Consequences of a Mind Meld by Nocturnal Nightengale

So the abrupt mind meld Spock prime did with Jim has some "side effects" so to speak.

So for this challange I would like to request a story on how abrupt they had to perform the mind meld in Delta Vega and how much Spock Prime himself was emotionally compromised at the time, the mind meld did not break off cleanly. In fact it left something left behind that Jim Kirk is unaware of, until things settle down and they leave on their five year mission at the end of the movie. Jim Kirk has some of Spock Prime's most treasured memories of Jim Prime and their life together. Only Jim doesn't realize they are memories. At first, they are dreams after a really tired day. When Jim passes out and he's reliving the memories he thinks he's actually dreaming. It starts to happen more frequently to the point Jim starts to wonder if they are really dreams and it starts to affect his job because he's restless for "something" that's just out of reach.

Spock notices his Captain's stresses state inquires. Jim of course says nothing, and walks away. Eventually the dreams get really intense to the point Jim would wake up screming and sweating (these are memories when either one of them was hurt in the TOS version) So Spock course come in and wakes Jim up and calms him down. He tells Jim he can calm his mind through a mind meld and let him have a restful sleep so Jim agrees. But, when younger Spock performs the mind mild what actually happens is that all the memories have created an "open Thy'la" bond inside Jim's mind and When Spock does the mind meld the bond completes itself. Spock of course is shocked when this happens as he is still with Uhara and Kirk has not developed romantic feeling for Spock. Since its the "Thy'la" bond it can not be broken and Jim and Spock are basically stuck with each other and do not know how to proceed. When younger Spock contacts Spock Prime, Spock prime conforms that in his universe that he and his Jim were together. He apologizes to younger Spock for accidently forcing them to bond in this timeline, but there is nothing he can do to undo the damamge.

So how will our favorite couple deal with the unexpected bond and how will their relationship progress? I will leave it to you, I only ask for a happy ending between Jim and Spock. Have Fun and Enjoy!!!

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