The Bodyguard by Nocturnal Nightengale

For this challange it's going to be AU of Abrams's Verse. This is inspired now by the motion picture of the same name and a book I once read.

Since Spock is the son of the Vulcan ambassador, his life is threatened by someone who wants revenge against ambassador Sarek. So of course Sarek contacts Star Fleet to provide the best protection they could for Spock. Star Fleet is like an intergalactic police force.

The protection of course is their number one agent James T. Kirk. Since Spock now has to be under constant guard, Star Fleet orders Jim to pretend to be Spock's fiance in order to make it plausble that Jim will now move in with Spock. Also in order to lay the trap for the psycho, Spock and Jim move into a new place in like a subberbia type of location and introduce themselves to the locals.  So of course now they have to act like a couple and get along like one.

I would like Jim and Spock to clash as their personalities are different and that they grow together as the story goes. Also Spock could come off as rigid/bossy bastard in the beginning and Jmm more devil may care; but astute and brilliant (as he is very good at his job).

Please have a happy ending, even if at one point Jim takes a shot for Spock or something. Feel free to play around with the idea, I just thought of off hand. Have fun and enjoy!!!

Bonus: sexy-times between the boys once they admit their feelings of one another. I would like one possessive encounter after someone in town hits on Jim or Spock. But, again feel free to play around how you like^^

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Recoil by cup-of-comfort Rated: Mature Content (Teen) starstarstarstar [Reviews - 6]

AOS AU. When Vulcan is under threat, Jim Kirk, an agent of Starfleet Intergalactic Security Forces is chosen to be the protector of the son of Vulcan Ambassador for Earth. Forced to retreat to the city outskirts and hide as a couple, over time they learn to overcome their differences and origins and slowly, fall in love. But good things never last forever......

A response to Nocturnal Nightengale’s challenge ‘The Bodyguard’.

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