Betrothed or Enslaved by Everlasting Purple

I've had this idea for awhile, but I doubt I will actually get around to writing it so here's the challenge!

Vulcan and Earth are in a war both parties fighting because they believe the other to be brutal barbarians that want to hurt their race.

Earth wins and seeing as all they really want is peace from their neighbors they deiced to demand a member of the Vulcan race marry a member of their race in order to build a bridge between there two cultures and promote peace, however for some reason the demand is tampered with or the Vulcans mistake the wording and the Vulcans think the demand is that one of them must join with a human as their slave.

Of course the human and Vulcan in question is Jim and Spock.

On the way to Earth Spock is treated like a slave. He is to be hurt and at least somewhat traumatized over it. While he may harbor some hatred for the humans his main emotion is fear by the time he arrives.

No matter what Jim’s feelings on marrying a Vulcan wither he is disgusted or delighted or just doesn’t care he is completely furious that someone dared to hurt his future husband. He goes to meet Spock when he arrives determined to at least be civil, when he finds Spock chained and in slave garb, with visible bruises or perhaps some other injury.

Someone who hurt Spock should attempt to drag him to Jim or hit him or something and Jim should throw an absolute fit. Jim should end up earning at least a small amount of trust from Spock due to his protecting him and being the only human to touch him and not hurt him.

Somehow though a mind meld or some other way Jim and Spock realize that they have both been lied too about the other’s race and they uncover some kind of plot to make their people destroy each other.

This is set up in a way that it could be different planets or different kingdoms if you want. Either both Jim and Spock could be princes in there kingdoms or for whatever reason you want chosen for their planets.

The Vulcans find it logical to give up Spock seeing as they have lost it is best to give in to the brutal illogical demands of the humans lest they all be enslaved or killed.

Spock’s father is not a complete asshole and while is very against this decision there is nothing he can do about it.

If Spock’s mother is a human then you need to come up with an original and believable reason she’s his mom. Spock must know Amanda and have been close to her at least as a small child. I do not want her to die at least not until Spock is with Jim.

I want this to have: Hurt, Shy, Bottom Spock and Protective, Kind, Top Kirk.

I would really like this to have.: All the bridge crew members if possible including Scotty and Bones. Bones being Jim’s close friend would be really awesome.

I think it would be really interesting to have Spock not understand human langue at first so we see some adorable confused Spock not understanding why Jim is being so nice to him or treating him differently.

Extra points if the humans do keep slaves.

Extra, Extra points if Jim has slaves and is very nice to them.

Of course Spock and Jim falling in love and having lots of sex is awesome and something I want to happen, but don’t rush it too fast. I want both charters to be somewhat in character.

Oh and Happy ending Jim and Spock can’t die and if you add mpreg for some reason their child cannot die. 

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Betrothed or Enslaved by Martiniquon Rated: ADULT (NC-17) [Reviews - 1]

Based on the challenge "Betrothed or Enslaved" by Everlasting Purple

Vulcan and Earth are in a war because both believe the other to be brutal barbarians that want to hurt their race. Earth wins and in the interest of a lasting peace demands that a member of the Vulcan royal family marry a member of their own royal family. However the demand is tampered with and the Vulcans think the demand is that one of them must join with a human as their slave.

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