'Abuse After effects by Scarlettmoon7
Summary: Inspired by the horrific true story of Duston Paxton's victim - Calgary, Alberta. It is said victim was about 200 lbs and healthy b4 mtg Paxton. After 2 yrs of alleged daily physical, mental, and sexual assault, the victim fell into a coma and docs says he looks like an end stage cancer victim (less than 90lbs, bruises, etc). Paxton is said to have controlled every aspect of life - eating, sleeping, and kept him imprisoned and inflicted brain damage. Trial is currently ongoing - google for more info. CHALLENGE- Kirk had a crappy, abusive and neglectful childhood with Winona and Frank. He raised himself by reading books - that's partly how he learned to be a hero and a gentleman. He gets sent to Tarsus IV after he wrecks the corvette. He is overlooked on Tarsus, but meets everyone, learns the city and skills from different people - learns their stories. Meets Sato and learns about Vulcan language etc from her. The famine comes. Please write about Tarsus IV in detail, not just one paragraph. Your choice - does Kirk save Sato? She could take care of the kids while he's out. Kirk saves a bunch of kids, gets food, but ends up having to sell his body, fight and kill. Survival isn't as easy as some stories make out - even starting a fire is really difficult if you don't have seasoned wood. The cold and hunger wears away at humanity. Kirk is in Kodos's inner sanctum and used that to gather information and help ppl. Kirk ends up being Kodos' no. 1 enemy bc he betrayed him. When Starfleet comes he refuses to left down his guard and confide in them, even though he wanted comfort and love like he had given 'his kids'. Starfleet separates everyone and won't let Kirk see his kids b/c it's not healthy, but it adds to Kirk's trauma b/c they're his. He leaves Starfleet Med (he's maybe 15 by now?) and goes to a big city to make it on his own and to leave his past. He has big dreams but not much cash and gets involved with his partner who abuses him and keeps him in captivity for 2 yrs. He gets dumped beside a hospital and Bones is one of his caregivers. Bones is the only person he trusts for years. He touched him with kindness and that is what destroyed Jim's walls and got him crying. Please elucidate the difference between abuse and bdsm. Subs have lots of inner strength and courage to trust and endure fear and pain. Doms must be worthy of trust and their job is to care for their subs, understand their needs and meet them. It's a very demanding job, done with affection. Kirk gets better physically and drinks, fights, and has sex until Pike recruits him as in the movie. One of his one night stands was Carol Marcus and it hurt him badly to be denied access to his kid but he agreed it was for the best. Kirk doesn't sign up for SF because of his blatant manipulation, bt because it was his only chance for a future. Kirk hacks his file and makes sure his past is 'clean' so he'll pass the psych. The movie happens. Spock doesn't put Uhura on the Enterprise but Gaila sneaks on with Kirk so she backs up his story. After the battle, and in the first missions, the trauma comes back to Kirk and he's terrified of Spock b/c he strangled him. Kodos resurfaces and it all comes to a head. What happens with Kodos!!?? Spock must be loving, caring and possessive/protective of Kirk but not domineering or controlling. Virgin!Spock. Bottom!Spock. Bonus - Kirk is really cuddly with Bones b/c he needs it. Jealous Spock. Kirk thinks of his crew as his kids, too. Bonus 2 - Kirk and Chekhov friendship or sweathearts. Bonus 3 - smart!Kirk. Supermillion bonus - after Kodos is gone and Kirk is involved with Spock, Kirk comes across Botany Bay (Khan). What does he do to save Spock? Shoot it out of the sky? Bring it in and sabatage the air? Bonus - Kirk has an eating disorder - it takes an incredible amount of will power not to eat alot. He's often mentally craving food. He is obsessed with working out and being smarter than others so he won't be vulnerable again - that's how he got through the Academy. EXTRA - after everything Kirk's been through, he doesn't trust authority and after reuniting with 'his kids' from Tarsus after Kodos resurfaces he decides to put together a 'Black Guard' sqaud that develops into an organization. He starts with the 'kids' who are ultra loyal to him and the more people he meets/saves, the more he recruits. They do things Starfleet won or can't. Spock doesn't know at first and is jealous of his friendship with his other second in command . Kirk or his code name becomes no. 1 enemy of the Klingon Empire (I like his chemistry with Kor). Would be fun if he has to meet someone as both Kirk and Black Guard at the same time! Would be awesome if he like made peace with the Romulans w/o SF (the Romanulan Commander and his friend/lover!) or did some other huge thing. Maybe Gaila is his 2iC? Maybe Chekhov knows and helps like Nikita and Burkoff?
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