Possessive!Spock - PWP? by Wing
Summary: I am requesting/issuing a challenge for porn. I have no shame. Yeah, sorry. But hey, if ya wanna throw some plot in there too I am all for it. So to sum it up, I am just looking for a very, very, very possessive and territorial, yet obsessively loving Spock. I am talking ‘Touch at/look at/smile at/think at Jim again and I will kill you myself’ kind of possessive. Granted, most of this will have to be internalized because of the whole ‘Vulcan’s have no emotions’ thing and well, he is a Star Fleet officer and often on diplomatic missions so he has to be on his best behavior, but that does not have to stop him from thinking about hurting others. And I am sure Spock has a breaking point somewhere... Simple ya? They could be bonded, or dating, or a first time. It could even be a tasteful slave fic, or mirror-verse or AU. Don’t really care. The only caveat is that I do not want it to cause a bunch of angst. No ‘jealous lover cut me off from my fiends’, no ‘infringing on personal freedom’, no ‘this is interfering with our duty as members/officers of Star Fleet’. None of that messy over the top cliché angst. A little angst is good for drama, but not over kill. I think it would be great if Jim finds Spock’s possessiveness and territoriality amusing and plays along with it/ deals with it/ indulges Spock with it or even enjoys it and being loved/wanted. Or maybe Jim can’t really fault Spock because he is just as possessive. Not really picky about what type of possessiveness it is (Touchy feely, Grabby, Mine mine MINE, Mental, or even time consumption) I am just not feeling the ‘possessive clingy jealous Vulcan is killing my friendships and personal freedom’ feeling that is often associated with possessive!Spock. This is kinda way open ended, so have fun.
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Okay, I need to write some porn to get it out of my system as I try to reign in some focus for the other project I'm working on and stumbled upon Wing's Possessive!Spock-PWP Challenge.

I've managed to write it in as part five of the Intergalactic Fuck Olympics Series.

In this week's episode, the Enterprise is orbiting Earth as Jim and Spock attend Bones' lecture at a Starfleet Medical Convention taking place at the Academy. Spock discovers, as the evening progresses, that Jim is purposely pushing the bounds of his weakened control during the early stages of their newly formed bond. How will Spock deal with fighting the urge to claim Jim in public as he watches others blatantly attempt to proposition his mate and Jim's flirty responses?

Please review! ;D

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