Prince and the Pauper by Nightshade sydneylover150

Jim's family lost all the money they had or would have had when his father died.  Since that point in time Jim's family has worked to put food on their table and heat in their home.  When Jim starts school at Starfleet, he is constantly working part time jobs to pay tuition and studying to maintain a healthy GPA with his heavy classload.  The challenge is only magnified by the fact that all or the majority of Jim's classmates do not have to work. 


I would like a story where Jim is either still at the Academy or just starting out as Captain of the Enterprise.  In the story I would like Spock to slowly come to the realization that Jim's home and financial situation is not like his classmates or shipmates.  How does Spock handle the contradiction?  What does he do?  How does Jim react to Spock's actions?

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