Spock, Spock Prime and Sarek; Oh, My! by Live Long and Prosper
Summary: Abrams!Universe. A few years after the end of the film, the Enterprise crew are visiting New Vulcan (helping them while they continue to rebuild/on shore leave/collecting a group of them for a conference/). Spock uses it as an opportunity to visit his father and, since he has become good friends with Jim and Spock Prime is living there (Sarek knows who he really is and wanted at least one of them close after Amanda's death?) he asks him to go, too. The trouble is, Sarek has finally come to terms with Amanda's death and is searching for a new mate (his 'Time' getting close?). He decides Jim would make a logical choice as a mate (mostly because he finds him 'aesthetically pleasing') and starts trying to woe him but he does it in a very Vulcan way and Jim doesn't understand what's going on. Cue Spock and Spock Prime noticing and becoming very angry/possessive over him and realising that they want him, too. So now Jim has three crazy, sexy Vulcans after him without even realising it? What's a poor starship captain to do? Wait until he/someone else figures out what the hell is going on and then choose one of them, of course! A few little things (yes, the prompt goes on, sorry, lol): - This can either be cracky or more serious but I'd love a long(ish) story either way. - Author can choose whoever they like as Jim's final choice since this is a Kirk/Spock friendship OR romance archive; I'm not picky. Kirk/Spock is definitely one of my top OTPs but I think Kirk/Sarek could work just as well. I'm also not opposed to a foursome... *coughs and blushes* - Abrams!Spock can have already broken up with Uhura or he do it during the story but, although I'm guilty of it in some of the stories I'm writing, no Uhura bashing please until it's truly necessary for the plot. She's wonderful but, unfortunately, she's not the right one for Spock. - I'd love it if Perrin is mentioned somewhere in the story, even if Sarek is Jim's final choice/you go with the foursome, and for Spock Prime to mention that the wedding Picard attended was to TOS!Kirk. (I've calculated it and with a little tinkering around with what happened with the Nexus, it should work...I think...). Th-Th-Th-That's all, folks! Sorry for the long prompt and thank you to anyone who fills this! You will be the most wonderful person in the universe!
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Jim Kirk and the Three Vulcans by Manganra Rated: Mature Content (Teen) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 45]

Written for Live Long and Prosper's challenge "Spock, Spock Prime and Sarek; Oh, My!"

Basically, the above three Vulcans fight over Jim. 




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