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Somehow Kirk is turned into a wild breed of feline (ex. Tiger, leopard, lynx, smilodon, lematya or alien species). The crew is cautiously fearful of their captains new form, so Spock takes over as feline!Kirk's caretaker because he has experience with large dangerous animals, ie his childhood pet I'Chaya. So feline!Kirk shares meals with Spock, follows him everywhere, sleeps in his quarters and maybe on the bed as well and falls "in love" with his Vulcan caregiver.

Bonus: if Kirk retains the ability to take on the feline form at will after he is returned to being human.

Bonus major: Spock and feline!Kirk engage in acts of bestiality before Kirk turns back to human. Kirk can be barbed or un-barbed as per Anon's choice.


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Kirk/Spock story laced with events from either King Kong, Tarzan, or both

1. Either Spock or Kirk must be the adventurer that gets into the situation by either crash landing on a strange planet (Vulcan, Earth, Other) or by getting lost while exploring a new planet while aboard the Enterprise. 

2. Can be AU, TOS, or XI

3. Can have an Evil Bady in it (recomended)

4. (optional) Can take place before Earth was civalized or Vulcan became reformed through Surak

BONUS: McCoy tags along for the ride

BONUS: You make Jim the 'Golden Sacrifice' like in King Kong

BONUS: The cliff scene in King Kong, or the fight scenes in Tarzan

BONUS: Happy Ending


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Fairy Tales! We all love them even a certain Vulcan. Okay the challenge Kirk Spock McCoy and whoever you want are exploring a new planet once they get there they are subjected to fairy tales! Either they be Disney Grimm or whatever version. You can use whatever fairy tale you wish bonus if you mix them up, but a couple of things are need but not all are required.

1: Costumes! They don't need to be in costumes the whole story but cut/humors scene with Kirk in a princess dress it doesn't have to be Kirk but bonus if he is and double if Spock says Jim looks nice.

2: The landing party must meet fairy tale characters.

4 no wait 3. Phasers are not allowed they have to use swords or whatever weapon magical or not.

And 4 very important 4 true loves kiss must in the fic, it doesn't have to be one couple kisses, if Chekov and Sulu are there they can kiss Scotty and Uhura can to but Spock and Kirk must kiss!

5 Establish relationships are expectable but pre slash makes it fun.

6 it can be The Original series or the reboot and of cores have fun be silly and fluffy.

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We all love that green, v-neck wrap tunic (with rank on the sleeves, not shoulders) that only Jim Kirk can make look butch. Admit it. You love that tunic. You watch episodes of original Trek just for that tunic, and secretly hope that they recreate it in the next film, if only for a moment. But who else loves Jim wearing that tunic?

This is shameless worship of the wrap tunic. You can make it a 5-and-1, poem, drabble, whatever. I just wanna know the myriad ways that Jim makes that tunic look GOOD, and who amongst the crew agrees.

Extra points if someone notes that Kirk is the only captain who wears this variation on the standard uniform tunic and wonders why. More points if another person can answer why.

A million points if you can make Jim hesitant to wear it at first but completely sold on it when the sheer SEXY of it drives a certain Vulcan science officer to distraction.

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I want to see a modren day Abrams universe AU where Jim is in collage and accidently texts Spock's cell phone when trying to text Bones. Jim of course apologizes. I want it to be that Jim put Bones' number in wrong so everytime he tries to text Bone' he texts Spock.  Later I want Spock and Jim to bump in to eachother and grab the others phone by mistake. I want this to start off where they dont know eachother and end with them in a commited relationship.

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Hello, I love both of these series and Love to see a Star Trek AU of X-Men. So for this challange here are a few of my requests:

I would like a AU star trek world where mutants are not only from Earth but from other worlds as well. Thus, there is a school for "gifted" individuals to learn and harness their abilities. Captain Pike or Ambassador Sarek should be the "Professor Xavior" of this story.

Spock should have telepahy/telekinesis for his powers for obvious reasons. Although, I some how see Jim having like Gambit's abilities I'll leave Jim's and the rest of the gang up to the Author. Bones, Scotty, and Sybok perhaps could be instructors.

I like in this story for Jim to have a troubled past because of his family and his powers and he is a run-away found by the "Professor Xavior" of this story. He is invited to the school for a chance to belong and to learn. Jim is cocky, and has a devil may care attitude but this is just a image he projects in fear of getting close to close to someone and getting hurt. I would like Spock to reach out and break Jim's walls. How you want the Thy'la bond to work in this AU s up to you.

I see that this story can go in many directions, for example:Uhara chould be persueing Spock and When Jim enters the school the tension could build between the characters. Spock could be an instructor and Jim a student, etc. What ever direction this story takes I'll leave up to the author, however my only request is that Spock and Jim have a happy ending.

I would also like to request a side pairing for this story Bones/Sybok (I read a story by CMM where this pairing just stole my heart).

So have fun and looking forward to reading anyone who answers this challange! P.S. feel free to include sexy times between our favorite boys^-~

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Hi to all,

I am sure there are stories which have covered this topic. I have read a few of them myself. But I didn't find what I was looking for, so hear goes.

 I want to read a story where Spock is facing xenophobia from a superior officer and Kirk doesn't know initially and is puzzled by his strange behaviour. This behaviour could be anything really, but perhaps the xenophobe is an admiral or superior who is giving Spock orders which dont sit well with him or otherwise making comments or implying that he is inferior. He eventually progresses into actual abuse of authority so severe (Maybe physical) that Jim notices and then proceeds to kick ass.

Spock may have some special reason for concealing it or its just I'm Vulcan and unaffected excuse or If Jim found out he would be in trouble excuse or any other really. As long as Spock doesn't confide in Jim and/or McCoy until after being prodded and cornered or faced with intcontrovertible evidence. I would love it if Spock is trying oh so hard to pretend that there is no need to feel hurt because its illogical but still conveys his inner feelings only to Jim.

If you can manage to work it into the story maybe its somehow linked to Vulcan's destruction or his mother's death but I don't really care if its TOS or Abrams uni. I would just love some angst, hurt/comfort and then eventually K and S falling in love.

Bonus: If Kirk has to use creative powers to get this person out of Spock's life.

Double Bonus: If the crew also shows overt or covert support of Spock by making this person's life miserable.

Thank you for reading this one. I hope its intrigued someone enough to try this out. I would love to read a story like this. I would be glued to the computer for even longer than I am now.

Thanks again!!





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There are so many times you hear variations on the title strap line in TOS episodes that when I saw it on this website before I'd logged on it made me think that it would be a great title for a fic. 

Who says it and why your choice 

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Okay so I was watching Disney's Tarzan and te sone You'll be in my heart remined me of Spock an Kirk.

A jerk of a admiral (it could be Komack or some other admiral. Could be made up) doesn't like such a young captain being in charge of the top ship of the fleet and the scrutiny of the Admirality doesn't seem to be pressuring him enough. To prove that Kirk isn't ready for such a responsibility, he sends Kirk and his team to a planet that essentially is another Tarsus IV.

Spock has recentally figured out he has some inappropriate feelings for his captain and has been avoiding him for the past few days. However after landing ono the planet with the landing team and his captain, he knows somethings off. Interpret this expedition any way you like. Afterwards, Spock manages to covince starfleet to get shore leave. Vulcan II or Earth. If vulcan, maybe he could meet T'Pring or some of the bullies Spock met as a child. If earth, then maybe show kirk's dysfunctional family. The main point of shore leave is to put emphasis on how neither fit in.

Has to end happily with Kirk and Spock together and don't make Kirk completely pathetic. He's not a damsel in distress.

Bonus if Kirk gets close or does have a panic attack on the bridge and Spock takes him out

Bonus if you get Spock to lie for the first time on a report to star fleet. Just leaving some stuff out, covering for kirk's freak out, your choice. More points if he gets caught.

Bonus if you get Uhura and Bones to conspire with one another

Bonus points if Uhura is Spock's Bones, aka overprotective.

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I love angsty Academy fics. Would like to see:

- Kirk as an Instructor (He can be the youngest instructor in Starfleet history if you want to keep in character about Jim being a GENIUS). He surprisingly strict instructor, but thorough and a good teacher. He can have a bit of a reputation with recently graduated cadets....

- Spock - a cadet - as his student. Prudish (with secret desiiiiires) and finding human's distasteful, at first! I don't want Spock to feel like he's being bullied (no more victim-Spock, lol). Want plenty of love for the Vulcan by human's ^^ In fact, it can seem like Kirk is the only human who ISN'T infatuated with him (or is he =p)

- Bit of Uhura bashing

- McCoy as a proud parent, gushing about how effing fantastic it is to have a daughter, whilst Jim's rolling his eyes in the background.

In regards to story, would like to see:

- Plenty of angst

- Spock not liking his instructor at first (possibly finding his teaching methods unorthodox?)

- Spock warming up to Kirk under Kirk's charms.

- Like to see Kirk trying to ignore his rather attractive Vulcan student (which seems to fuel Spock's lust even more).

- There has to be something dramatic that brings them together (NOT a disease, or an injury.)

- Has to have a happy ending

- PLENTY OF SPIRK. Hotter the better, though this needs to be gradual with K/S. Make Kirk have plenty of partners before Spock if you want.  Adult rating is a must.

- Mostly I want to see two dominate males who are reluctant to submit to the other (though Spock eventually folds).



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This is inspired by a Taiwanese Drama I just watched called "Fated to Love You". Kind of like your Cinderella Story except in this version the baby comes first then the marriage. I'm using the synopsis of the drama to write this

So for this challenge I am making it really AU of the Abrams verse to make it plausible.

Jim Kirk is an unconfident office worker who is like a sticky note, convenient to run errands for people and is taken advantage of easily. He has the desire to tie down his boyfriend Gary Mitchell(Who is a cheating bastard) and after some advice, he plans and pays for a romantic cruise trip.

Spock is the sole male heir to his family’s Corporation from Amanda's side. Sarek is still an ambassador in this, don't see a reason to change that. But Spock has taken over the company from his grandfather and is now president/CEO. He has been in love with his Starfleet girlfriend Nyota Uhara for a very long time. Amanda's family has a curse of having only male descendant in every generation.

Nyota is very focused on her career, She doesn’t want to settle down yet because of her career and the pressure of having to rid Amanda's family curse so she has rejected Spock's proposal for twelve times in a row. Spock hasn't given up and plans the thirtieth proposal on a romantic cruise trip. Nyota is on her way to the cruise trip when she gets a call informing her of an important mission and so she cancels on Spock and leaves for the mission.

On the cruise Jim gets sick and takes some cold medicine which makes him drowsy and disoriented. He accidently goes into Spock's room because their rooms are across from one another and Jim's room in 36 and Spock's is 39. The 9 was loose and when Spock has closed it last the 9 flipped and became a 6. Spock one the other hand was drugged by some people who are angry with him over a new project his corporation started. Spock's company is buying out a chain company and rebuilding it to their own purposes. The company people came aboard the ship to convince Spock otherwise and when Spock doesn't change his mind and tells them off they spike his drink in revenge. So Spock has been given a very potent aphrodisiac and makes his way to his room. He of courses has his away with Jim and Jim thinks its Gary so neither are aware they are sleeping with strangers until come morning.

Spock accuses Jim is being in cohorts with the people who drugged him and realizes his mistake when he sees Jim freaking out about losing his first time to a complete stranger!!! So Spock plays nice and goes with Jim to see Gary, of course when Jim goes to his room with Spock in tow they see Gary with another person and Jim gets his heart broken as Gary basically informs Jim that he's just been using him for money. Spock feels bad for Jim and takes him and does the whole cool guy make over and helps Jim show up Gary on the cruise. They depart when the cruise ends vowing never to talk about what happened.

However, everything changes when Jim discovers that he is pregnant (Jim has to have a mix bloodline from another alien race to make this possible obviously). Since Jim is supposed to be like Cinderella maybe that can come in to play with how his family treats him and what his family life is like. To top it all of the company that Jim works for is the one that Spock is now taking over so they run into one another when Spock comes for a meeting or something. Amanda finds out about the pregnancy and force the two to get married. Amanda is not fond of Nyota as she takes her work first and Amanda loves Jim from the moment she meets him. She sees that Jim can make Spock happy and take care of him with his hectic life. So she puts her foot down to get them married.

Spock who is still very in love with his girlfriend decides that he will make Jim leave after he gives birth to the child. Jim starts to fall in love with him but is burdened with the guilt of ruining Spock and Nyota’s relationship so he struggles to stand up for himself. Spock is unsure of what to do when he realizes that he is falling for Jim. Nyota comes back from her mission to discover what has happened with Spock. She creates a misunderstanding between Jim and Spock that causes Jim to doubt Spock's feeling for him and for the baby.

So what will Spock do? Who will he choose? How will Jim grow through he course of this story?

I have to request that a happy ending is a MUST between Jim and Spock. I don't mind a little angst, but Spock and Jim have to happy ending.

I want Jim to want a family after how his life has been and Spock to love children and is looking forward to becoming a father even if he didn't want the baby in the beginning. And Amanda to be the mother that Jim never had. She's always in Jim's corner after Spock and Jim get married and protects him.

Bonus: lots and lots of fluffy moments between Jim and Spock; endearments, thoughtful gifts, funny moments, etc. Go nuts with the fluff!!!

Super-Bonus: if you get the other characters in the story as well; specially Bones, Scotty, Sulu and Chekov.

Mega-Bonus: lots and lots of sexy times between Jim and Spock; specially after Spock starts to fall in love with Jim and maybe his Vulcan instinct takes over and he can't keep his hands off Jim.

Have fun and Enjoy!!!

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