Knight in Shining Armor by Nocturnal Nightengale

I love a good old romantic fairy tale. So for this story I would like Jim Kirk to be a Prince and Spock his Knight.

This story has a lot of room to play around in my opinion because I would not mind if the story is set in the good old times when technology wasn't around and real knights were present or set in the future where there's is advanced civilizations. I only ask that Spock remain himself with the pointed ears we love so much.

So for the story I think Jim might not keen on having a knight to protect him but, his life has been threatened so of course the King has placed the greatest Knight in all the kingdoms to guard Jim. Jim of course tries to ditch Spock and it never works cause lets face it, Spock is just that awsome. So they grudgingly begin to get along and the more Jim hangs out with Spock and sees what a devoted Knight Spock is he can't help falling in love with him.

But can the royal Prince end up with his lowly Knight? Happy Ending requested please^^

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