"West Side Story" K/S version by TLara
Summary: Totally AU. I'd love to read a K/S version of the musical "West Side Story". We all know it's based on "Romeo & Juliet", of course, but the challenge is more focused on the modern approach: two different cultures clashing, different mentalities, disoriented youth, rivalling street gangs, expectations from families and friends vs. individual happiness and utopian idealism, prejudiced society against mixed relationships (maybe one of the two ethnic groups is considered more lower class in general public opinion). Kirk and Spock would fill the roles of Tony and Maria, but I don't mind which of our boys fills which role. Human emigrants on Vulcan could be as interesting as Vulcan emigrants on Earth. Try to stay close to "West Side Story", while still preserving the traits of the TOS characters (yup, that could prove difficult, but I count on your talents). One exception to the original plot: I leave it open to you if you want a tragic ending (like in West Side Story) or if there will be a happy end. Oh, and I hope to see McCoy in a major supporting role. Oh, and although the model in this challenge is a musical, there is no need for dancing & singing characters ... ;-)
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This is a collaborative answer to T'Lara's K/S West Side Story challenge, done in the spirit of a round robin between the co-authors listed above.

Jim and his brother Sam came to Tarsus IV, a booming Federation industrial colony, to earn a year's worth of fast credits in the planet's booming economy. Unfotunately, the settlers find themselves caught in the middle of political peril as the Federation fights a coo carried out by the colony's assistant director, Kodos, and the Klingon Empire.

It's a hard knock life on the colony, but things get even more difficult for the Kirk brothers' and their gang when a group of Vulcan refugees begin encroaching on their territory. Having distanced himself from the gang in favor of honest work, Jim finds himself pulled back into his brother's world when he asks for Jim's help in dealing with the Vulcan menace, threatening to ruin his gang's hard won gains. What Jim least expected to find, in the face of Sybok's band of refugee Vulcans, was love at first sight.

See how the story unfolds.

For T'Lara, whom we all love and care for. We hope this brings a smile to your face and a spring to your step. <3

A thank you to our lovely betas: Jean Marie Sosa, Tydomin and Pintospirk

A thank you to our dedicated manippers, when the time comes: Spock2U and Jean Marie Sosa

A thank you to my (Pamdizzle) personal technical fairy, Wingstar!

(No major character death, for those of you who have seen west side story and are angsting about it. lol)

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