Illicit by Tech_Duinn

99.99% of the stories I read seem to completely disregard the possibility of non-fraternization regulations. I know that many authors justify this by pointing to the wedding in “Balance of Terror,” but I find it very unlikely that Starfleet--a military organization--would allow its officers to start up relationships with whomever they chose regardless of rank or the chain of command.

I’d like to see a story featuring the mutual but “forbidden” attraction between Kirk and Spock. I say attraction, because I don’t care which stage of their relationship they happen to be in as long as there are romantic undertones.

I will bow before any author skilled enough to write a story in which Kirk has (realistically) coerced Spock into a secret affair, but it's not a requirement.


Bonus Points if:

  •          Spock and Kirk are court-martialed for their affair, and the story of thier relationship is told through flash-backs.
  •          The story is told by a peripheral character
  •          There is a scene in which one of them has to hide under a bed/ in the ‘fresher/in some other hilarious location to avoid discovery
  •          Kirk and Spock are given an ultimatum from the Admiralty: break up or get transferred

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