Spock!Prime picks up the pieces from Spock's rejection by veralidaine


I was reading a fic on here Jim becomes pregnant with Spock's child by way of an alien god and Spock is initially not interested in a relationship.  There's a point where he is speaking with Spock!Prime and Spock!Prime mentions that, if Spock won't love Jim, he will feel free to.


In the fic, Spock comes to his senses but now I really want to see a fic where Spock remains in a relationship with Uhura and Spock!Prime ends up taking care of Jim.  Here are the points I would like included;

  • Jim has feelings for Spock (it may be a crush, it may be love) but Spock is quite happy in his relationship with Uhura.
  • When Spock finds out about Jim's feelings, through whichever way you want, he says something that is hurtful to Jim i.e. 'Although I respect you, I don't actually like you', or 'I would never be interested in a relationship with you', etc. and Jim is devastated.
  • Somehow Spock!Prime finds out about these events without Jim contacting him or knowing that he knows i.e. He is on the Enterprise as an ambassador, the crew is on shore leave on New Vulcan, etc. and realises that his counterpart in this time is actually very different from him and probably will never love Jim.
  • Spock!Prime is there for Jim when he is devastated over what Spock said to him, and decides to slowly court/seduce Jim.
  • Jim is not told about this and doesn't really think anything of Spock!Prime's actions, only is happy that someone cares.
  • Maybe have Jim be very affection-starved.
  • Please have the relationship develop slowly, with lots of fluff.  The sex can come later.
  • Most importantly, this can't be a fic where Jim is only with Spock!Prime until Spock 'suddenly comes to his senses and realises he's in love with Jim.'  Spock does not have feelings for Jim at all.  This fic should focus on a slow, sweet relationship where Spock!Prime adores and lavishes Jim with affection, and Jim can't avoid falling in love with him.

BONUS POINTS: If, at the start, Jim somehow becomes pregnant with Spock's child by way of some strange alien thing, but Spock coldly refuses to even acknowledge the child and also treats Jim coldly.  This would provide a good reason for Jim to be devastated, as well as for Spock!Prime to have a reason to take special care of Jim, something Jim has never experienced before.

I can't wait to read any fics you amazing people decide to write for this!!




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A Different Path by CMM Rated: ADULT (NC-17) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 107]

Now Done!!!

Well, I just did the DUMBEST thing I've ever done--I deleted the entire story. So, let's try this again. Now re-posted wtih a new chapter, number 26 (as of May 3).

Later note: Thanks to my reader Jamali, who found Chapter 7 for me in her copy.

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