Sloppy Spock by Perfect_Potion

Jim and Spock are beginning their relationship, getting to know one another, having super hot sex. Jim is amazed and besotted with his seemingly perfect mate, and is ready to take it to the next level with Spock.  However, Jim soon discovers a deep dark secret about Spock... One that could ruin everything!

Spock is a slob. this is discovered when Jim and Spock move in together. 

Jim is disheartened because he (contrary to popular belief) is very organized, maybe a little OCD.

as the son of an ambassador Spock never had to do any chores. He always had a personal assistant do it for him. Same thing on the Enterprise. I mean, isn't that what Yeoman are for? 

Could Spock's bad habits be a deal breaker for Jim? How can they make it work when Spock is so domestically dysfunctional?

Make me laugh.

Make me cry.

Make Bones get drunk and laugh too. 

Categories: Fiction
Characters: None
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