The Vulcan Job by Arcadii

I'd like to see a slash AU based on The Italian Job with lots of angst, romance, and intrigue.  I'd also like to see a charming, but still take-charge Jim and a vulnerable, but not-girly bottom Spock.  Either Reboot or TOS - authors choice with:

  • Kirk - the planner
  • Spock - the safe-cracker
  • Scotty - the gadget and explosives expert
  • Sulu - the getaway specialist
  • Chekov - the computer and systems expert
  • Pike - Spock's mentor


There is a faction on Vulcan that is planning on taking over the government, throwing out Surak's precepts, turning their back on the Federation, and taking the planet back to a system of warlords and feudal clans.  The coup is being backed by the Romulans and Sarek found out about it.  He was assassinated for his knowledge, but not before he got a message off to his son.  The message spelled out the danger and the name of the leader, but without proof, Spock, a security consultant for LLoyd's of Terra, can't warn his government.  On his own and using his family's wealth to finance the venture, he finds the best thieves in the galaxy to aid him in securing the proof from the culprit's heavily fortified compound.

* Bonus points for Spock being disturbed by his attraction to Jim and for Jim to charm the pants off of him figuratively and literally.

* Bonus points for H/c Spock.

* Bonus point for Bones being included in the cast.


I really loved the movie and if you can figure out a way to transfer it into the Star Trek universe you will have my eternal gratitude as well as a bribe of Triple Chocolate Brownies.


Categories: Fiction
Characters: Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, Gaila, McCoy, Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura
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