"A 2012 K/S Advent Challenge" by Amanda Warrington

[Sign-ups for the 2012 Fest is now closed. We'll be doing this again in 2013!]

Every year for the past decade or so, K/S fans have come together to create stories and art based on the Holidays season.  For the last 4 years, this challenge has run on LiveJournal.  Last year we had 82 entries which you can find listed here.  This year, the mods (Ashley and me) have opened up the challenge to members of the K/S Archive, Archive of our Own, and DeviantArt.

Signups were on Google docs and closed November 25 2012. Posting goes from December 1 to 25.  You don't need to have a LJ account to take part. When it's your scheduled date to take part, as a member of the K/S Archive, you will post it here and the mods will put a link to it on both the LiveJournal K/S Advent community and the LJ Kirk/Spock community, to get maximum exposure.

Although many use prompts, we don't insist on it.  If you have your own idea, as long as it's K/S, and it involves the Holidays (e.g. Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, etc.) or a winter/cold theme, it's all good!

If you're interested, here are some links to check out:

Click: Sign-ups

Click: Prompts

Click: The K/S Advent Guidelines

Click: The K/S Advent FAQ

If you have any further queries, please email us at kirkspockadvent@gmail.com

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