Meddling Big Brothers by Nocturnal Nightengale

Hello, for this challenge I would like to request a plot that has been seen in movies and books but I would like a Trek Version of it:

So Spock actually has a really good relationship with Sybok and Sybok of course is really protective of his baby brother and wants him to be happy. Sybok of course has survived the destruction of Vulcan because he was away on another planet. Now he’s going to New Vulcan to help the new colony. Of course the Enterprise is doing Ferry service. So once Sybok is on board he notices his little brother is crushing on his captain and vice versa. However Spock is in deep denial and Jim is too scared to confess in fear of rejection. So Sybok decides to help Jim by making it look like he’s “pursuing” Jim in order to make Spock jealous so he’ll admit the truth and confront Jim. I think is a fun plot and Have Fun! I would like Spock to get really jealous and confront Jim in anger and they of course get together in the heat of passion between one another^^

Bones of course like another big brother to Jim so he can contribute to this insanity^^

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