Deserted Island or Should We Say Deserted Planet by Nocturnal Nightengale

I was watching the "Wedding Planner" the other day and in the movie the father of Jennifer Lopez's character tells her that the the marriage between her mother and him was arranged. He told her how at first they hated each other but had no choice and then one day he became really sick and she stood by his side and took care of him, and that's how she had gained his respect. He said how that respect eventually turned to friendship and how that friendship eventually turned to affection and how the affection eventually turned to this deep love that he would always treasure.

So I thought well since Spock and Kirk had such a rocky start in ST:XI that perhaps its possible to do the good old derserted island technique to get them together. But, since we are already in space it might be easier to find a deserted planet than a derserted Island. You can decide how Kirk and Spock end up on said planet. Perhaps a freak accident with a escape shuttle and they get stuck together without the crew unitl such a time they are rescued.

So of course before they get rescued: they start out butting heads and you can decide how they eventually come to an understanding which evetually turns into friendship, and the friends turns to love bettween the two. Feel free to include hot sexy times on said planet when the time comes^_~

Have fun and Enjoy!


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