Forced Bond by Nocturnal Nightengale

I'm sure this probably has been suggested before, something along these line or another...

So for this challenge I want to make it that Vulcan's really are emotionless, they only gain their emotions when they find their Thy'la. It's sudden and foreign and most of them you know tend to have to learn how to adapt to live with emotions. I want to make Vulcans a little more to their ancestrial chaacteristic than their current logical self. So they are teritorial when they find their bond-mates and possesssive.

So with that in mind, I want this in Abrams verse with that the first time Spock meets Jim the bond automatically forms. There's absolutely no way to dissolve it, it basically forces the two parties involved to get along. The bond has a few side effects, one being that both of them have unlimited access to the other's head.So if let's say Jim is checking someone out the, Spock can hear his said thoughts. It also makes each other extremely possessive, as they'll see it as someone trying to steal their mate.

So how do two people that really couldn't stand each other come together to be one? Happy Ending is a must!!! I would like the story to start of the first time Jim and Spock see each other at the hearing across from the podiums. That's the first time Spock hears Jim speak his emotions develop and the first time they touch (when Spock was choking the hell out of Jim) the bond forms.

I want the story to continue through the Narada incident and into the five year mission to see them come together. Have fun and enjoy^^

Bonus: There's an epilouge of how they are doing at the end of the story set like 20 years into the future.

Mega Bonus: When ever they have their territorial/ possessive moment they always claim their mate aggressively to show who they belong to; thus leading to many many hot angry/possessive sexy times!!! 

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