exciting stuff". Now onto the shower scene-can't wait:)

So, I found some typos, actually they were missing words and grammar not spelling.  The thing about a well written story, though, is that those things are less obvious, you see them but they don't detract from the story.  For me they become a big issue when the story is really badly written as well, so to save myself angst I don't read those ones anymore!


Author's Response:

Have no fear, lol. I ran through the chapter this morning and fixed EVERYTHING!! God, there were like five million errors. Ugh. I hate that I didn't have time to thoroughly proof yesterday, but oh well. Now tis fixed. Today, I must focus on le porno. :D

Reviewer: muggy44 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 03/21/2012 1:27 AM Title: The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

Very good, xoxoxox

Author's Response:

Thank you ;)

Reviewer: Tonati Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 03/21/2012 12:54 AM Title: The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

good episode! but I am still now.. "aaah! jimboy is hurt! medic! medic!" hehe, but that is just me.

Thanks for updating!

Author's Response:

He is only slightly banged up. He'll be alright.

Reviewer: oyboh Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/20/2012 11:41 PM Title: The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

Ugh, poor Matthews..I think. It is hard, though, when you can't assign blame. The damage is there in any case.

Waiting on the steaminess..

Reviewer: SORAL179 Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: 03/20/2012 8:58 PM Title: The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

Glad Mathews getting help and love the way you resolved this. Also I guEss falling off a biobed is as good as being hit to get out of a healing trance haha!

Author's Response:

It was more the whole being launched into a wall rather than falling off the bed, lol. But I'm glad you found that as funny as I did.

Reviewer: CMM Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 03/20/2012 8:04 PM Title: The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

"talk sense into him" not "talk since into him." Yeah, I know. Bitch, bitch, bitch. But I'm in a rotten mood because none of my stories are cooperating and I was COUNTING on shower sex, damn it!

Author's Response:

Coming tomorrow, I promise, and thank you for finding that error. I will fix in the morning. :) I'm sorry you feel rotten, have a digital truffle.

Reviewer: de_gnome Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 03/18/2012 1:10 PM Title: Plotting the Trap

Loving this story so far. Can't tell you how many times if retread it since the first chapter was put up.

As for Matthews punishment, I believe he should go to a psychiatric facility. He is suffering from a psychiatric problem. He may be dangerous, but he isn't evil. He needs councilling, and lots of it, in a place where he can't injure anybody until he 'sees the light'.
Please don't treat him like a cold blooded killer...

Author's Response:

Don't worry so far the tally is reflecting the desire for 'rehabilitation.' I wouldn't have actually sent him to a penal colony. Before the vote, I was actually considering him being killed as a result of his own mechanisations, but apparently that is not in the cards, lol. So, rehabilitation of some kind it is. I'll be working on the last chapter today but I don't know if I'll have it done today. Might not be until tomorrow.

Reviewer: Rubyhair Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 03/17/2012 2:21 PM Title: Plotting the Trap

Very cool story! I would love to see Mathiews on a prison planet where he gets raped for the rest of his life! He deserves it for what he has done. BTW, Komack should be pretty close behind him for signing off on him. You really should tie that part up too.

Author's Response:

Well, I don't think the penal colony is likely to happen and will remain an evil fantasy of Jim's. However, I do intend to tie up the loose Komach string, but don't expect that justice will come swiftly to all wrong-doers.

Reviewer: Tonati Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 03/17/2012 2:37 AM Title: Plotting the Trap

You did a very good job with this chapter!... wowza, poor Bones. Are you sure he is up to handle that girl?  heh. I say Mathews should be sent to a mental care facility, either glorying in the delusion that he saved the Captain's virtue, or paranoid because he feels everyone around him is an alien... maybe because they are?...

Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response:

It's not really for Bones to handle, but I'm sure Nyota has everything in order. Your vote is tallied under 'rehabilitation'. Looks like we've got a trend forming, here.

Reviewer: muggy44 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 03/17/2012 2:06 AM Title: Plotting the Trap

have him bonded to stonn. then the real fun begin's we know how much stonn hate's human's . Matthews will be  fucked one way or another . Love Bones and Uhura together.

Author's Response:

Lol. Tempting notion, but I don't see myself writing Stonn into this particular story. ;)

Reviewer: Rihala Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/17/2012 1:38 AM Title: Plotting the Trap

Omg I gotta say Bones and Uhura are probably my second favorite ship after Kirk and Spock, just because I imagine them snuggling after shift and alternately bitching/laughing their asses off at Jim's newest shenanigans.

Also, I'm going to vote no on the whole rape thing, just because it gives me squicky feelings in general. But hey! We'll see where the votes fall.

Author's Response:

I would never actually write a rape scene. I don't have the stomach for it. I will however write about Jim wanting to send someone off to a penal colony where those kind of events are known to happen regularly and then allude to Matthews being someone'e bitch for all eternity. HOWEVER, the people have spoken and apparently the penal colony full of rapists isn't in the cards for Matthews.

Reviewer: Arcadii Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 03/16/2012 11:57 PM Title: Plotting the Trap

Awww, Jim kissed Spock's fingers and made them better.  Loved your Bones and Nyota getting 'it on' on the desk.  I think McCoy's crotchitiness is how he deals with the bitterness from his divorce and the lonliness is because he was hurt (also from the divorce) so badly that he doesn't think anyone of worth will find him attractive.  Thankfully your Uhura took the proverbial bull by the horns and made the decision for him.  He seems to like a strong and in-charge (bet he lets her tie him up) kind of woman.  I vote for letting the crazy slime ball live so that you can do everything you've threatened, but also so he can spill the beans about the name of his protector.  I'm really amped over the promised shower scene with hopefully lots of nibbling of ear tips and healed fingers by a very grateful and amorous captain.  I'm so torn about the next chapter - eagely awaiting, but hating to see the end.  Hope you have a good day tomorrow! 

Author's Response:

I've always thought his gruffness was very much attributed to his divorce and the bitterness he feels at being forced into space and away from his daughter due to his post-divorce financial situation. I think Bones' issues are less self-esteem and more to do with trusting another on an intimate level. My Nyota is taking the option of choice away and I think McCoy has found that he possesses neither the strenth of conviction nor the ability to deny Uhura anything.


Yes, another tally under 'don't kill the bastard, just maime then rehabilitate' got it. lol. As for naming Komack, I had hoped to make it clear in the story--which obviously I did not--that Matthes has no knowledge that his files were flagged, let alone that they were pushed through by anyone. He couldn't name Komach if he wanted to.


Reviewer: oyboh Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/16/2012 10:35 PM Title: Plotting the Trap

I think Matthews should have a definitive paranoid break and be cornered and throw himself out an airlock.

Yaya! Bones/Uhura!

Author's Response:

One tally under 'crazed suicide.'

Reviewer: Mairin Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/16/2012 9:44 PM Title: The First Incident

ooh, I like that one too; Spock as saviour-handle that one Matthews.    Then Vulcan rehab complete with salads..yeees.

Reviewer: CMM Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/16/2012 9:27 PM Title: The First Incident

Oh, I suppose you could have Spock save his life when his latest weapon backfires, or you could have him get horribly maimed, but I think fifty years of salads and the precepts of Surak are punishment enough.

Author's Response:

Hmmm....this suggestion also has merit. One tally under "Spock the Savior of Humanity".

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