Spock Prime raises Kirk by Samantha_kathy

Instead of just temporarily defeating Nero, the Kelvin destroys him and his ship. When Spock Prime comes into this universe (no more than 2 years after the Kelvin perished, could be sooner), he learns of this and is relieved. But he also knows Jim’s father is dead, so immediately goes to check on him, as he feels partly responsible for the loss of this version of his t’hy’la. When he finds Jim on Earth, he finds Jim’s home life is not satisfactorily. Taking action, he either gains custody or simply takes over raising him (under the name Selik, Jim never knows Selik is from an alternate universe and the future). How does that change the course of history? How do Jim and Spock meet?




Jim must be young enough to not remember a time that Selik wasn’t in his life

Because he’s raised by a Vulcan, he knows a lot more about them than most humans

Vulcan is never in any danger and Amanda doesn’t die


BONUS: if it turns out that Jim isn’t completely psi-null

MEGA BONUS: if the hearing about Jim hacking the Kobayashi Maru makes it into the story with Selik firmly on Jim’s side!

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For the Love of a Child by CMM Rated: ADULT (NC-17) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 398]

This is a reponse to Samantha-Kathy's challenge (and apparently Manganra has a similar one as well): Spock Prime Raises Kirk. Spock goes through the wormhole after Nero, but the Kelvin destroys Nero and his ship, being destroyed in the process. Baby Jim is orphaned, and a mysterious Vulcan named Selik adopts him. Vulcan isn't destroyed, and Selik raises Jim there, so Jim knows more about Vulcans than many humans do. He also has some mind powers--and he joins Starfleet and meets a certain Vulcan named Spock.


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