Robin Hood by VulcanElf

I would really like to see a Robin Hood Story where Kirk is Robin, McCoy is Little John, and Spock is Mariane. This means, of course, that you must include Spock in as many points as possible with Kirk as the story will allow. Maybe you can make either Khan or Sybok Prince John, then have Scotty or Sulu as Friar Tuck. Infuse the other characters in where possibe, and if you want to make one of them King Richard, then be my guest :)


-I don't care what universe this is in, but I'd most prefer an AU.

-Have a scene where RobinHood!Kirk is presumed dead, and they're about to perform the funeral when he shows up with all of Prince John's gold.

-If you can work this with or without genderswap. I'd really like to see either one.


Categories: Fiction
Characters: McCoy
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