A World of Difference by Arcadii

How different would the universe be if Sarek had been killed during a diplomatic mission and Amanda had taken a young Spock to live on Earth? Hopefully a longish fic and I prefer Abrams universe AU with bottom/Spock, angst, hurt/comfort.

 *You can decide Spock's age when Sarek is killed and he and his mother move to Earth(prefer anything preteen).

 *Would like to see Amanda working in an academic world - could growing up in a more liberal atmosphere affect Spock by him acting more human (learned behavior through association) or more Vulcan (to honor his father) - you decide.

 *Without the anger at the VSA, would Spock choose Starfleet or would a similar atmosphere in academia give the same impetus and how would this affect his meeting with Jim Kirk?

  •  Bonus for Christopher Pike dating Amanda.
  • Bonus for Spock retaining heir of house and having to endure Vulcan training at the Vulcan embassy.
  •  Bonus for an interfering T'Pau having disagreements with Amanda on the proper way to raise Spock.
  •  Bonus for Amanda thinking that Spock needs a male influence and asks Chris to do father/son things like camping and some kind of sport.
  •  Bonus for Chris (now stepfather) to set up a blind date for Spock with Jim Kirk, the son of an old friend and also a cadet at the academy.

 I'd be very interested to see someones take this and have fun with it. :)

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Characters: Amanda, Chris Pike, McCoy
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This is a response to the challenge by Arcardii, A World of Difference, if you haven't guessed. It's a work in progress, the idea being that Spock grows up on Earth, rather than Vulcan, and the differences that makes.

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