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When Jim and Spock got together, everyone thought Jim wasn't being serious and would hurt Spock. So he got talked by almost everyone he knew: Uhura, Pike, even McCoy.

Jim, they said, don't hurt Spock. You know yourself, right?

Only the older Spock, far far away on the new vulcan, smiled to Jim and wished him happy.

Jim knew in another universe he and Jim were a very happy couple. So were him and his Spock, he thought. Just they were both much younger. They haven't learned to compromise, to give up a little of themselves for love. Though they would argue, would fight, would start the childish cold war, Jim felt he couldn't be happier in his whole life.  This was the first time in his life he felt loved and he wouldn't exchange it with anything. He started to learn how to love one's beloved, by changing,  by giving, by being the one always willing to compromise more.

Several months later, a mission went terribly wrong. Due to the difficult situation and part to Jim's impulsiveness Spock always disagreed, a mission rescuing captives kidnapped by a pirate ship failed. Several vulcans died. The ship escaped. Jim blamed himself.  Spock blamed himself and Jim. He couldn't get over this and started to think he and Jim didn't belong to the same path. They followed totally different rules. Mightbe he made the wrong decision to end the relationship with Uhura. Mightbe he let his undeniable physical attraction to Jim cloud his logic after all.

Spock decided to break up with Jim. Jim begged him, but no use. He understood the failure of mission was one of the reasons Spock couldn't accept him, but the fact that Spock never stopped weighing his decision between Uhura and Jim just hurt him deeply.  (But Spock didn't go back with Uhura. He knew he had no feelings for her any more. )

The Enterprise sent the vulcans' bodies back to the new colony.  Jim felt deeply ashamed and wept before Selek. Selek regretted Spock's decision and said, in this universe, maybe it's too early for the two of you to meet. You both are too young and need more time.

The words made Jim's inside break. And Spock went all official and detached with him. He felt he was slowly dying by every day.  Maybe he couldn't belong to anyone, maybe it's his destiny to be alone.  And he sure learned his humility.

One year later,  the five year mission ended with Enterprise back to earth. Jim never stopped trying to track the escaped pirate ship after the tragedy. He finally got the faint clue where the ship might be and decided to go hunt the ship. He knew Spock was going to new Vulcan and he waited outside of his house to say farewell to him.

After Jim was gone, Spock felt anxious by no reasons and knew there's something going on with Jim. He couldn't deny himself he never stopped caring and loving Jim.

He accidentally found Jim's bold plan. He refused to go back home with his father and went after Jim.

Jim had intended to check out the hideout of the ship and confirm first, then go call the authority. But he got caught by the pirates and was badly beaten.  He just thought himself really stupid and might never see the sun, the earth and Spock again, when Spock suddenly appeared and saved him. The pirates were all put under the force of the authority.

They went back home. Jim wouldn't let go Spock's hands in his unconciousness. When he woke up, he supprised to find Spock still at his bedside.

In the following days, they talked,  they forgave each other, they laughted at their silliness and cried over their loss. They made love, and expected the new five-year mission together.

*Must:  sexual scenes(yes, plural!) and Bottom Jim

*Bonus: 1. the longer, the better!

 2. Angst. It's legal to break hearts here.

 3. Please don't make Spock cruel, because he's not. He has his reasons and they are both young.

I really wanna see in the new universe with much younger characters, there might be a possiblity that they are being foolish, and they just need more time and going through much more to have love. But they're thy'la, which is the truth that can't be changed in any universe.


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I would like to see a Mirror mpreg Spock story.

Spock is either kidnapped before he finds out he’s pregnant or runs away when he does find out.

Jim of course goes after him either way, not knowing about the baby.

When he catches up to Spock, Spock should be either having the baby right then or is still recovering from the birth and is weak.

There should be one moment of pure dread where Spock thinks that either Jim or Bones killed the baby. I would love it if Jim hear’s a baby cry and orders someone to kill it not knowing it was Spock’s and then Bones recognizes it as being part Vulcan and looking way to similar to the captain so saves it and does a DNA test on it to confirm.

When Jim does find out the baby is his I want him to be surprisingly cool with it, but not really sure how to react. He shouldn’t be angry about it or super affection. Like ‘Yeah ok, I have a part Vulcan brat…cool.”

The relationship of Jim and Spock is up to you.

I would really like it if Bones gets attached to the baby and if Bones has some sort of friendship or close alliance with Jim.

Extra points if…

This is the Nu Trek Mirror verse and the baby has blue eyes.

The child is a girl, that Jim names.

And super mega awesome points if Jim punishes Spock for hiding the baby or thinking he would kill it and that leads to awesome sex.

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Summary: Okay here's my challenge. I prefer it in Abrams universe, however Amanda must survive. After the events of the battle with Nero, Spock and Jim are drawn to each other. (Nyota and Spock had an amiable breakup, Jim's not a homewrecker.) Jim and Spock begin a relationship and it comes to the point where Spock needs Sarek's blessing to bring Jim into the clan. Sarek refuses demanding that Spock bond with a female and help rebuild the population of the Vulcan race. Spock refuses and Sarek threatens to have him brought before the High Council and have Spock declared without world or clan for refusing his responsibilities to clan and world. Spock does not care and returns to Enterprise. Enter T'Pau, Spock's grammie. She as leader of the council summon's Jim and Spock to the council, she verifies their T'hy'la bond. Sarek is stunned, T'Pau admonishes him, making him repeat the story she taught him at age 4 about Surak and his T'hy'la, a story that teaches children about the sacred bond that cannot be forced, that cannot be changed, and cannot be denied. T'Pau states that logic demands that one whom has caused hurt as Sarek has must be made to endure at least a measure of the same hurt. She cites the 20 years of silence between Sarek and his son, as well as the refusal to acknowledge the T'hy'la bond with Jim. She sentences him to a year in Coventry, during which no one family included may acknowledge Sarek's existence, no communication, no comfort, no touch. Nothing. The punishment is to take place after Jim and Spock's formal bonding ceremony on New Vulcan. T'Pau then tells Spock that she has made arrangements with Star Fleet and he will take Sarek's place for 1 year as clan leader, with Jim at his side. Spock tries to refuse citing that he is not a true vulcan. T'Pau tears this arguement down. ***bonus points T'Pau refutes this and states just this once that she is proud of her grandson. The bonding happens and Sarek relinquishes his place. He then leaves on a years pilgrimage into the desert. Unknown to Sarek or Spock or Amanda Jim manages to hide a small transponder in Sarek's pack. Using the transponder Jim regularly beams in to make certain that Sarek is in good health, during coventry if he were to be hurt or in trouble no one would respond to a may day. Shortly before the end of the year Jim beams in to find Sarek severly wounded from a wild animal attack. Jim beams him back to the estate and using his first aid training tries to stabalize Sarek, Spock finds them and steps in to help. Sarek vows to be a worthy father to such a fine pair of sons. Together he and Amanda see them off when Enterprise returns to collect its Captain and First Officer. Sarek then pulls Jim to the side he apologizes, asking Jim to help his son, “I tried to make him something he is not, much to my shame. He is a child of two worlds, my failure caused him to feel unwelcome on this one, it was fitting that he found his life mate from his other home world.” Sarek tells Jim that he is proud to have him as his son. Sarek holds him hand up with spread fingers, offering the traditional touch allowed between close family members. Jim touchs his fingertips to Sarek’s. Sarek’s thoughts cross the touch and he “hears”, “Son of my heart, know that I have come to love you, and am always here if you ever have need of me.” Jim feels a tear slip down his cheek Sarek envelops him in a fatherly hug, a spectacle that one year ago Sarek would have never indulged in, however knowing that it is what Jim truly needs, a father’s arms around him, to comfort and provide a safe haven if only for a moment. Sarek whispers in his ear, “I love thee my son, more than you will ever know.” As he says this he is looking directly into Spock’s eyes. Spock knows that the message is to both Jim and himself. Jim and Spock then leave and carry on with their lives. ****Super Bonus Points**** Amanda is like a mama sehlet, she's ready to take on the council and her errant husband in defense of her son, and the son of her heart. I had this inspiration reading several fics by CMM, who is my hero. I'd write it but I'm afraid I'd mangle it to pieces...
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I have an idea, but I do not have the literary skill to pull it off myself, so I am issueing it as a challenge instead. 

Setting the scene:

It is a ways into their five year mission and Captain Kirk and Spock have an establish relationship.  However, do to it being taboo for a Captain and his Commanding Officer to have a relationship and them not wanting to be the main point of gossip across the galaxy they have kept their relationship a secret from the crew.  Maybe Bones knows, but that is it. 

Something goes wrong and the ship is in impending paral.  Maybe a powerful alien race is going to destroy it or the engine are died and they are getting pulled into the sun.  However you think is a believable way for the whole ship, including all of the crew, to be potentially destroyed.  Captain Kirk, Spock and the crew, try everything in their power, but it looks like they have 5 minutes to live and they are out of ideas. 


1) Create a very public goodbye scene on the bridge, filled with loving words, kisses, and strange looks from all of the bridge crew. Note: Jim and Spoke are soulmates and the thought of their life together being cut short it unbearable.

2) I like happy endings, so find a way for the ship to be saved in the last possible minute

Bonus Points if:

-All the TOS crewmen are at least mentioned if not actually active characters (Chekov, Sulu, Uhara, Scotty, Bones)

-Flashbacks of Jim and Spock's relationship are included (with sex, because their should be sex in every K/S fiction, but they obviously can't have it on the bridge when they are all about to die)

-There is a slightly awkward, but humourous ending, since they didn't end up dying but now everyone knows


I hope someone likes this idea and runs with it, have fun and thanks,


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In TOS verse there is a lot of undocumented history in Ambassador Spock's life before the Nero incident. I would like to see a story where Q repays a debt to Spock from that time once Spock is in the Reboot timeline. Ambassador Spock once came across Q powerless and helpless for reasons left up to your muse. Despite his active distaste for Q, Spock acted as the honorable being he is and assisted Q fully, was in fact instrumental to Q's return to power, health, and confidence. To Q's surprise, Spock kept his secret and never once used it against him or asked for repayment.

Q couldn't do anything about Jim in the Nexus as it is a phenomenon even Q's people must be wary of and Spock and Jim of any universe are so pivotal that not much can or should be changed in their lives-- it's against the rules if you will and even Q is only willing to go against the council to a certain point. Given Q's nature, he remembers alternate timelines.

Offscreen, during the Nero incident, Reboot Kirk and Spock perform an in the line of duty mind meld and develop an accidental bond. Reboot Spock is not impressed and closes the bond swiftly, assuming it is temporary and will fade, without telling Kirk it formed or addressing the matter with anyone. Uhura gets pregnant. Reboot Spock bonds pregnant Uhura. Reboot Kirk suffers a catastrophic coma as Spock bonds Uhura and severs their tentative t'hy'la bond. Spock makes the logical choice of a female bondmate pregnant with his child and never acknowledged his link to Kirk anyway. He has no regrets as he'd never learned the depths of Kirk still seeing only Uhura's skewed viewpoint, the unsavory rumors surrounding his past, and Kirk's defensive playboy facade.

Q, at this point, intervenes. As it turns out, he preferred Spock Prime and Reboot Kirk to their counterparts and is delighted to interfere and set them up. He loves to compare the four and ramble about personality changes due to nurture and experience versus nature and timeline constants. He de-ages Spock Prime and extends Reboot Kirk's natural lifespan and aging to match. Then, he hooks them up. Happy lives for the pair ensue.

Bonus: Reboot Spock and Uhura raise fantastic children but are completely miserable in the bond they are stuck with as they are not very mentally compatible. Seeing his counterpart and Kirk in a t'hy'la bond is a constant source of despair for Spock and jealousy for Uhura.   Bonus: Without telling them, Q makes Reboot Kirk and/or Spock Prime capable of viable pregnancy. They are so delighted, if exasperated, by the surprise they make every child's middle-name start with a Q.

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Spock and Jim are together. It is one year and a half after the events in Into Darkness. They decide to get married (the human way) on the ship and then ask Sarek and T'Pau if they can be bonded.

But some Star Fleet ships and their crew had some problems. Diplomatic problems. It put Star Fleet Command and Earth in the wrong light. So the Star Fleet Command decides to assign a person who worked in diplomacy to the ship (after 6 weeks of basic training like shooting from a phaser or self defence).

USS Enterprise diplomatic officer (or whatever you choose to call that person) is...SAREK! (as to the attire it could be the same as Spock's. Blue)


Already halfway in their preparations for the weeding, how will Jim and especially Spock work with Sarek? And why did Sarek decide to become part of the USS Enterpise crew? Does this have something to do with Sybok or a rumor that there is a place that can bring anything and anyone back from the dead.

 (All grammar mistakes are mine. Apologize for that)

Categories: Fiction Characters: Sarek

(Full disclosure:  I did not take the time to scan all of the existing challenges to see if this has already been issued - I'd be surprised if it hasn't actually but I wanted to get this written down before I forgot about it ... again!)

K/S TOS - The Wrath of Khan

Basic premise:  Khan has triggered the Genesis wave and it is on countdown to detonation. Kirk & Spock are both on the bridge - knowing they won't make it unless ... What if Kirk, not hearing back from Engineering, decides to go there, leaving Spock in command and then Spock, knowing what Jim was planning, took the alternate lift to follow him, leaving Saavik (or Sulu) with the Con. Then, in Engineering, Scotty is collapsed, Bones is not there (yet), and just as Kirk starts to enter the reactor chamber, Spock nerve pinches him and places his katra with his T'hy'la.  Kirk is completely immobilized but is aware of what is happening. Since they have been bonded for a long time (however long suits the author, but definitely well before the events of TWOK) the two minds/souls do not clash but Kirk's acceptance is mixed with horror and denial. From there, it is Spock who saves the ship and his T'hy'la - Bones, Scotty & other crewmen have to stop Kirk from following Spock into the chamber just as in canon.

I would like to see how different the story might have been with this twist and how things might play out differently from there.

Feel free to include Saavik/David.

The title is merely one I thought of - change it to suit the story that you develop.

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So, this is the only place I know of to post prompts/challenges/requests, and this one has been bouncing around in my head for months now:

Spock wearing a pair of vibrating massage gloves and trying to keep his stuff together while using them to give Kirk a massage.


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Can I have a Pon Farr with Spock being either 100% submissive or chained down so he can't hurt Jim and bottoms just to be on the safe side?

It would make a lot more sense if he thought he would hurt Jim for Spock to insist on being tied down in fact.

I'd like this to be Nu Trek, but EPIC BONUS POINTS for Mirror Trek where Jim tricks an out of control Spock into restraints he has on his bed and then teases him mercilessly and fucks him.

I'd also love a really sweet after scene of Jim taking off the restraints and taking care of Spock. If it's the Mirror verse then Spock needs to be especially bewildered at Jim being nice afterward, but grateful.


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Basically, try to fit EVERY warning, story type, universe, and genre that ksarchive allows into one fic! Up to you whether you take it seriously or not. For warnings you can ignore none (duh) and caveat lector, and for story types you can ignore drabble, but otherwise everything must be included!

Quadruple points if you can fit every character ksarchive allows you.

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K/S pre-slash-slash

Spock wants to be a singer. Sarek forbidden Spock to do so and tells him he should attend Vulcan Science Academy. He disagrees and leaves to live on Earth. There in pubs and in public locations he sings for tips. Jim Kirk notices him and they make duet called (name the band whatever you want) but it must be close to word ‘hurt’: because Jim lost someone dear to him and Spock is not accepted in his home world.

Later when their relationship becomes more apparent and they become the most famous duo in the world and universe how will Vulcan react to the first ever Vulcan singer singing about emotions? How will Sarek deal with his son being famous? How will people treat them?

NOTE: I was listening to HURTS "somebody to die for" when I came with this idea. Please use HURTS songs if you’ll be writing their performance on stage or in studio, videos etc. Solo Spock songs are up to you to choose.

Note 2: Abrams universe please

Note 3: Sarek follows Spock's progress as a singer listening to his songs and watching the music videos. Sarek is just not apreciated enough

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Summary: Jim lives through Tarsus because some energy form attaches itself to him. It was in a sort of stasis for a long time but attached/psychially bonded to Jim and drawing off his life force, it is 'alive' again. It sends Jim information, images, visions, views into others minds, etc. For example, it shows Jim where and how to get food, how to avoid capture, people's true thoughts and deceptions and past actions, etc - wherever your imagination takes you. The draw back is Jim's fear and their mutual lack of understanding. They have to learn how to communicate even though they're psychically bonded and the energy see Jim's thought's, they are two radically different life forms and have different ideas and views. This may lead to Jim geting captured, etc. As Jim grows, he dreams and 'sees' amazing things... Other worlds, beings, things he doesn't understand, and he can see energy - earth energy, divas, etc. He records his experiences. When the Enterprise is in it's first few months in space, the symbiote notifies Jim that his son is very near death and that Jim can save him if the symbiote transfers his life energy. As usual, Jim is in pain and almost dies. Bonus points if this happens on the bridge during an attack. What does Jim do? How does Spock react? In exchange for the symbiote having risked it's life, Jim must help it 'procreate'. Maybe it wants to use Spock's energy and have it's 'clone' float off into space. Maybe the new symbiote will need to join with Jim's kid or Spock?? Your choice how it plays out. Double bonus points if Jim didn't know about his kid (super bonus points if it's a girl and boy twins blonde and blue eyed looking like Jim!) and maybe the mother's neglectful and it reminds Jim of his own childhood and he brings the kids aboard the Enterprise. I see the kids as being about a year old. Author should explore Spock reactions, and what is this energy? A ghost of a long dead alien? A normal form of an unknown alien? The last of it's kind? How does it impact Kirk's command and success? Will it leave him when he and Spock bond? Will it create a Spock/Jim baby because it wants to be helpful and make more vulcans? What if Jim's captured by aliens? How can the symbiote help? Sacrifice itself? ... Actually what does Jim call the symbiote? Can the symbiote help the vulcan people? Can it bring Prime!Kirk through a worm hole? Must have hurt!Jim, bottom!Spock, virgin!Spock, possessive/protective!Spock and some super!Jim. No Uhura/Spock past or present.
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First time posting a prompt so I hope it's OK, if i did something wrong i'm sorry, tell me and i'll try and make it right. Oh and sorry about my poor english!
I know it's a pretty long prompt but i can't seem to be able to explain it shortly... Sorry...

Ever since the destruction of Vulcan, Spock has started withdrawing himself. Not talking to anyone unless it's work related, taking as many shifts a possible, apparently trying to drown himself in his work and spending the little free time he still has in his quarters or on new vulcan when possible. He's losing weight, and seems to be exhausted all the time, even making mistakes in his work!

At first nobody really noticed, and when they started to they figured he must be grieving his mother but when Kirk and Bones finally take some time to discuss their friend, they realise that something is very wrong and they need to know what is going on with the vulcan.

The thing is: when Spock saved the vulcan's council, he didn't save their husbands or wives so, it's only logical that they use him as a walking sextoy. They humiliate him, violently rape him over and over and keep telling him that it's his fault if Vulcan was destroyed, if his mother died and all he can do now is be their whore to try and redeem himself. Spock thinks he deserves it and is disgusted with himself, ashamed that he failed saving vulcan, saving his mother and now he's basically a whore.

I would prefer Sarek not to now about all this but if you'd rather like he knew it's okay too.
And I prefer gen  friendship but if you want to ship go ahead!

That's it! I'd love to see that story! I discovered this fandom only a few months ago and I find it really hard to find hurt!Spock stories... (Even though I just discovered CMM's stories and I just love them!)

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy
Summary: I haven't seen Into Darkness so feel free to base this on 2009 or to include ST:ID or go AU. ---- Prompt: Kirk saw a lot of TOS from the the mind meld with Spock. Kirk got Kirk's POV b/c the originals had melded alot and info was subconsciously shared. Kirk is aware they are th'y'la but doesn't want t get involved as he was aware of all the longing/heartbreak TOS!Kirk went through, and the relationship never really got off the ground. There was always something T'Pring, Vulcan mentality, Leila, snow woman, sky woman, romulan woman, Pike, tribbles, logic, being left for Gol, Arrogant Presumption, Nexus, Picard, dying alone.... Although Nu!Kirk is convinced he'll die alone he doesn't want to long/Pine for someone his whole life. So Spock, who has watched the awesomeness of Kirk, and fallen for him, must convince him to become involved with him. Should involve the normal cliched abandoned!Kirk, sad childhood, fear of being left behind or alone. Bonus: Bonus.. In any form Also, no Uhura.
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Why yes, before you ask, I'm watching the episode A Taste Of Armageddon while issuing this challenge. While I'm watching this episode, I had a thought: What if war had really started?

So, the challenge:

While on a planet, war breaks out. Could be against guerrilla forces on the planet fighting for a revolution or another planet could have infiltrated the populace and decided to strike during treaty talks/offical ceremony/first contact ect. Jim and Spock are caught in middle of the war and are seperated for whatever reason, but not before Spock, in a stroke of genius or desperation, links them together without giving Jim all the facts about a mind link. Because of fighting, communication with Starfleet and the Enterprise is lost.

Others may be part of the landing party caught in the fighting. Author's descrestion.

One of our duo must be caught and held as a hostage and the other must be "recruited" and fighting for the other side. Not looking for serious torture of the hostage.

During the time the two are seperated, they become closer because of the telepathic link and talking through it, eventually falling in love with each other.

Must haves:

  • Abrams Universe
  • Inability to lie/hide anything in the link
  • Dramatic reunion
  • Happy ending
  • Battles
  • Badass!Kirk and badass!Spock
  • Escape attempts
  • "Captain, you almost make me believe in luck."
  • "Mr. Spock, you almost make me believe in miracles."

Hope to see:

  • Sex
  • Bones being Bones
  • Badass!Scotty commanding Enterprise
  • Sarek putting the diplomatic smackdown on one of the warring factions.

Also, would make me happy fangirl to see this take place as a civil war on New Vulcan, if author could pull it off. Maybe between those who believe Vulcans have gone too far with Surak's logic and those who think they haven't taken Surak's ideas far enough. That's just a jump point and in no way required.

Mostly, have fun!

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy, Sarek, Scott
Summary: Can be TOS or Nu!Trek. Somewhat alternate reality either way, so feel free to play with it.

Lt. Spock has been in Starfleet for a few years, and it's getting old. He's been thinking more and more about resigning his commission and returning to Vulcan to apply to the Science Academy.

Cadet Kirk is on his first mission-- a three-month scientific mission to chart a new asteroid field. He grew up on the stories of the likes of Jonathon Archer and Robert April, and he has a decidedly romantic notion of what space will be like.

Will reality (which is often tedious) dampen Kirk's spirit? Will Spock learn to see the wonders of the galaxy around him?

More importantly, will they survive without killing each other (accidentally or in a fit of frustration)?

Based on Northanger Abbey. In case that needs more explanation:

Catherine (Kirk) is a 17-year-old (he's age-appropriate for a Starfleet Cadet) just entering society. She has wild expectations based on the gothic romance novels she loves to read. She meets Henry Tilney (Spock) who is more down-to-earth and realistic, and resigned to doing what his father expects of him. The Tilneys invite Catherine to their estate, Northanger Abbey, and based on her experience with gothic romances, she expects it to be frightening and gloomy, and invents a story about General Tilney (Henry's father) murdering Mrs. Tilney.

Make that work in Starfleet.

Bonus points:

1. Jim is an avid sci-fi fan

2. Spock hasn't quite got the Vulcan stoicism down yet. Bless his heart, he tries.

3. Jim is originally planning to go into the Science division, and he is assigned to some really menial task in the science department, like hauling around crates of rocks and equipment or something.

4. In his eagerness, Jim actually breaks something.

5. Relationships between officers and cadets are strictly forbidden (like, court-martial offense, no turning a blind eye by the captain, or the admiral, or anyone else.) Therefore, *nothing* happens between Lt. Spock and Cadet Kirk (something may happen after Kirk is commissioned)

6. Despite all the tedium, Kirk still manages to be Kirk.

7. Some scene where Spock finds something that truly delights him (think the singing flowers in TOS The Cage)

8. Incorporating other elements from Northanger Abbey

9. Ultra mega bonus points for you making it your own!
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Jim turns 30.

What most people regard as a sobering milestone, a rude reminder of their mortality,  Jim views as the best gift one could possibly recieve. Spock shares Jim's views on birthdays. 

And just to shake things up a bit, the story could be set right after a fantastically huge victory, where the entire crew are declared heroes.

I challenge you to portray a celebration of life! 

I'd love it if Kirk and Spock are to come together on impulse; communicating their worries, joy and desires without  words. 


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Summary: AU where majority of humanoid species divides into alpha, betas, gammas and omegas. Most common are gammas (normal humanoids), while betas are stronger, more intelligent and cunning. Alphas are the ones who are even more gifted – either in intelligence, strengths, wit or all of them. They are born as natural leaders. And there are the omegas who are highly clever and attractive and on a top of that they go into heat. During that time all alphas, betas and gammas go crazy for omega and fight for a right to mate with him/her, which usually ends up with omega being paired with alpha as they are the strongest opponents in the competition. Now off to the real plot. Vulcans don’t recognize omegas since Surak’s teachings were introduced and they started to control their volatile instincts. Their society consists mainly from alphas and betas who control their emotions, relationships are prearranges and omegas were extinct many centuries ago. So what a surprise, when during a deep space mission Spock instead of Pon Farr goes into heat? Turns out he inherited more of his Mother’s genetic make then he wanted and he is an omega. And what fun that is: Kirk – a 100% alpha wants to mate with him, hell, half of the ship wants to mate with him (as alphas and betas are more gifted, they usually end up in bigger numbers on star ships). Spock is confused and not really sure what is happening but at the same time Kirk IS sexy and good looking so why not… And then Admiralty steps in. According to the law, each omega being a member of the Federation can enter a sexual relationship only AFTER being appropriately educated by appropriate doctor in the areas of their sexuality. As there are no omegas on Vulcan, Spock never had omega’s sex ed and without that anyone who mates with him will be considered a sexual criminal. So poor McCoy is tasked with providing confused Spock with a short course on what it means to be an omega. Very short, because they are too far away from any outpost to drop him off and Kirk and other alphas and betas are tearing the ship apart. Bonus points: McCoy being totally mortified by his task. It’s one thing to yell at stupid Ensign about STD but another to talk to grown up Vulcan about omega heat period. While McCoy educates Spock, Kirk spends his time assuring that there won’t have any competition for Spock (fights, traps, deception – all is allowed in love and war and Jim is a genius repeated offender after all) Uhura being a beta and Jim’s main competitor
Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy, Uhura
Summary: Ok, so I am a big fan of very sad love stories. I mean sad as in not even titanic is close to being sad enough to satisfy me. So, I would like these elements REQUIRED in this work. 1) either Kirk or Spock has to DIE. Or even both. I am sorry but that's what I would like to see. I would like him or them to die at the moment where things seemed to be finally going good, not allowing them to taste fully the joy of the relationship. 2) INTENSE hurt/comfort in the process. I don't care if It involves violence. I would prefer that Jim is the one getting hurt and Spock rather intentionally hurting him. 3) NO rough sex scenes( unless it involves Spock's Pon Farr ). Platonic is also welcome but if you do end up adding a sex scene, make it gentil and very intimate and mental rather than physical. EXTRA POINTS for: 1) any other character(doesn't matter male or female) cheering Jim up in the hurt process and Spock becoming very unknowingly jealous over it. 2) maybe a childhood connection between the two that they didn't come to realize until they got to know eah other better. 3) a DARK past for any of them. EXTRA BONUS POINTS for: A lot of phsychic moments and mind meldings in the process
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How different would the universe be if Sarek had been killed during a diplomatic mission and Amanda had taken a young Spock to live on Earth? Hopefully a longish fic and I prefer Abrams universe AU with bottom/Spock, angst, hurt/comfort.

 *You can decide Spock's age when Sarek is killed and he and his mother move to Earth(prefer anything preteen).

 *Would like to see Amanda working in an academic world - could growing up in a more liberal atmosphere affect Spock by him acting more human (learned behavior through association) or more Vulcan (to honor his father) - you decide.

 *Without the anger at the VSA, would Spock choose Starfleet or would a similar atmosphere in academia give the same impetus and how would this affect his meeting with Jim Kirk?

  •  Bonus for Christopher Pike dating Amanda.
  • Bonus for Spock retaining heir of house and having to endure Vulcan training at the Vulcan embassy.
  •  Bonus for an interfering T'Pau having disagreements with Amanda on the proper way to raise Spock.
  •  Bonus for Amanda thinking that Spock needs a male influence and asks Chris to do father/son things like camping and some kind of sport.
  •  Bonus for Chris (now stepfather) to set up a blind date for Spock with Jim Kirk, the son of an old friend and also a cadet at the academy.

 I'd be very interested to see someones take this and have fun with it. :)

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