Remembering All Our Yesterdays by Live Long and Prosper
Summary: I read a few fanfics recently where Sarpeidon was spoken about and in one of them Spock told Kirk if he was there he wouldn't have noticed Zarabeth. I'd like a story where this is actually shown. I won't write a 10-foot essay on what I want to happen in the story but I do have a few 'bonuses' I'd like to see included: I would like McCoy to still be a part of the story (basically the same role Kirk had in the original episode?). Kirk should be the one to convince Spock to eat the meat. I was hoping for some kind of mildly angsty ending where they are happy to stay where they are because there are no regulations that stop them being together but Spock wants to go back and live together as bondmates in their actual world (begins to worry about just how far he will regress?) and Kirk would miss the adventure of being on the Enterprise.
Categories: Fiction
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