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So I went to Party City today for Halloween Decorations and I noticed they already had the Christmas decorations out too and I thought well maybe some one would like to do this challange when the time comes:

So for this challange I request Kirk courting Spock with meaningful gifts based on the 12 days of Christmas. Spock and Uhara have broken and up and a sufficient enough time has passed after the break up during which time Spock has of course been hanging around his favorite Captain and they have been becoming close friends. Kirk of course has fallen for Spock and decides for Christmas he's going to pursue Spock. To give Spock a sense of Family during Christmas specially with his mother being dead.

You can even have them on vacation on either New Vulcan or Earth with just the two of them. I would like Kirk to be like a secret santa leaving all the gifts for Spock and leaving clues for Spock to figure out who it is that is leaving him the touching gifts.

I want Kirk to think he's been clear and that Spock has no clue whose been leaving the gifts but in reality Spock knew from day one's gift that it was Jim and kind of humors him to find out what Kirk is really up to. You can decide how Spock knew it was Jim.

So have fun and be merry!!!

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I was driving home and finally actually listened to the song "Up in the Air" by 30 Seconds to Mars.

It sounds like a great back and forth between Spock and Kirk ( Abrams mainly ).

"I wrap my hands around your neck so tight ( with love )"

"Stuck in a moment of emotion I destroyed"

"A thousand times I tempted fate"


Do you see?!  It sounds like it was made to be a fanvid or a great song to summary their interactions.

I have very little talent for writing fiction ( I dabble but it has been years.  I will probably take up my own challenge but I know it will be awhile ) and know that you lovely writers out there can do so much amazing work, I just wanted to prod you a bit.


For the TLDR :

30 Seconds to Mars : Up in the Air    -----  And Go!!

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Summary: Five times other people see how obliviously in love Kirk and Spock are, and the one time they realize it for themselves. (Because, for such intelligent people, the boys sure can be Dumb As Hell when it comes to recognizing their own emotions.)
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Summary: Due to a mix-up on Sarpeidon, instead of winding up in that planet's past, Kirk and Spock somehow wind up on the Vulcan of 5000 years ago. Spock regresses to illogic. They run into a group of Vulcan warriors, and (in a totally hot moment of possessiveness) Spock claims Jim as his mate to protect him from being taken as a captive. They integrate themselves into this warrior clan, even as they struggle to find a way home. Jim finds his attraction to Spock growing in this distant time where the Vulcan's emotions are so open. (Of course, they eventually find a way to get home to the Enterprise.)
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Write a fic containing all 99 of these words:

abate, abdicate, aberration, abstain, adversity, aesthetic, amicable, anachronistic, arid, asylum, benevolent, bias, boisterous, brazen, brusque, camaraderie, canny, capacious, capitulate, clairvoyant, collaborate, compassion, compromise, condescending, conditional, conformist, convergence, deleterious, demagogue, digression, diligent, discredit, disdain, divergent, empathy, emulate, enervating, ephemeral, evanescent, exemplary, extenuating, florid, forbearance, fortitude, fortuitous, foster, fraught, frugal, hackneyed, haughty, hedonist, hypothesis, impetuous, impute, inconsequential, inevitable, intrepid, intuitive, jubilation, lobbyist, longevity, mundane, nonchalant, opulent, orator, ostentatious, parched, perfidious, pragmatic, precocious, pretentious, procrastinate, prosaic, prosperity, provocative, prudent, querulous, rancorous, reclusive, reconciliation, renovation, restrained, reverence, sagacity, scrutinize, spontaneous, spurious, submissive, substantiate, subtle, superficial, superfluous, surreptitious, tactful, tenacious, transient, venerable, vindicate, wary 

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I would like to read a Spock Prime/NUKirk story. Kirk, thanks to the delta vega mind meld, has a small link to the kaatra of both Spocks. The meld also gave him some inside info on his probable future romantic tie to NUSpock. He likes the idea, the stability and depth of such a bond, and waits. He pursues a professional working relationship and then a friendship with young Spock and keeps in touch with Selik (Spock Prime) via message and a few in person visits. NUSpock pursues his relationship with Nyota. He ignores the warning Selik feels compelled to give about a T'hy'la bond with Kirk. Spock, rather willfully ignorant, refuses to see Kirk as anything other than a friend. He bonds with Nyota prior to his first Ponfarr, something like the bond he had with T'Pring. 

  After the events of STID and Spock's bonding, Kirk gives up and moves on. Given the fallout of STID, his death and the cloud around some of his actions, Kirk chooses to deviate from his "destiny" and takes an honorable retirement from star fleet on medical grounds, i.e. the unknown future fallout from coming back to life. He goes to Betazed to have his bond pain ( it hurts when Spock bonds Nyota but only on his end as for Spock the bond is more like an echo) healed, trains his middling level empathy and gets a degree in therapy. He ends up on New Vulcan where he works with Vulcan teens and children who are all suffering from the backlash of lost bonds from Vulcan's' destruction. His therapy is very active, incorporating Betazed meditation techniques, fine art, and martial arts. Meditation to focus on working through emotion rather than suppressing, art and physical motion to work on releasing emotion.

  Seeing that NUSpock made his choice and Kirk suffers for it (remember Kirk is linked to both) and that NUSpock's and NUKirk's lives are definitely derailed from the prime universe, Selik goes for it. He uses future tech or knowledge or whatever to de age to his 30's. This, thanks to Khan's blood and Vulcan lifespans, puts he and Kirk on level ground regarding lifespan. He courts Kirk hardcore with help and approval from Sarek and T'Pau.   I want them to end up happily bonded with kids. They can adopt but would like some of the kids to be biologically theirs however you want it to happen: surrogacy, m-preg, genetic engineering, aliens whatever.

I want NUSpock to realize he has made a terrible mistake when he sees the profundity of a T'hy'la bond, which he can feel a bit because he and Selik are essentially the same kaatra. I do not want him to get together with Kirk ever.  I like the idea of two Spocks existing so that their lives can be contrasted. I like the idea of the "logical" choice of mate turning out to be seriously second best to the "emotional" choice.   I'm not looking for a NUSpock treats Kirk horribly, realizes his mistake, grovels, and gets him back story. Instead, I want to see him live out the life he chose, mediocrity with Nyota, compared to the brilliant life lived by Spock Prime and Kirk.   

BONUS: the Spocks go into ponfarr at the same time and Kirk handles it much better than Uhura--enjoys it more too-- and NUSpock realizes it because he never lost that echo-bond created because he and Selik are the same kaatra.

BONUS: T'Pau loves Kirk, to the point of, in a very Vulcan way, playing favorites between he and Uhura.

BONUS: Kirk speaks exceptional Vulcan, all dialects even pre-surakian

. BONUS: Selik and Spock have a conversation where Selik admits to a small bit of guilt for his "second life" and Spock admits his regret at not trying with Kirk but Spock admits that there is no fault only choices and the life lived after, kaiidith.

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Summary: I haven't seen st xii so this could be au or fit in some st xii. - story should have some/all suggested below and maybe some other characters that I haven't thought of... It's a great opportunity to have fav characters meet. Death is outside of time in this story. Jim has died for at least a few minutes in real time. But that could amount to untold time in Death. Sort of crossover. 1) Benton Fraser of the RCMP. They are in the cold Winter Wilderness together. Fraser tells Kirk about his love for Victoria. Strange things happen. And some slash. Come on - Paul Gross + Chris Pine = so hot! 2) The Endless. I'm thinking maybe Death and probably Dream (the original). Maybe the Sandman explains that he chose Death over Change? Wikipedia. 3) Merlin. This could be a funny and sad one. Immortal Lord of Time and yet waiting for Arthur. Merlin/Mordred (Love/understanding/hate), and maybe Merlin/Gwaine references.. 4) Kirk Prime. Talks about how he always knew he would die alone. His regrets and longing/pining for Spock for so many years. Risking and sacrificing and giving.... 5) Amanda Grayson? 6) Eroica aka Dorian Red, Earl Of Gloria and the Major - Love/Hate (From Eroica with Love)? 7) Sherlock (from BBC). It turns out they based Khan's intelligence etc on Sherlock, Adler, and Moriatry's genetics. Because of Sherlock's brother (who's high in the secret gov't org), they had lots of samples and then their bodies when they died. What's Sherlock have to say? Bonus for sherlock/moriatry reference. Fascination, obsession. 7) Superman (Smallville early seasons characterizations only). Clark Kent and Lex Luthor; I like the sound of that. Frenemies. Destiny. 8) Vulcans (the leader of Gol, a single thyla from a pair, a pre-reform Vulcan, T'Pring??). Whoever you can think of... What would their discussions be involving the death of Vulcan, what they beleived in life and learned in death? About love, duty, life... 9) Gaila? An old lover? A child that never was? (david?) 10) Q? Being all the 3 ghosts of Christmas + what if xyz did/not happen? Or River Tam (Firefly/Serenity)? Severus from Harry Potter??the possibilities are endless. In the end, Kirk has reflected on his relationship with Spock and the potential with Khan (all that passion and loyalty directed at him versus the betrayals spock has offered).... What the future of either relationship looks like. And makes a choice. - No romantic spock/uhura - could have ambiguous ending. He makes a choice then wakes up/comes back to life type thing.
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Abrams Verse. Keep it PG-13 in terms of their physicality. I want this to be dramatic. Although there can be a lot of leniency so it can definitely R rated considering what your prompt will be:

K/S established relationship then breakup for painful reason of your choice (no cheating though) and not mutual decision. Eventual K/Other or S/Other, but not both. This new relationship hurts the other so bad that he commits suicide. The other never stopped loving the one that committed suicide even though they were with someone else. The death causes them to lose it and follow their t'hy'la in death. I'm looking for real tear jerker. BONUS: Choose caveat lector as your warning and catch some readers off guard. Don't clue into major char. death in the summary, please. Bonus: graphic, detailed

You can choose to start the fic with Kirk and Spock already together and just go from there to have a shorter version, but it would be pretty awesome if pre K/S was included so the arc is friendship, relationship, exs, death. *****Don't write about them meeting in the afterlife. Leave it at the second death and perhaps a funeral with BONUS: Bones giving a heartbreaking eulogy. The longer the fic, the better :) Happy writing!!


Sorry about the "A a 12"... I am just dying to read all the ways you wonderful writers can spin this. I want with everything in my soul for this challenge to be answered <3

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Alright! Challenge timeeee. I want a story about a De-aged Spock,  Kirk, and McCoy. 

-Kirk and McCoy are already bestfriends as children. (They Met As babies *DAWWWW*)

-McCoy and Kirk sneak away to Vulcan, and are accidentally left behind by the StarShip they hid on

- They both start living at Spocks house, and remain there because their parents don't want them. 

-Follow the Life of DeAged  McCoy, Kirk, and Spock 

-As they Get older McCoy and Kirk start Falling in love with Spock. Spock is oblivious to their love

- Kirk and Spock Start dating, McCoy gets Jealous 

-Kirk Cheats on Spock with McCoy

-Huge Fight Between all of them

-They all fall in love with each other and live happily after aaaftterrrr :D


*BONUS* If there is a lot of Crack and Embarrasing Moments 

*BONUS* If T'Pring gets told off by Kirk 

*BONUS* If McCoy is caught wearing a Dress


Have fun with this, and be Creative 

*Dances Away*


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A chaptered fic based on Les Miserables.

Jim- Cosette





Chris Pike- Valjean

Frank- Thenardier

Winona Kirk-Fantine

You would figure out where the other characters go but I definitely want Jim as Cosette and Spock as Marius. 

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chris Pike


Spoilers: Star Trek Into Darkness

Backstory: During their rapid rush to save a crumbling Vulcan, Spock and Kirk spend one heated night together. Afterword, Spock insists that it is a mistake and continues to maintain the level of professionalism that they had before. Jim, however, is head-over-heels for his first officer and can't help but admit that he's a little hurt that he means so little to his first officer. The next day, Spock is back with Uhura. A little while later, Kirk finds out that he is pregnant.


Prompt: Jim and Spock are together. Spock doesn't know about the baby - that is, of course, until they meld for the first time. Jim successfully had the baby, but was so out of it, he didn't know what happened after the birth and was convinced his baby was dead. As it turned out, their baby was very much alive. And Spock, desperate for a way to correct his egregious error and quell his 'human' emotions, will do anything to get her back. Even if it means taking her out of the hands of an intergalactic terrorist known as Khan.

Abrams Verse, please!

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: None

A child is orphaned and brought onto the Enterprise after an away mission gone terribly wrong. The infant is skittish and afraid, so much so, even Bones is having a hard time with him/her. To everyone’s surprise Jim Kirk is a child rearing extraordinaire. He seems to know so much about children, in fact, that the crew begin to speculate, but the actual reason behind Kirk’s abilities are far darker than any one of them could have imagined. And Jim Kirk doesn’t really care what they think anyway, not when he’s ankle deep in his new parental responsibilities.


Must include: 2009/New Movie Verse

Humor, and a sprinkling of fluff (I don't want my teeth to fall out from overly saccharine writing.)

Cute scenes with Kirk, kid, and Spock

Gender/species of child is your choice, but I'm partial to a little girl. I think it might be easier if maybe Kirk has some prior relationship (non sexual) to the parents, but that is also the author's decision.

The reason Jim is so good with chidren is because he took care of so many children on Tarsus IV. (He knows how to calm them and such, but maybe he also watched the children in his neighborhood before the famine hit.) He refuses to tell the crew this. They speculate on why he's a daddy extraordinaire. They might believe that he has a kid out there somewhere.

Spock (and maybe several others) find daddy!Kirk incredibly attractive. Spock is confused as to why.

Spirk is non-established. Spock sees Jim in a new light and begins to realize he's/fall in love with him.

Bonus: scenes with Bones, because I love grumpy Bones. (maybe sweet sympathetic Bones who misses Joanna)

Someone gives the kid a stuffed sehlat. (with a bow) Spock finds this illogical.

Jim gets to keep the kid on the Enterprise. (I don't care how this is done as long as it's believable.)

Parental tututoring from Spock Prime?


Happy writing to anyone who takes the challenge!

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I've been watching the TOS episode The Gamesters of Triskelion and I was wondering what it would be like if Kirk had lost the wager and his crew was enslaved as thralls. Kirk is severely wounded, but his provider spares his life because he likes the captain's spirit and wants to turn him out to stud.

All of the providers are impressed with McCoy's skills at healing when he saves Kirk from almost certain death and they see the implication of getting the most out of their property. Like Galt, they make him an impartial non-combatant.

I would prefer a slash story with Kirk and Spock in an established relationship before the abduction to Triskelion. I'm not picky about the universe, it could be TOS or reboot.

  • How does a pacifistic Vulcan survive not only slavery, but being forced to kill for another beings entertainment?
  • How does a bonded Vulcan handle being kept away from his mate and knowing that said mate is being forced into sexual situations with females for the purpose of breeding?
  • How would the crew handle their enforced slavery at the instigation of their beloved captain?
  • How would a captain who is so conscientious over the safety of his crew survive knowing that their lives and their freedom are forfeit because of him?

That's all I can think of, so I'll leave the rest to whoever else likes what-ifs as much as I do.

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Okay, this is new twist on an old prompt (the original one is not mine) that had once been circulating the K/S sites for a while. The original prompt was that Kirk is assaulted or gets secret Starfleet orders to seduce someone to get valuable information, the entire crew, including Spock, hate Jim because they think he's a cheating bastard.

I want a different take on it.

Here's my challenge.

Some crew member discovers Jim in a "compromising position", and the rumors start flying around the Enterprise that Jim cheated on Spock. The entire crew give their Captain the cold shoulder, and some try to convince Spock to dump his cheating lover. Spock is the only one who refuses to believe that Jim could ever choose to be unfaithful to him, and the Vulcan reasons that it must be a misunderstanding.

When Spock finally confronts his lover for an explanation, Jim 'confesses' that he was actually raped/or following secret Starfleet orders (author's choice), but that he was too ashamed/under orders to keep quiet/whatever to tell Spock the truth until that moment. Jim says that in order for Spock to be rid of any doubts about his integrity, Spock should mind meld with him to see the truth. Spock declines the mind meld, saying that he trusts Jim, and the fact that he even suggested it tells him that Jim's words are true.

Happy ending, right? WRONG!

Turns out Jim really was cheating on Spock the entire time. The whole story about Kirk following secret Starfleet orders or being raped, was just concocted by a panicked Jim on the spot to cover his tracks after getting caught. And Jim, being a gambling man, offered to mind meld with Spock because he figured that the fact that he offered would be enough to convince Spock that Jim was innocent.

Somehow Spock discovers the truth behind Jim's lies. Maybe he walks in on Jim in the middle of round 2 or confessing the truth to someone. Maybe an Admiral tells Spock that Starfleet gave no such orders. Who knows? Feel free to be creative.

When Spock finds out the truth, how will he react? Especially, since he had trusted Jim so completely as to give him the benefit of a doubt, even when the rest of the crew turned against the Captain. Will Jim be repentant for betraying his lover and try to convince Spock he's changed? Will Spock ever forgive him?

Whether this ultimately ends up with a happy ending or a sad ending is up to the author.

I'm totally cool with this taking place in the Abrams verse, though I'll be super impressed if you manage to pull it off and make it believabe in the TOS-verse!

Happy writing!

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This is AOS Kirk/Spock Prime. 

Poor AOS Kirk never had a father, and the attention, affection, and approval of an older man have been all too rare in his life ... which makes him gravitate towards Spock Prime and makes him blossom under his affection like a flower in the sun.  

Kirk is kind of wild and knows he's kind of wild, but he's always been able to think rings around everyone else, so he can get away with stuff pretty much everywhere.  Plus, he's never really respected anyone enough to let them tame him.  But he can't think rings around Spock Prime, who is at least as smart as Kirk is AND has a lot of experience with another Kirk AND has Vulcan mental powers.  

Like a lot of powerful men, Kirk has a previously unrealized desire for a D/S relationship, with himself as the submissive.  He may or may not realize that he's even more inclined this way than most powerful men, because he never had the loving guidance of a father. 

He'd thought he would never be able to find anyone who was capable of controlling him or who he'd respect and trust enough to allow it.  But even old Vulcans are a lot stronger than humans, plus Spock Prime's mental powers have strengthened throughout his life, making him a really awesome telepath at this point in his life, even stronger than young Spock.  And Kirk trusts him as he trusts no one else, because he's been in Spock Prime's mind, and he's seen how much Spock Prime loves any and all men named Jim Kirk.  So Spock Prime could control Kirk physically, mentally, every way there is -- he has both the ability AND Kirk's trust and respect -- so he's probably the only one that Kirk could ever allow himself to play this sort of game with. 

Spock Prime is too ethical to actually DO this until Kirk reveals that he needs and wants it, at which point Spock Prime reveals that he's been holding back on account of not wanting to do anything Kirk doesn't desire, but being Kirk's very physical dom is actually better for him (closer to the usual Vulcan style, maybe?) than the human-style vanilla sex they've been having.

Please, although Kirk is especially susceptible to this sort of relationship because of not having had a father, please do NOT have him call Spock Prime "Daddy."

Kirk is still captain of the Enterprise, but he sees Spock Prime very regularly, on the order of every three or four weeks.  Maybe the Enterprise is sent to New Vulcan once a month for whatever reason appeals to you, maybe Spock Prime is doing some sort of special project for Starfleet that requires him to interface with the Enterprise's crew once a month or so.  (Depending on your own personal tastes, Kirk may or may not have standing "assignments" from Spock Prime to continue this aspect of their relationship while they're apart.)  But Spock Prime isn't stationed ON the Enterprise, because Kirk will need some time apart from Spock Prime's influence, for the following reason:

Unbeknownst to Kirk in the beginning, Spock Prime is not just dominating Kirk for fun and games.  He sees the ways in which Kirk's youth and his lack of a father have made him less suited to the captain's role than Kirk Prime was, and the domination that Spock Prime does is actually a series of lessons, teaching Kirk patience and self-control and actually THINKING before acting, and all those good things.  Spock Prime knows and appreciates what Kirk has to offer as Kirk -- he's not trying to turn Kirk into a Vulcan -- but he IS trying to turn AOS Kirk into the mature, seasoned, thoughtful man that TOS Kirk was.  

Only after they've been doing this for quite awhile does Kirk catch on to the fact that every time he comes back from a session with Spock Prime, he's a more effective captain.  He thinks about missions they've had and how his new self-control made the most recent mission work, whereas it would have failed if he'd not had it.  And in the mission before that, he needed the patience that Spock Prime had taught him to succeed in that one, or it would have failed, too, without what Spock Prime was teaching him.

Kirk isn't mad about this -- he loves, loves, loves being a great captain -- but he does confront Spock Prime about it, in a mostly admiring kind of way.  Kind of an "I'm on to you, you sneaky Vulcan, and you've been training me to be a better captain, haven't you?  Are you SURE you're getting something out of our sessions?  You aren't closing  your eyes and thinking of Starfleet, are you?"  Spock Prime will, of course, say that getting to love Kirk was more than he'd ever hoped to have, and getting to train him is so very hot that he would be getting too much out of their sessions unless he were also improving Kirk into the bargain.

Young Spock is romantically happy with Uhura but is very close friends with Kirk.  He is surprised at first that Kirk is in love with Spock Prime, and if you want, he and Spock Prime can have a conversation where Spock Prime explains how the features of AOS Kirk's personality make him especially desirous of a relationship with an older man who trains him with both affection and strictness.  After that, young Spock is very supportive of Kirk's relationship with Spock Prime.  He's glad that they're making each other happy, and he's smart enough to observe that whatever Spock Prime is doing is making Kirk an even better captain than he already was, AND he's smart enough not to mention this to Kirk until the captain catches on by himself, for fear of undermining whatever it is that's making Kirk even better.

Spock Prime uses some pretty intense D/S to train Kirk, with a lot of rough physical stuff that Kirk gets off on -- adrenaline junkie and masochistic starter-of-bar-fights that he is -- but he never uses humiliation.  He adores Kirk and treats him like a treasure; even when he's doing D/S with Kirk, Kirk is a greatly valued possession.  But although he can pamper Kirk like crazy after a scene, he IS rough with him.  Kirk is a brave, strong, and resilient person, and enough to wake up HIS adrenaline and make HIM feel alive is more than most people could handle.  But Spock Prime understands Kirks in general very well, plus he has the telepathic advantage.  So he always knows exactly how much Kirk needs to bring him to where they both want him to go.

This is probably best set after Star Trek but before Into Darkness.  Kirk's death in Into Darkness might make either Spock Prime or Kirk himself a little less enthusiastic about rough physical stuff, and Kirk is a more seasoned and less impulsive man in Beyond, so he wouldn't need this as much then.  (And of course Spock Prime dies in Beyond, but I'm firmly pretending that never happened.)  But it's up to you; if you can make it work set after Beyond, that's fine with me!

Bonus points for rough sex, spanking, biting, scratching, flogging, fairly serious BDSM
and not just a few playful swats, mind melds, and Vulcan mental control over physiological processes (either Spock Prime's own physiological processes, or control over Kirk's via meld).


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Based on this tumblr post.

Spock, as we know, is biligual, and besides speaking perfect english, Jim notices he sometimes will mutter something under his breath in Vulcan. Jim figures it's probably just Spock thinking out loud or cursing to himself or something. Then, Jim secretly learns Vulcan with the intent of surprising Spock with it, and it turns out that it’s a constant flow of praise or dirty talking. Eventually, Spock figures out he knows Vulcan somehow (maybe overhears him speaking with a diplomat?) and confronts him.


Bonus points if:

They're not together to start out with.

It's fairly long, 5k words at least would be preferable

Jim formerly believed Spock had no interest in him and is shocked when he understands him

The reason Jim keeps it a secret is that he thinks Spock would stop if he knew

After they figure it out Spock starts to use it for talking dirty and getting Jim flustered and/or aroused in public places.

There's a scene where Uhura overhears it (no Uhura bashing).

They think they're being inconspicuous and McCoy confronts them about being obviously all over each other.

It's TOS but AOS is still fine if you prefer

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy, Uhura

Uhura and Spock are bonded, but somehow manage to bond with Jim without his consent.  Jim wants out of the bond and does not want a relationship with people who expect him to "just accept it."

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction, Ficlets Characters: Uhura

Jim and Spock are newly bonded with the T’yh’la bond – the strongest and most unique of them, but this time the bond instead of helping, being an anchor, guiding light etc, is actually the main source of the problem for the two.

During the away mission the away team is attacked by separatists and Spock is injured. Kirk must leave him behind in order to secure the ship, save the crew etc, and Spock himself urges him to leave (the needs of the many…). With a heavy heart Jim leaves. Spock is captured and viciously tortured and abused. During that time the bond calls to Jim but it cannot reach its other end. After a week or so Spock is saved and he is on his way to recovery, remorseful Kirk doting on him and offering him every comfort. But there is a certain uneasiness between them. It starts slow – Spock not confiding in Jim about his problems, not wanting to have sex, later not even wanting to sleep in the same bed. It’s getting worse – Spock cannot meditate, cannot rest, eat, concentrate – he succumbs to some unknown illness. In the end it turns out the bond is responsible for everything. The T’yh’la bond has actually a certain doze of consciousness and when Kirk abandoned Spock and did not rescue him when the Vulcan suffered, it “decided” that Jim betrayed the bond and should not be allowed to be near Spock again. So it started to influence Spock’s mind in order to permanently separate him for Kirk. The thing is, that the bond’s actions are killing the Vulcan in the process and a solution must be found soon in order to prevent it.

Bonus points:

The bond despite being part of Spock is not affected by his Vulcan (logic) and human (trust, faith) sides, so despite the fact that Spock knew that Jim had to leave and he was going to come back for him, the bond saw it as abandoning a chosen mate.

Spock Prime has no idea what is happening and cannot help. He tries to prepare Jim for the possibility that young Spock may die and I will love you forever if Jim actually has a real breakdown in his arms :)

McCoy being the one to sort out that it’s the bond thing and somehow participating in curing Spock

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy
Summary: A long long time ago I remember the TOS K/S fandom having a Grapefruit challenge.. I think Shatner had done some kind of seductive recording.... Basically - have nu!Kirk seduce (quasi) inanimate objects... And thereby seduce the bystanders/evesdroppers. Could be a oneshot, could be a scene incorporated into your current/other fic, could be a 5 and 1 - 5 times Kirk seduced an inanimate object and one time with Spock. Spock should be aware of/present during all events (and jealous). I'm picturing Kirk seducing his breakfast to the horror/lust of Bones and others (and Bones decides to let him eat whatever he wants); maybe Kirk seduces (an alien?) technology into doing what he wants it to do; a bathleth while at a diplomatic conference while surrounded by (now lust-striken) Klingons; the Teachings of Surak text while at New Vulcan surrounded by Vulcans.... Including Sarek; the.. Camera... Or something, while on-air to the entire Federation; a torture device or slug or something while being held by Cardassians; A plant... That had the enterprise etc under it's influence... Maybe the plant falls under Kirk's influence and releases the crew or maybe the crew are just drawn to Kirk's charisma and forget the plant's effects; Kirk does something and henceforth a previously hostile world worships kirk as god; kirk plays an instrument/sings/poetry/something and seduces Apollo; kirk does something totally nonsexual and seduces/impresses the Q; kirk sends out a subspace message to someone and his voice attracts the attention of a huge space energy entity which follows the Enterprise for a while and then has a baby while listening to his voice/using his energy; kirk seduces the borg/queen or time travelling Seven of Nine (ooooh het sex!) - I've never seen that pairing! other ideas... That bomb thing from TOS that was Kirk and Spock's 'kid'. Tribbles! Kirk has Pike as an audience during one of his... Events. Something involving one of the other aliens from TOS. **it is highly recommended that you read/listen to the original Grapefruit challenge responses, otherwise you won't really understand - if anyone has links to them, please comment!!! I think some can be found by google or at the Golden O's or on
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Captain Kirk has been made into a woman, a toddler, a cat, a Vulcan, and various other creatures and critters in his many adventures on KSarchive. Now, it's time for something a bit more...energetic.

Note: Romantic relationship not pre-established.

Abram-verse preferred, TOS acceptable.

CHALLENGE: James "Tomcat" Kirk has been turned into (Powers That Be, help us all) a dog. How this happens is up to you (alien technology, some weird ancient other-worldly voodoo, etc.), but it must be Spock that is forced to keep an eye out for the furry captain of the USS Enterprise. The crew can help, but they also need to try to hide his condition from the Admiralty to keep Jim from losing his Captaincy before they can reverse the change.

BONUS IF: You pick an energetic breed. Border Collies, Australian Sheepdogs, and other herding breeds would be good choices. All intelligent, most of them loving and loyal, and all of them are energetic. And mostly fluffy~!

BONUS IF: Kirk, at some point, gets too lonely at night locked in his quarters and scratches and whines at the joint-bathroom door until Spock reacts. How he does so (whether it is berating the dog or allowing him into his own room, or any other variation) is up to you.

LARGE BONUS IF: He still hops up into his chair on the bridge. C'mon, picture it - it's just adorable!

MEGA BONUS IF: He is protective of Spock in a threatening situation.

MEGA BONUS IF: Spock has no prior knowledge on how to care for a Terran canine. Kirk is thinking like a dog, not a person, and sehlats are much more intelligent than dogs.

MEGA BONUS IF: After being changed back, Jim's protectiveness of Spock and jealousy for his attention is still very obvious.

You can make this fluff and leave it at that, or continue this as a longer story that leads into a building relationship beteeen Jim and Spock. I prefer the latter, but fluff is good too. Good luck~!

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