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Reviewer: OzTrekkie Signed [Report This]
Date: 04/12/2013 6:25 AM Title: Chapter 1

This is my confusion over the alternative reality. I understand a different set of events created a different set of circumstances and thus an alternative reality. One of these differences is apparently having Spock be in a relationship with Uhura. But on Memory Alpha it uses the phrase "Spock maintained a relationship with Uhura". Abrams may have created the alternative reality to avoid continuity issues, but is he saying here that Spock already had a relationship with Uhura BEFORE the timelines split? And that the difference is that he MAINTAINS a relationship with Uhura in the reboot reality. So, basically he's saying that Spock and Uhura before the first season of TOS were in a relationship. That still seems like he's messing with the original timeline to me. What part of Uhura going up to Spock in The Man Trap and attempting, unsuccessfully, to flirt with him indicates that they were ever even that close? Not to mention she says something along the lines of "Kirk is the closest thing you have to a friend". Doesn't really seem like ex-girlfriend talk. 


Also, for the reboot, I'm not sure that I would use the phrase "serious relationship" necessarily. They obviously have a pre-existing relationship, and yes it is canon in the 2009 film, but there doesn't seem to be much discussion about exactly what the relationship is. Spock obviously doesn't discuss a lot with Uhura despite his affection for her and they certainly aren't bonded. Plus, particularly is Spock hasn't reached sexual maturity yet there's no indication that the relationship is physical beyond kissing (Not to mention he might be bonded to T'Pring before Vulcan is destroyed). I'm not sure Uhura would necessarily introduce Spock as "This is Spock, my boyfriend". 


The relatonship seems kind of obligatory action movie romance to me, there's nothing particularly creative about it. Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto are great actosr, I just don't think it really suits the character development from, you know, over 45 years of TOS. Abrams seemingly has decided to continue this subplot in Into Darkness which is causing me some annoyance. I can't really imagine where it's going, or how much time they can now commit to Spock and Kirk's "epic romance". I understand that it's an alternative reality but I can't raelly reconcile it in my mind. 

Author's Response:

Thanks for your response!

No, the timelines split the moment Nero went through time, so from the attack on USS Kelvin. Spock was 1 year old then and Kirk was just being born, so no way Spock and Uhura were in a relationship then. :)

Reviewer: Entity Sylvir Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/03/2011 7:25 AM Title: Chapter 1

I agree with you on all points excpet one: Spock and Uhura.

I do like the new universe (can't say I particularly liked the movie however, it seemed too "action movie" and not enough "Star Trek movie") given how it explores the beginning of the epic K/S partnership. I'll always love TOS more, but the new movie is nice too.

As for Spock and Uhura, I was quite annoyed at them too, until Miss Car pointed out in her stoy "But I Thought You Were Straight" that at the end of the movie Spock is fine with leaving Uhura for going to New Vulcan, only to return for Kirk. So he picked New Vulcan over Uhura and Kirk over New Vulcan, therefore he picked Kirk over Uhura. Now that I realised this, I started thinking, and realised that the truth behind the relationships are quite different from what they appear at first glance. In fact, I wrote my own essay on it, if you're interested: proving that Spock/Uhura isn't actually canon after all.

But other than that, great essay. The K/S dynamic is developing very well as you said, and as much as I dislike Uhura (she doesn't DO ANYTHING, I mean Sulu fought with Kirk, McCoy smuggled him on, Chekov did the beam thing, and Scotty also did the beam thing, but Uhura did nothing but insult Kirk and prance around) I do like her as a plot point, as I like many other aspects of the new movie.

Reviewer: Wind Wolf Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/10/2009 9:04 AM Title: Chapter 1

I loved the new movie but I can not reconcile it with the original.  There are too many differences even before Spock Prime and Nero arrived back in time. 

The original Jim was not born on a ship but on the farm in Iowa.  The original Sarek was a lot less supportive of his son.  The new movie never even hints at the existance of Sam, Jim's older brother.  I remember his father being one of Jim's insperations to go into space but I think he died before Jim became a cadet.  (not sure on that one)  Jim and Spock first met when Jim became Captain of the Enterprise.

I do not see the new movie as a prequel to the series at all but an alternate universe, which is then split into another one by the time travel event.  I like this universe very much and hope to see and read much in it but it is not the original at all.  WW.


Author's Response:

Thank you for your response.

Actually, Sam was there, but was cut out. There is a cut scene, you can see it. It was said over and over by the creators and also in novelisation that the stress of, uh, I dunno... Being attacked by the Narada, maybe, forced Winona into earlier labor? Sarek only started being supportive to Spock after his wife died. But this essay wasn't about it.

I thought it was perfectly clear to anyone that this movie was not intended to be a prequel, but rather a re-imagining. This is the whole POINT! It was never even MEANT as a prequel, it was ALWAYS an alternate reality. All the creators stressed it multiple times. And it was stressed it in this essay many times as well.

And the point of the essay was, to show that ST XI is, in fact, a valid addition to the franchise and that it still has the very characters we love. Perhaps only developed by slightly different means. Probaly that's why we spent better part of this essay on character study and compairing it to TOS and the original movies.

Reviewer: Jaylee Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/08/2009 11:02 PM Title: Chapter 1


Well put. Extremely well put.

In fact, I rec'd your essay on my livejournal, adding my own two cents on the fandoms' need to create 'sides' where none is really necessary. Star Trek, at it's best, is entertaining, thought-provoking, and beautiful. A finely crafted piece of cinema and storytelling. Reboot is just the latest installment to embody these ideals.

Abrams did good. I'm thankful to him and his team for breathing new life into Trek and bringing with it a wider fanbase that spans ages and will ensure Trek's continued survival. Perhaps even into the 23rd century. ;-)

Author's Response:


Ok, I'm putting a more detailed response to in your LJ (come on, finding people on the internet is way too easy these days).

Reviewer: katie Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/08/2009 8:58 PM Title: Chapter 1

I fear I may fall into the trap of 'new people' I was always aware of Star Trek and watched it as a child but I didnt have a sense of connection with it. I am a star wars fan *ducks*

However everyone knows Kirk and Spock even if they have no interest in Star Trek. I loved their interactions and how close they were and have been a silent believer in the ship since I knew what slash was.

I like the new movie. I like that the characters are slightly edgier. I think having that initial dislike makes their unbreakable friendship so much more deep because they overcame it. In the movie both Jim and Spock are outsiders, and I think Quinto's quiet intensity as Spock is amazing. I think it's important to remember at this point they are essentially kids or at least young adults and who can say they have it all together at that age?

When Jim is given the Enterprise it does mellow him out, he realizes that he has responsibility something he has lacked all his life. That structure makes it easier for him to mellow because he has found his place.

What drew me to the movie was that they came from essentially the same background, neither fitting in with those around them. They were different enough that sparks flew but that they could recognize each other in them.

Seeing the rocky ground they were on in the begining of the film to the camradarie at the end gives me satisfaction. It's not a complete relationship, it's the start, the years together will mellow them and give them a friendship we all remember from our childhood. Okay so basically I agree with you. Sorry for the rant


Author's Response:

Like I'd ever turn down a rant like that! Thank you for your response!

Ahah, I'm a fan of SW as well, only to much lesser extent that ST, but shhh, don't tell, or we both will get our asses handed to us by some fans.

Another interesting parallel there is that Kirk and Spock were both interested in the same woman. Kirk doesn't usually continue flirting with women, but three years later we saw him still trying to get into Uhuras uniform... a place Spock was very familiar with. Just a thought...

Reviewer: KaasKnot Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/08/2009 8:33 PM Title: Chapter 1

I liked ST XI, and I felt your analysis of the situation is correct. Jim has a lot of negative emotions that he never really properly learned how to control, and so they leak out in violence and sex. He's not just a stereotype, there is an actual psychological reason behind his bad behavior.

Likewise, Spock never really learned control--he learned to repress. Hence why he's so angry and tense all the time. Also, with his childhood (and there was a really interesting thing on LJ about how Vulcans faced much more xenophobia as a result of Nero's attack, and that this rebounded onto Spock as increased teasing/discrimination), he learned that "salting and burning the earth" was the best policy. Both of them are rougher than their counterparts in the original series, darker.

I also read a blurb somewhere that quoted the writers as saying that they had Uhura and Spock together because they needed to have someone hug Spock (physically and metaphorically), and his relationship with Jim wasn't at that point, yet. Among other, slash-unfriendly reasons.

Sorry if I'm being redundant here, you just made me think.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for your response!

You're not being redundant at all and the opinions you express are, I think, spot on. :) And you said I made you think? That's the best compliment I could've recieve.

I didn't read the thing on LJ about xenophobia, thanks for pointing me to the right direction, and thanks for that bit about Spock needing a hug, I didn't hear that, but I find it amusing, actually. Cheers!

Oh, and Palladiamor, the co-author, says:

I didn't think it was as bad as the rest of you, those two being together.  It came a bit out of left field, but it helped define Spock and to a lesser degree Uhura,  though she was kind of extraneous within the context of the movie. Okay, it helped to define Spocks HUMAN side,  and Uhuras adamant and determined side.


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