Those Who Write on Bathroom Walls... by Pamdizzle

A challenged issued by the lovely T'Lara open to all who are brave enough to answer:

Larissa has issued a challenge to all via Skype:

I want a fic with this
"Barbed penis, large penis, giant balls with fur,
rock-hard penis, throbbing penis, hur-hur-hur."
written on the tiled wall of the gym bathroom...

All are welcome to answer it. I shall post the challenge on the archive in a bit. Answer IF YOU DARE!!!

Multiple submissions are encouraged! The more the merrier. fic that earns the most laughs, wins. :)

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Hur-hur-hur by Fugitive, Pamdizzle Rated: ADULT (NC-17) Round robin starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 21]

Reponse to Lari's challenge.....  I hope this is a good enough start.   If you want more, perhaps someone with more of a penchant for porn (hint, hint, hint) might like to continue with the hotness that surely will be the result of Kirk's epiphany at the end of chapter 1?


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