Heart of a Vulcan by Nocturnal Nightengale

Hello so for this story this is my challenge:

Jim and Bones became best friends in college and made a vow to be there for one another when the other needed him. When they graduated, Bones had gone to Vulcan to do a medical internship and Jim went to Star Fleet. They've of course kept in contact and now some years later Bones has written to Jim asking him to come to Vulcan.

Why do you ask?

During his stay in Vulcan, Bones met and fell in love and now is getting married. He has called Jim to be his best man. So of course when Jim arrives we find out who Bones is engaged to; none other than Sybok!!!( This is Abrams AU in my opinion) So naturally the person assigned to take Jim around and show him ropes so to speak is Spock!

Spock is distant, abrasive, and down right rude to Jim. Jim in turn wants to wipe the floor with Spock. So what happens when Jim starts to notice the gentler and honorable side of Spock and what if someone else who wanted to get Sybok is now courting Spock for their own selfish reasons? (could be T'Pring or Stonn)

How will Jim court the enigma that is Spock!!! I want Amanda in this fic, as a loving mother to both Spock and Sybok.

I would like really hilarious moments between Spock's family and Jim and Bones. Spock is a very gentle and honorable person who hides behind a tough exterior, I want Jim to see that and they both complete each other. Happy ending is a must!!! Have Fun and Happy Writings!!!

Bonus: Lots and lots of sexy times between Jim and Spock and Bones and Sybok ^_~

Categories: Fiction
Characters: Amanda
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