Seduced in the Stars by Nocturnal Nightengale

So I've been reading the stories posted here and in some of them there's a joke about Jim reading the harlequin romance novels. lol...So I thought you know he should be staring in one.

So for this story, obviously AU universe where Jim could be rouge-ish devil may care star-ship captain (maybe like a pirate ship), but you know he's a good guy. Has a tarnished reputation for whatever reason and Spock is the sophisticated aristocrat that for whatever reason has to get a ferry service from said star-ship captain. Feel free to play around what their reasons are. So our favorite boys should have their own cheesy romance to remember by.

Please have a happy ending and good character development as they are the oppsoite of each other and they complement each other. Sex of course is a must as this is a romance story with plenty of good humor. Good Luck and Have Fun!!!!

Bonus: Make a cheesy romance title like "Seduced by a Highlander or something.

Extra Bonus: Bones and Sybok are in this and have their own little side story. I'm pictureing like Bones being Jim's funny side-kick and Sybok the bad-ass older brother of Spock. 

Mega Bonus: Sexy times  GALORE!!! Both between Jim and Spock and Bones and Sybok!!!

Have fun and Happy writtings!!!

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