The Convention Challenge. by jessica499499

Seeking an Alternate Universe fic where Spock and Jim meet at a comic or sci-fi convention.

Both are working at different booths or maybe competing booths (You decide)

Both are human (This is a must.)

They can cosplay if you like (bonus points if you have Spock wear fake pointed ears at least one time.)

Maybe a scene where they compete/meet at a trivia competition of their favorite series? (You decide.)

Bonus points if you can bring in Uhura bashing or Chekov/Sulu.

Other than that feel free to do what you like. All that is absolutly required is that their be tons of Spirk and at least a T rating. The hotter the better.



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Winning Thy Hand by HaveYouHeard Rated: ADULT (NC-17) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 44]

Convention fun, in which Kirk has to fend off Spock's admirers!

A/U in answer to jessica499499's challenge. Kirk's a PR consultant who goes to Germany with Pike to smooth over negociations for an upcoming event. He doesn't anticipate finding love at first sight... (Spock's hard to resist ;p)


I did try to stick to the brief, but there are certain things I've changed just because my muse doesn't stick to rules all that well. Go to the challenge page to see full details of the brief.

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Universe: AU Alternate Universe
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Challenges: The Convention Challenge.
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