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Date: 07/19/2010 12:47 PM Title: Chapter 1

So many things are being said here with so few words.

Every hymn hold an entire world of feelings, philosophical questions and cultural references, and it's astonishing how you always manage to weave everything together so seamlessly.

My favorite hymn remains Nyota's: just how much philosophy is contained in "I am myself, a lake./But, being myself, I need/How to find my contours"? How do we establish the identity of the Self? How do we draw the contours of our consciousness, what method do we use, what are the reference points?

And how important are the others in all this? If we didn't have the others' form as a reference, how could we possibly be aware of our own? In my opinion, just these observations should make us understand how important is to live together in harmony and respecting each other.

We are talking about gnoseology, ontology, even ethics, and all these things are contained in those three simple verses.

But the other hymns are excellent as well: the picture of Kirk hooded in the darkness with just the blue of his eyes visible (really, just how mesmerizing are Pine's eyes?) is stuck in my head and won't go away.

And the verse "You are the other, the equal, the different" is the definitive description of the undeniable dilemma that is the relationship woman/man (sun and moon, earth and water, Jason and Medea, never and always touching and touched.. I'm brainstorming here!); Nyota is the ancient goddess, the strong warrior and the tender Mother, the shelter and the sword; she is the Home where the explorers yearn to return at the end of their voyages (is it me, or is there a hint to Calypsus?)

*Sighs* I really, really love this. *Thank you* for writing it.

Author's Response:

Whew. If beauty is is the eyes of the beholder, yours are also beautiful eyes indeed. Thank you!

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