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I always love the children from the future plot lines, So here another one to toy around with:

So Spock is hanging around the transporter one day with Scotty, he could be helping him or something and boom there's a malfunction and two children appear in the transporter pad. They see Spock and run to him yelling Sa-mekh!!!

They of course tackle him and hug him tightly in their panic. Spock is shocked to say they least but he holds the children and ease their fears eventually they after they look at him better they realize their Sa'mekh is younger than he seems to be and of course they figure out that the kids are from the feature and have ended up in the past due to said Transporter problems.

So Spock takes the children first of course to Bones, they need to be evaluated. While in Bone's care the kids figure out that Spock and Jim haven't gotten together yet. Bones of course figure out that the Kids belong to Jim and Spock, but the Kids convince him that he can't reveal that yet because you know screwing the time-line and causing them to be unborn etc.

So the kids are stuck with younger Spock and Jim until they can figure out how to send them back. The kids of course don't reveal to Spock who their other father/parental unit is either and during their stay still play match maker anyway. I want the children to be a mix of Spock and Jim, but the Jim characteristics have to be subtle so it doesn't give it away. The children could be somewhere between the ages of 10 and 5. I want the older child to be a boy and the younger one to be a girl. Even though the kids try to keep who their other parental unit as a secret, basically the senior command team figures it out based on how the kids act and stuff and have that knowing smile after a while. I really want the kids to spend time with both Jim and Spock, and have familial moments.

It's up the author how Jim and Spock get together, but I would like it that their kids were suppose to comeback in time to get them going so to speak. I really love the new trek movie so if this could be in Abrams verse please. Have Fun and Enjoy!!!!Happy Writings!!!!


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