Unexpected Family by Nocturnal Nightengale

So for this challenge I would like to request an unexpected family for Jim and Spock:

So Jim’s brother Sam and his wife died in an unfortunate accident of some kind and they had 3 children. I think the first 2 should be boys and the youngest one a girl. They are all pretty young with the oldest boy being around 10 or so and the baby girl being maybe 4 or 5. They are of course all traumatized by the death of their parents. Each of the kids has his or her own way of dealing with it. I’ll leave it up to the author I thinking along the lines of the baby girl going mute or maybe the middle child since their parents died and maybe the oldest is angry and acts like a delinquent? I’ll leave it you and to top it all off they are being told that they will be living on a Fleet Flagship with their uncle who they have not met. Jim Kirk is the only living relative they have so Star Fleet is of course sending the kids to Jim.

Jim is one his 2nd year of command after the Narada incident. He and Spock have slowly become friends. It’s during this time the kids arrive on the Enterprise to be with Jim. Jim of course gets like a paternal instinct and takes cares of his nieces and nephews as if they were his own. But, Jim gets over whelmed with taking care of the kids and running the ship. Spock of course steps in to help him. They grow closer during this time and the children not only bond greatly with Jim but with Spock as well. Spock also gets protective with the children the kids give their trust freely to Spock and go to him when they can’t reach Jim.

I have this one scene in my head where Jim passes out in exhaustion and Spock comes in to check on him and puts a blanket over him and then checks on the kids. The little girl awake when Spock checks in on her and asks him to read her a bed time story. So of course Spock does it and then all 3 children lie on the bed listening to Spock and falling asleep. After the story is over Spock can’t move cause if he does then the kids will wake up so he stays like that all night and falls asleep. That’s how Jim finds all of them in the morning and Jim pretty much falls in love with Spock/realizes he’s in love with Spock.

The kids, once they warm up to Jim and Spock; lets not forget Uncle Bone and the rest of the crew of course Plot of get Jim and Spock together to make a new family.

Feel free to play around how ever you want^^ Have fun and happy writings^^

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