"Western Skies" remix - Winged!Kirk by Scarlettmoon7
Summary: Ok guys, for serious now - we NEED an *epic* winged!Kirk. I would suggest outlining your own fc before reading Western Skies (100k plus, found at fanfiction.net and ao3 - K/M at the end) and remixing it. This fic is amazing! They gave Kirk wings based on the idea that Xmen 3 had ended differently and humanity's x-gene was forever surpressed (although they later realised it was the next step in evolution). Jim's was activated due to his birth in space with all the weird ion radiation from an alien ship from the future. This fic includes references to Tarsus (but please expand on the implications and fallout and events of tarsus iv - everyone knows what a tarsus whore i am!). In this fic it occured before Jim was 11. At age 11, Jim sprouts wings and Winona... Wow... I won't even spoil what Winona did... It was too powerful and horrifying (please inclde your own version in the remix!). In the original, Pike raises Jim (I think it's cool that Jim lives and learns on a spaceship for years!). The is Pike/Archer friendship and ust (Archer et al we reaged to about 10 years older than Pike). Up to remixer whether Pike raises Jim.... Maybe Sarek meets him at Tarsus and dcides to bring him home (what do the vulcan kids think of the wings? Maybe prereform vulcan has a legend about a winged figure?) Or maybe Old!Spock gets there earlier, or something else (another mutant??? Erik/Magneto? Rogue? A character from another fandom? Snape? Superman/Clark? Merlin? The sky's the limit!). Also up to remixer whether they re-age or include Archer. Pike hides Jim's wings to give him a normal childhood as he would be the first human in centuries to have an active x-gene and he would be experimented on. Also, due to the eugenics wars, he would be discriminated against. Jim wears a painful harness (so sad!) and everyone hates him becuase he looks like he's physically deformed - something that was almost unheard of (poor Jim!). Jim's supersmart, an amazing singer, and must fly every once in a while or get irritable and aggressive... His mind literally has some different than human instincts.... What other ones will the remixer give him? He joins Starfleet and Gaila and Bones are awesome. The movie happens, Jim saves Earth (will the remixer also save Vulcan and/or Amanda?). The wings are revealed..... And it's just so much like the ugly duckling.... Incredible! Where once he was reviled and mocked, now he's seen as an angel (and his feathers are plucked for good luck tokens! Ow, yet, lol!) There is incredible imagery throughout. Recommended that the remixer gets an idea of what their own Jim's wings look like before reading.... The colours are so cool once you read it :). There are so many great scenes in this story to be remixed, guys! Jim's relationship with touch and trust, the image of a sleeping angel perched at the bedside of an injured man (Jim can sleep perched on his feet!), Jim flying around with a blowtorch fixing the ceiling, being mistaken for an animal and shot and trying to heal himself, Jim almost accused of being a sociopath because he didn't experience fear while space jumping, Jim stepping off the Enterprise a hero into a bunch of reporters and Starfleet Command who see his winged visage for the first time... So many places this can go! Was wings the extent of his mutation? Maybe he has a cat or lizard tail and can breathe underwater??? Commonality with Spock... They are both literally unique for their species. What if Jim had had wings during Tarsus? What about wing!sex? With Gaila, Spock etc. What will the enemy (Klingons?) think if surprised by his abilities during conflict? What if it remains a secret? What if only the loyal Tarsus kids knew about the wings... And Kodos... What did Kodos want/do???? How does the BIG REVEAL go? What does Spock Prime say? What if Jim had met Spock earlier, before Kobyashi? Virgin!Spock please! Bonus - I love smart!kirk... Maybe he writes papers about what happened to him... His thoughts, maybe he is artistic/musical... He does see things in a different way afterall. If you don't want to remix this, maybe you can be inspired by it. Bonus - Kirk and Chehov have some kind of experience. Super Bonus - kirk's kids have abilities (top!kirk)... Can be with a woman... Gaila? (i've never read any gaila x kirk kids! They would be so pretty/awesome/smart! Please???) Carol Marcus? Both? Or mpreg... Spock! (for some reason i'm picturing Spock having a litter). Tl,dr - kirk wing fic - GO!
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