Well, this just sucks. And not in the good way. by Tech_Duinn

(Silly Prompt is SILLY)

Spock's a touch telepath, right? Well, it's not just uncomfortable for Spock to have extended physical/psychic contact with undisciplined minds, it's actually detrimental to his health.

What does this mean for Kirk, who's just recently admitted his feelings for his stoic First Officer and is now more than ready to turn that UST into RST?

The worst case of blue-balls this side of the Milky Way.

It's okay, though, there's a training regimen for that!

Although, it might be a little awkward to have his boyfriend's father (who kind of really hates Kirk's guts, and wants his son to marry the uptight bitch over yonder) teach him how to order his mind and calm his thoughts so he can screw Spock silly into the nearest flat surface.

Especially when there are so many mindmelds involved…

Eh, it’ll be alright. Adversity builds character.

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Characters: Sarek
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