100 tentacles by Anellim

Jim is traumatized by the humanoid penis after being abused somewhere in his past (could be Tarso IV, Frank or whatever your imagination leads you).

When he starts to develop feelings for Spock his trauma becomes a major concern, how is he going to tell Spock that? Luckily for the both of them, the vulcan anatomy doesn't resemble the human in this particular aspect, he has 100 tentacles that sort of came together to do the job.


This challenge is based on a paragraph of the fanlore wiki about vulcan penises. Please, visit the page for a more broader view of the challenge.


Bonus points:

  • More than 1 chapter, I would love to read the development 
  • T'hy'la plot
  • Hurt/Confort
  • Protective!Spock
  • Spock's private parts are "hidden" until he is "erect"

(English is not my first language, please ignore any miss spelling)


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