Tudors Style by Juni

So I totally fell in love in the idea of K/S as royalty, thanks to CMM story “Hesitation”. How about a darker royal theme?

Earth Empire (but they are not bunch of psychotic lunatics, more like a Roman Empire in modern times) seeks an alliance with the Vulcan Empire against common enemy. It is decided that it will cemented by marriage. Emperor Sarek’s hybrid son is betrothed to Samuel Kirk, son of the Emperor George. The child was specially bred and raised for this specific purpose. When Spock is 18, he arrives to Earth where he meets his betrothed Sam (20) and his younger brother James (12). Jim is totally smitten with Spock but he knows that the Vulcan belongs to his brother. The couple is wedded and they move to Sam’s estates on some colony. Year later Sam dies/is killed but Spock survives. Not knowing what to do with the Vulcan and afraid of sending him back to his home planet and risking the alliance, Spock is being sent to Starfleet Academy, while Jim being the new heir is shipped off world for safety and training. 10 years passes. Spock is happy working for the Starfleet as a science officer, unbothered by the Imperial Family. But then Jim comes back from his military ready to take over the throne from his widowed mother Empress Wynonna. On his way back he meets Spock and the old feeling come back. He declares that he will marry the Vulcan and Spock agrees, but Jim feels that something is not right. His new Vulcan spouse tries to be perfectly obedient and accommodating but it’s obvious that he is not contend with the situation. Kirk patiently tries to woo his husband, but Spock just doesn’t trust him. Later Cue is that Jim’s brother brutally abused Spock from the first day of their weeding (including raping him on the weeding night) and Spock being taught from the infancy that his only purpose in life is to secure the alliance, did not defend himself or told anyone about this, living for a year in a nightmare. When the truth comes out, Jim tries everything to show Spock, that he truly loves him and that he will always treat him as an equal. But when mysterious threats and dead bodies start to appear Jim has to fight not only to win his love, but to save him from harm.

Bonus points if Bones is involved and is a friend of Spock from the Academy

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Diplomatic Relations by CMM Rated: ADULT (NC-17) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 383]

This is in response to Juni's Tudors Style challenge. At the request of readers who apparently find it ackward to scroll through, I am deleting the actual challenge, so you'll have to go look it up if you're curious.


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