A Spiritly Symbiote by Scarlettmoon7
Summary: Jim lives through Tarsus because some energy form attaches itself to him. It was in a sort of stasis for a long time but attached/psychially bonded to Jim and drawing off his life force, it is 'alive' again. It sends Jim information, images, visions, views into others minds, etc. For example, it shows Jim where and how to get food, how to avoid capture, people's true thoughts and deceptions and past actions, etc - wherever your imagination takes you. The draw back is Jim's fear and their mutual lack of understanding. They have to learn how to communicate even though they're psychically bonded and the energy see Jim's thought's, they are two radically different life forms and have different ideas and views. This may lead to Jim geting captured, etc. As Jim grows, he dreams and 'sees' amazing things... Other worlds, beings, things he doesn't understand, and he can see energy - earth energy, divas, etc. He records his experiences. When the Enterprise is in it's first few months in space, the symbiote notifies Jim that his son is very near death and that Jim can save him if the symbiote transfers his life energy. As usual, Jim is in pain and almost dies. Bonus points if this happens on the bridge during an attack. What does Jim do? How does Spock react? In exchange for the symbiote having risked it's life, Jim must help it 'procreate'. Maybe it wants to use Spock's energy and have it's 'clone' float off into space. Maybe the new symbiote will need to join with Jim's kid or Spock?? Your choice how it plays out. Double bonus points if Jim didn't know about his kid (super bonus points if it's a girl and boy twins blonde and blue eyed looking like Jim!) and maybe the mother's neglectful and it reminds Jim of his own childhood and he brings the kids aboard the Enterprise. I see the kids as being about a year old. Author should explore Spock reactions, and what is this energy? A ghost of a long dead alien? A normal form of an unknown alien? The last of it's kind? How does it impact Kirk's command and success? Will it leave him when he and Spock bond? Will it create a Spock/Jim baby because it wants to be helpful and make more vulcans? What if Jim's captured by aliens? How can the symbiote help? Sacrifice itself? ... Actually what does Jim call the symbiote? Can the symbiote help the vulcan people? Can it bring Prime!Kirk through a worm hole? Must have hurt!Jim, bottom!Spock, virgin!Spock, possessive/protective!Spock and some super!Jim. No Uhura/Spock past or present.
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