Goddamned Klingons by Pamdizzle

Okay, so this is my first time issuing a challenge, but here goes:


After the Narada incident, the Klingons (make up a reason) are seeking a peace treaty with the Federation. Of course, it falls to the Enterprise to see things through.

Jim and Spock have been in a relationship for some time (more than 6 months, less than a year) when Jim is caught in a compromising situation with a Klingon Ambassador. Bascially, Jim is uninterested and is borderline (almost) raped by said Ambassador,

This is Jim's first time dealing with Klingons and the more he fights back, the more aroused the Klingon becomes until Jim is literally (almost) raped. I don't want him to actually be raped, thank you.

Spock comes in and reacts by defending Jim, but once he comes out of his fit of rage, it becomes clear that it was out of jealousy that Spock attacked the Ambassador because he thought what was happening was consensual.

After some angst, Spock realizes he's been a turd and has to apologize and make Jim feel better.


Bonus points if:


McCoy makes Spock see the light.

Tearful hurt!Jim wallowing away in his quarters

Klingon peace treaty actually works out




Mega bonuse points if it takes only 1-2 chapters or less than 15,000 words to wrap this up. :D


Thanks and if you choose to pursue, good luck!

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Characters: McCoy
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Jumping to the Wrong Conclusions by TDazz Rated: ADULT (NC-17) starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 9]

Jim wants Spock.  Spock wants Jim.  Who knows what the Klingon Ambassador wants.  Bones wants everyone to act like grown-ups.  

Written in response to Pamdizzle's challenge: Goddamned Klingons

1 chapter, less than 15,000 words, no actual rape, weepy Jim and make-up sex.  Did I get it all?

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