Persuasion by Nocturnal Nightengale


So I recently saw the BBC masterpiece theater version of Jane Austin’s “Persuasion” and completely fell in love with movie. Now that I got into this fandom I can’t help but think there should be Trek version of this. So I would like to ask for this challenge to make Jim and Spock into Star Crossed lovers finding their way back to one another.

I would like Jim to be the Captain Fitzwilliam Wentworth of this story with Spock having the character role of Anne Elliot. So Jim and Spock meet in when they’re young maybe 16 and 19 respectively. Spock was “Persuaded” to leave Jim by his family. Jim goes off to join Star Fleet to make a name for himself. They have not seen each other for 10 years, but Spock has not forgotten about Jim and has been thinking about him constantly. Jim is on a Star Fleet mission to Vulcan and he’ll be staying in Vulcan for a short time. You can make up a reason as to why Jim is there in the first place. Spock is friends with a Vulcan family who has invited the infamous Captain Kirk to dinner, Spock of course is also invited to said dinner and thus our favorite couple run into each other again.

I would like to see the plot of the movie with what ever twists you would like to throw in. So have fun and good luck!


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