Letters From Amanda by Banana

Amanda always knew that her husband and son would out live her (even she didn't think it would be by quite the large margin that happens in the reboot universe) and planned accordingly, leaving a series of letters for them with her relatives.  The letters can be holovids, actual hand-written notes, or what-have-you.  Basically, they detail her life and her relationship with Sarek, how she feels about Spock, raising him to be Vulcan, and so on.  After Sarek recieves the letters he sends them to Spock.

Only Spock can't bring himself to go through them.  Maybe he convinces himself it would be illogical, maybe he doesn't think he can handle something like that without another dreaded emotional break-down, whatever seems appropriate.  So, somehow or another, Jim winds up looking at them instead.

Only, the thing is, when Amanda talks about her relationship with Sarek, it sounds kind of familiar...


Bonus Points:

- If Kirk and Spock aren't in an established romantic relationship prior to the letters.

-  If Amanda reveals some adorable/mortifyingly embarrassing stuff about Spock as a baby and child that Jim has difficulty not Using for Evil.

- If Amanda gets a little caught up in her reminscing at one point and Jim gets a TMI moment regarding Sarek.

Categories: Works in Progress
Characters: Amanda
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