Construction/Builder/Carpenter James T. Kirk by Raven Knight

Why I had to post this challenge: In a course I recently had, we were reviewing some court cases from Iowa.  Immediately, I started skimming the text for one word: Kirk.  Sure enough, to my amusement (not kidding I burst out laughing in class), there was a case referenced within the one we were studying.  What it concerned was the Workman-like/ship quality of a Home Construction Builder named Kirk!  Reading the case, all I could picture was a scruffy, sweaty, beam-carrying, tool-belt-wearing, clothing properly fitting his frame Construction/Carpenter/Builder James T. Kirk! Here we  go:

Verse: TOS or Alternate Universe (XI/XII- nu!verse) - obviously AU
Rating & Length: Any - Adult preferred

Jim works for his father's building business in Iowa - Kirk & Sons or something - while Sam is in charge of the office/business end of things.  George and Jim are the main laborers.  They receive a call from Sarek, who needs their services with one of his homes he keeps in Iowa that has fallen into disrepair.  It belongs to his wife - through inheritance - and she desires it as an Earth vacation home.  Their son, Spock, has traveled ahead of them to oversee the progress on the house, since he is currently a cadet (in his final term) in Starfleet.  Jim is immediately attracted to Spock, who wastes little time before flirting with the human.  Jim struggles to be polite because he is a professional.  Eventually, he gives in and they end up taking advantage of the empty house...many times.  Sarek and Amanda arrive as the work is being completed.  It is awkward in the house for a little while for Spock without Kirk but with his parents. 

Eventually, they depart back to Vulcan, and Spock gets lonely - missing Kirk.  He demolishes something purposefully just to call Kirk & Sons to have them repair it, saying something absurd like, "I believe it is required that we contact the Kirks," as an excuse.  Jim knows that Spock did it on purpose, and after fixing the damage he tells Spock, "If you wanted to keep me around, all you had to do was ask, not ruin parts of your house."   

Bonus Points:
1. Sarek and Amanda know what Spock is up to. 
2. And they don't care.
3. They had planned to give the house to Spock, anyway, as a graduation present from Starfleet.
4. Kirk and Spock christen the house after Spock graduates.

Categories: Fiction
Characters: Amanda, Sarek
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