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Summary: Abrams-verse AU. What if George Kirk had escaped the Kelvin with his wife and son? What if the person who piloted the ship in its last moments was a Vulcan officer named Sarek? What effect would this have on the lives of Jim Kirk and Spock? (I'd like to think that Spock would have tapped a bit more into the rebellious streak we glimpsed in the "Live long and prosper/ F. YOU." moment.)
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Summary: I read a few fanfics recently where Sarpeidon was spoken about and in one of them Spock told Kirk if he was there he wouldn't have noticed Zarabeth. I'd like a story where this is actually shown. I won't write a 10-foot essay on what I want to happen in the story but I do have a few 'bonuses' I'd like to see included: I would like McCoy to still be a part of the story (basically the same role Kirk had in the original episode?). Kirk should be the one to convince Spock to eat the meat. I was hoping for some kind of mildly angsty ending where they are happy to stay where they are because there are no regulations that stop them being together but Spock wants to go back and live together as bondmates in their actual world (begins to worry about just how far he will regress?) and Kirk would miss the adventure of being on the Enterprise.
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This is one I've had in my head for awhile, but know I'll never write it, so....

In the original series' universes, from Next Gen on, cloning people has been established, Spock has disappeared on Romulus to work toward Unification, and Kirk has died years ago. So, here's my 'what if?':

What if the Romulan Commander has heard rumors of Spock's mission and decides to lure him from hiding by cloning James Kirk and selling the clone at the Romulans' slave market? The only thing I ask is that Spock be at least 20 years older than when James Kirk died, the cloned Kirk be named 'Kirk James,' Spock tries to rescue Kirk James, and that the clone does not know of the original Kirk.

Other than that, everything is free for the author's interpretation: the clone's age at the sale and at the time of its sentience, whether or not the clone knows he's a clone, Spock's reactions, whether or not the Commander's plan works, whether or not Spock and the clone get together, etc.

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I would love to read a TOS AU fic where Kirk's in a gang, and Spock’s a young professor who still lives with his mother.

One day Spock’s travelling home from work and the bus he’s on is hijacked by a group of chavs, and Jim, who is actually a super emphatic guy, saves everyone from the chavs and offers to walk Spock home, and they fall in love somewhere along the way .

Then Jim gets in trouble with his gang, who try to kill him but the cops catch him first. He’s shot by the cops, but doesn’t die right away, tries to walk to Spock’s house but only makes it to the playground right next to it.

Then Spock finds him in the morning and weeps >:D 

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Summary: Well, you know the episode "Return to Tomorrow", where Kirk, Spock and Dame of the hour are possessed by aliens while they make temporary bodies, and the aliens inhabiting Kirk and the Dame's bodies are having this huge epic love affair which they act on even though they're in borrowed accomodation? Well, switch the aliens around, so that Kirk and Spock are the host to Romeo and Juliet, then watch the fireworks. Can be TOS or nu!Trek. BONUS POINTS if this makes K/S realize their epic love for one another is reciprocated. DOUBLE BONUS POINTS if at any stage before it is common knowledge about the possession, the bridge crew see some of this odd behaviour.
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Stonn was Spock's biggest childhood bully

"Wisp" was one of 3 vulcan children to survive Tarsus under the care of the boy known only as JT.

They are the same person.

And now He is abord the Enterprise as an aid to Sarek.

Jim and Spock are together and Spock is not pleased with how friendly his lover is being with his childhood tormentor.

Write it

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Summary: TOS Kirk and Spock are reunited in the reboot-verse (because I hate to think of the elderly Spock being alone and lonely in a universe that isn't his own). Now they have a third chance to live the rest of their lives together.
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With many of the stories I've read almost all of them have kirk or McCoy dominates spock and he cries, moans and reacts to it like a prostitute or virgin. I would love it if someone out there wrote an awesome story that had Spock dominating kirk and making him cry, moan and react like a virgin or prostitue. I would also love it if in the story spock made kirk perform for him for his pleasure.

Bondage, Kink, and Erotica welcome.

Prefferred universes: TOS, Mirror, AU

XI:Abbrams universe is ok but i would rather have it not meantion Spock!Prime.

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I want a fiction that Jim has to compete with another male to win spock. I prefer his rival to be a Vulcan male perhaps Stonn,someone who used to bully Spock as a kid since he was in love with him yet felt he was inferior because of his human half or simply didn't have the guts to go against other kids who thought like that and instead of lovcing him,ended up hurting him and now that Spock has grown into a galactic hero that everyone admire, he is no longer afraid to hide his desires to have Spock as a mate. In Jim's case, he has been taking things slowly, not wanting to lose their friendship but now he has to take actions.

Spock is in  emergency to bond.It can be pressure from his clan or his pon far approaching, any reason is fine.Thank you!

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I would really like to see a Robin Hood Story where Kirk is Robin, McCoy is Little John, and Spock is Mariane. This means, of course, that you must include Spock in as many points as possible with Kirk as the story will allow. Maybe you can make either Khan or Sybok Prince John, then have Scotty or Sulu as Friar Tuck. Infuse the other characters in where possibe, and if you want to make one of them King Richard, then be my guest :)


-I don't care what universe this is in, but I'd most prefer an AU.

-Have a scene where RobinHood!Kirk is presumed dead, and they're about to perform the funeral when he shows up with all of Prince John's gold.

-If you can work this with or without genderswap. I'd really like to see either one.


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Summary: OK so I'm sure this has been done before. But I want a Romeo and Juliet fic that is very true to the original script. The setting can be changed of course and details similar. The English can be updated to modern English. But I want most aspects to remain almost the same. Things can be changed to fit in with the personalities of the star trek characters. I want the star trek characters in character. (Spock: Juliet) (Kirk: Romeo) (McCoy: Mercutio) (Uhura: Paris) Other chracters are up to the author. Use their star trek names obviously and please keep Spock as a boy Kirk as a boy Uhura as a girl and so on and so forth. Thanks :D
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Jim is Romeo and Spock is like Juliet, but is a guy. Jim's family is in a bitter conflict with Spock's, which makes Sarek reluctant to negotiate for peace for them, for they are on equal stances of power. Jim is the rebel of the family, reluctant for war and who has his eye on one of the girls that is Spock's personal servent. Spock lives a life inside his home and is hardly ever allowed to leave it and is about to be forced into an engagement and marriage against his will to T'Pring, the President's personal assistant. When McCoy/Mercutio is invited to the betrothal party, he takes Jim with him where Kirk falls in love with Spock and Spock with him. Spock knows that he will soon be bonded to T'Pring if he does nothing; Kirk sneaks to Spock's balconey; they marry against Sarek's will, who goes into a rage; Amanda doesn't know what to do or say to Spock; Spock fakes his death; Kirk goes to him.

BONUS: If all the other main characters are servants to Kirk, Spock, or McCoy. Spock has one or both of the girls and the others are split between McCoy and Kirk.

BONUS: If you can do this as a play sticking closely to the original story

BONUS: You do this without anybody dying

BONUS: Sybok is like Tybalt, but not quite as violent. 

BONUS: Uhura or Chapel is the servant that Kirk has his eye on, but they have their eye on Spock without Spock liking them. He's nice to them, but isn't interested in women at all. Whichever girl is interested also has to be the role of the nurse from the original R+J.

MEGA BONUS: If one of the servants is also the preist who marries Kirk and Spock.

MUST: They have to both be guys

I prefer TOS or AU, but if you really wan Abrams, it's alright, so long as Spock and Uhura are totally NOT together.

not intended to plagerize the Romeo and Juliet challenge!! Not. 

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Inspired by the tragic story of Tasha Yar from ST TNG but with happier ending. Spock and Kirk are beginning their romantic relationship when their landing party or the whole ship is captured by Romulans. The Commander in charge is fascinated by Spock and offers him a deal - he will let the others go (or rather allow them to escape) if the Vulcan stays with him as his willing consort. Spock agrees and the crew is able to escape. Kirk of course wants to go back and save Spock but he is stopped by Starfleet who doesn't want to risk another conflict. 2-3 years pass during which Jim is using every contact he has, to find out what happened to Spock and to try and arrange his rescue. He stops when his spies report that there was a coup on Romulus and that Commander who held Spock captive was assassinated and all his household and allies slaughtered. Kirk spends following weeks depressed and in mourning until he receives message from Spock!Prime asking him to come to the Vulcan Colony. There he discovers Spock - whole, alive and pregnant or with a small toddler who is his and Commander's son/daughter. The Romulan knowing that he will die arranged for Spock to be shipped of the planet and to the Federation zone and thus saved his life and that of their child. Jim is of course set up to get the Vulcan back into his life but first he has to help Spock with his trauma and guilt and Spock is not very keen on Kirk being anywhere near him.


The Romulan Commander was actually a descent guy and treated Spock well, so the Vulcan did feel something towards him

Spock considers himself unworthy of Kirk's affection as he willingly laid with another man and there is of course his illegitimate child, whom Jim logically shouldn't be able to accept

If you choose Spock being pregnant - have Jim doting on him and helping him through the experience. If Spock already has a child, it would be great to see Jim trying to bond with the baby

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