12 Days of Christmas by Nocturnal Nightengale

So I went to Party City today for Halloween Decorations and I noticed they already had the Christmas decorations out too and I thought well maybe some one would like to do this challange when the time comes:

So for this challange I request Kirk courting Spock with meaningful gifts based on the 12 days of Christmas. Spock and Uhara have broken and up and a sufficient enough time has passed after the break up during which time Spock has of course been hanging around his favorite Captain and they have been becoming close friends. Kirk of course has fallen for Spock and decides for Christmas he's going to pursue Spock. To give Spock a sense of Family during Christmas specially with his mother being dead.

You can even have them on vacation on either New Vulcan or Earth with just the two of them. I would like Kirk to be like a secret santa leaving all the gifts for Spock and leaving clues for Spock to figure out who it is that is leaving him the touching gifts.

I want Kirk to think he's been clear and that Spock has no clue whose been leaving the gifts but in reality Spock knew from day one's gift that it was Jim and kind of humors him to find out what Kirk is really up to. You can decide how Spock knew it was Jim.

So have fun and be merry!!!

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We Need a Little Christmas by Carleen Rated: Mature Content (Teen) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 9]
Summary: Captain Kirk senses his first officer feels a little low after breaking up with Lieutenant Uhura, losing his mother and the destruction of his home planet. Taking his cue from The Twelve Days of Christmas tradition, he surprises Commander Spock with a gift for each of the twelve days. However, he is not so sure about the emotions the gift giving inspires in him. There is also something he learned in his mind meld with Mister Spock. What will he do with this knowledge?
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