"My little Angel" by alex455

Vulcan males are able to get pregnant. But since ages past it is firmly forbidden. Those males who get pregnant are either forced to abortion and those who refuse are meant to leave Vulcan and never come back. The same goes to their child(ren). Pregnant Vulcan male give off characteristic odor: something close to roses, that’s how others know.

Now Spock is pregnant and Jim is the father. What will they do? Will Spock keep the child? Will he even tell his father after the child will be born?

Decisions are tougher when you’re Sarek’s son and have a human mother.

Everything complicates when T’Pau herself requests USS Enterprise to take her to the biggest negotiations in history of federation and Vulcan: with Romulans. Sarek and Amanda and many other Ambassadors are to come with her.

Spock can’t hide forever in his quarters.

Mpreg K/S slash, Sarek/Amanda


Bonus: I love angst and romance and hurt/comfort and family and lots of other feels.

Bonus 2: doesn’t matter which universe TOS or Abrams…I’ll love it either way.

Oh and if you love long stories to write like I love to read them then please do write a long story.

I don’t want short one shot.

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Angel Unexpected by VulcanElf Rated: Mature Content (Teen) starstarstarstar [Reviews - 2]

Spock gets pregnant, but male pregnancy is illegal on Vulcan. People know this because he suddenly smells of roses. Things get worse when T'Pau, Sarek, and Amanda go on the Enterprise to go to a meeting with Romulans. Spock can't hide forever in his room...

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