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Idea: What if Starfleet was kinda like the police, not explorers exactly, but they policed the many different races of the Federation?  What if there are corrupt ones and good ones?  What if there was a mafia that had every race in the Federation in their ranks?  They also had many corrupt people with power, including Starfleet admirals and higher in their pockets.  What if one of the top most mafia leaders was non other than James T. Kirk?  What if Vulcan was still destroyed by crazy Romulans, though not time-travelers?  And it happened thirty or so years ago?  Now what's left is Vulcans are in willing isolation, believing they were betrayed by their former allies.  Maybe because they were in the midst of building something, but it was too dangerous and someone decided they needed to be wiped out.  Now, enter Spock who wants to know more about his human heritage, Amanda can be dead, and decides to go to Earth, one of the many worlds influenced, (subtly controlled) by the X-Mafia.  Now Spock and Jim meets.  Everyone knows who Jim is, but Spock doesn't.  He's doesn't know anything about the Federation, except what he's heard, etc.  Bottom!Spock please.  Oh, and he has to be a complete outcast among the Vulcans.  Maybe empathy, as well as telepathy, from his mother's side.  Maybe Jim has a high psy-rating too.  Happy ending, please.  They don't have to right all the wrongs, but Spock and Jim has to be happy.    

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Challenge: Make this sad prompt have a happy ending. (not my prompt, belongs to anon at the kink meme)

Difficulty: Very

Prompt: Kirk/character of anon's choice are in a relationship the whole crew knows about and accepts. Then, Kirk gets top!secret-super!classified orders from stafleet basically forcing him to seduce a traitor/spy to get information for starfleet. [OR Kirk's orders force him to gain trust from the traitor/spy, so Kirk is all friendly and the traitor/spy takes advantage of Kirk.] Kirk follows orders/is forced but he's horrified, disgusted, and seriously messed up mentally by the encounter. Instead of comforting him or trying to understand Kirk's side, his significant other dumps him for cheating and the crew blames/is nasty to Kirk, since they aren't privy to starfleet's orders. Much angst ensues!

Keyword: Redemption

I've seen many takes on this prompt, all seeming to end sad which is why I haven't read them. Sad as in a broken Kirk, a broken relationship and K/S not getting back together. Mostly because Spock never found out...or he did but it was too late (Kirk ended up with Bones). I find it interesting that so many think a happy ending cannot be done. Kirk didn't believe in no-win scenarios and he didn't settle for the impossible. Instead of thinking in the box, he not only thought outside of the box but reshaped it. Saying something couldn't be done made him want to do whatever it was, even more. Yet, many feel that this prompt can only end in one way, heartbreak and it can only be written if the characters were extremely ooc. I think that is BS. A good author can make one believe in anything. They can take something old, already done and reshape it. The challenge here is to reshape this prompt and for that, you have to have the Kirk mentality and be as equally stubborn.

Stuff I would like to see but not required:

-A groveling and tortured Spock. Tortured as in self loathing. Kirk being all "fuck u, you didn't trust me, abandoned me, don't talk to me" and Spock maybe falling to his knees crying? "I have wronged you thyla in ways you/I cannot imagine. I'm so sorry." 

-Super awesome dramatic make up sex somewhere down the line is mandatory. Pretty please?

-Spock has to find out somehow. Kirk left and Spock is clearing the Captain's computer maybe? Kirk thinking his hacker skills is all that leaves the file there thinking it won't be found? Maybe Spock overhears a secret conversation from Starfleet officials? Maybe Spock and crew are on an away mission some angry person is all "I'll never forgive him for using me for information! I thought he loved me but he was only pretending to follow orders!" Spock, "What orders?" Angry person, "Oh you didn't know?"

-Big time angst. Things like K/S seeing each other from across the room. Accidental touching. Something with big time tension.

All is forgiven and it ends HAPPILY aka with Kirk/Spock together.

How to make it happy: To me, there are many steps for this to end happily. It has to start with the assignment and the misunderstanding. XI Kirk has a past seemingly of not being able to settle. This could be used. I prefer him not to cheat but get caught in an compromising position that looks like it. A break up happens and Spock shuts down. After all he's been through, why not shut down? Glares, gossip, avoidance and no one to believe. Fed up, Kirk leaves. He's bitter, depressed, still in love and lonely. Highly resentful towards Starfleet. Spock, Uhura, McCoy or someone finds out about assignment and is plagued with guilt. Finds Kirk yet Kirk has built walls. He doesn't want to listen or even be bothered. That's where everything slows down. Maybe he comes back to the ship. The crew is sorry but they have lost Kirk's trust. He is detached and doesn't get close to him. After all, how could his friends think he's still a 'man whore' or whatever. A slow building of trust, forgiveness and ultimately, a rekindling of a relationship.



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When the Enterprise arrives at a new planet the leader decides that they wish to marry/make a concubine of poor Jim.  Would prefer if Spock wasn't in a relationship with Kirk but both were not so subtley in love with each other. 

Bonus points: If you add in Old!Spock helping the two together

Double Bonus Points: If Bones and the rest of the Enterprize just want them to get together already because the UST is at annoyingly high levels.

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Kirk gets bored during an especially long, uneventful journey/travel time thingy, and decides to play crew matchmaker, starting with Sulu and Chekhov.  Somewhere along the line, he falls for Spock.

'Verse doesn't matter so much.  If TOS, bonus points for utilizing the yeoman-backrub scene in Kirk's attempt to woo his First Officer.  If Abrmas'-verse, bonus points for Kirk's lack of verbal filter, blue jeans on the bridge, and making Spock curse, out in public as well as behind closed doors.

General bonus points if various members of the crew get caught pairing off in public places, Sarek expresses disapproval, and some sort of important transmission interrupts things.

Extra special bonus cookies if Kirk sings "Matchmaker" from Fiddler On The Roof, and at least one crew member asks him to stop or calls McCoy up to hypo him into submission.

I'd write it, but I think I'd kill it.

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This has been buzzing in my head for weeks, and between my two-year-old and my soldier!husband, I can't find the time to write this. Hope one of you awesome authors will pick it up and have a go.


So, Jim and Spock are newly bonded and stupidly in love. Crew is happy and content, missions are going well and life is generally good even with the bumps. After picking up the Ambassador Sarek from the new Vulcan colony for a long trip to treaty talks, Spock notices Sarek is starting to come apart at the seams and, because of Amanda's death, Sarek is refusing to take another bondmate out of the fear that the next one would die as Amanda did. He feels he can not take that happening. So, Spock brings the problem to Jim.

Jim, on the other hand, has seen his perpetually grumpy and unhappy CMO eyeballing Sarek. Problem is that Bones refuses to admit that he's attracted to males for a reason of the author's choice, and won't take a chance.

So, Jim convinces Spock that hooking up Sarek and Bones is a good idea.

Looking for:

- Spying Jim and Spock

- Crew gets on board to help

- Spock showing off how good having a male bondmate is

- Jim giving details to Bones about how fun having a bondmate is

- Sex pretty please

- Devious and sneaky Spock Prime helping Jim and Spock.

Other than that, have a blast and thanks for anyone who picks this up.

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I would love to see a story where Jim is the only one who can get Spock thru Pon Farr successfully (in mind & body) but since that would place the Captain's life in jeopardy, they have no choice but to arrange for McCoy much to his discomfort) to watch the whole event either through a vid screen or literally sitting in Spock's quarters to monitor things from getting out of control, becoming forced to intervene on more than one occassion to not only make sure Spock's fever and vital signs don't enter danger zones, but also to occassionally recusitate Jim, repair injuries to his body, and stop Spock whenever he starts to get close to killing his Captain/soulmate.  It wld add to the fun seeing McCoy squirm, complain and cringe w/ having to witness K/S f-king like dogs haha.

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Hello, for this challenge I would like to request a plot that has been seen in movies and books but I would like a Trek Version of it:

So Spock actually has a really good relationship with Sybok and Sybok of course is really protective of his baby brother and wants him to be happy. Sybok of course has survived the destruction of Vulcan because he was away on another planet. Now he’s going to New Vulcan to help the new colony. Of course the Enterprise is doing Ferry service. So once Sybok is on board he notices his little brother is crushing on his captain and vice versa. However Spock is in deep denial and Jim is too scared to confess in fear of rejection. So Sybok decides to help Jim by making it look like he’s “pursuing” Jim in order to make Spock jealous so he’ll admit the truth and confront Jim. I think is a fun plot and Have Fun! I would like Spock to get really jealous and confront Jim in anger and they of course get together in the heat of passion between one another^^

Bones of course like another big brother to Jim so he can contribute to this insanity^^

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Summary: Kirk and crew make first contact with the Betazoids. Please include details per "Imzadi", such as primary form of communication being telepathy, which makes the populace eeriely silent to the mostly-human away team. Spock being able to hear them would be a plus. I'd also like it if Kirk and Spock aren't in an established relationship, but comments and behavior of the Betazoids push them into a First Time/romance moment. Can be nuTrek or TOS.
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 I saw this pic of a mermaid earlier and thought of Kirk being a Mermaid, washing up on shore injured and unconious and being found by no one other then Spock, a lonely homeless touch telepath who lives on the beach. 

I'm hoping for here is a happy ending, hot sex and a good read. 

Bonus: would be if you could somehow make Kirk have legs when on dry land without selling his soul or voice,  could be wet, you have fins! Dry = legs. 

Bonus: Spock is a telepath, a touch telepath mostly but in large crowds, he can really block out the thoughts of others, so he really can't hold a job and  his parents think he is ill. The only one who helps him with his telepathy is Kirk, who can some how make him strong enough to deal with the thoughts of others.

So hopefully one of you will take my prompt here and make it a good read. Looks hopefully in CMM's direction.

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I'd really like a story featuring Spock as a merman, either born one or turned into one by other means (magic, scientific choose!). Doesn't have to be a long, epic tale, I just wanna see Spock with fins and to see how Kirk reacts.

Romance is a much appreciated bonus, BTW. :)

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At a social event on a new planet welcoming a new alien civilization to the Federation, Jim is bestowed a "gift"  by the Priestess. For a few days nothing changes, so Jim forgets all about it. However, soon he begins to hear voices when no one is nearby, and when no one is actually saying anything.

And then his emotions begin to go wild; he is happy one moment, then sad the next. He tries to keep it a secret so as to not let others think he is going crazy. He manages to keep these strange changes a secret for a week before he starts to become overwhelmed.

Upon contacting said Priestess, she explains she "opened" his mind and heart. She made him telempathic- capable of receiving others' thoughts and emotions. It is irreversible.

Desperate to get it under control so as not to be too overwhelemed and lose his command, Jim begins to search out Spock's help. With Spock's mental and emotional shields, his very presence is a balm to Jim's new extra senses. To help anchor Jim, Spock allows a small mental bond to develop, so whenever Jim's mind becomes too loud with thoughts, Spock can speak to him mentally and drown out the other voices.

It isn't long until Jim is falling in love with Spock- hopelessly so. The bond makes him realize his attraction to the Vulcan, even while said Vulcan seems only to see him as a Superior Officer.

The question is, will Spock eventually come to feel the same? Eventual K/S.

BONUS POINTS: Would love to see Jim slowly coming to recognize Spock's "signature" mind above others; like he smiles before Spock enters a room, or he seems to know what Spock is going to ask before he does and responds to the unspoken question, etc.

BONUS POINTS: Because Spock's very presence helps Jim's mind and emotional state, Jim begins to unconsciously seek him out. Whenever they are together in a setting, Jim seems to simply gravitate to Spock. (This happens even before they create a link- Jim's dependence on Spock gives the Vulcan the idea that an anchoring bond may help.)

BONUS POINTS: If, at first, Spock is uncomfortable the way Jim keeps finding him and hanging around him (as Jim didn't do so before). Now, Jim seeks him out when he is the labs, or when he is in the Mess, during his free time, etc. But as time goes on and Spock gets used to Jim's unique mind merging with his own, he finds himself growing protective and possessive of his Captain- ancient Vulcan warrior mentality showing itself now that Spock's mind has found its equal... (Not that Jim minds in the least... it's kind of a turn on as far as he is concerned...)

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I want to know: what does Spock see in his mindmeld with the dying Admiral Pike?

Extra points if Pike is worried about Kirk and wants Spock to look after him.

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I'd like to see how the pon-farr challenge would have progressed in the Mirror. Canon!T'Pring made it plain that she regarded Spock as beneath her pure-blooded Vulcan self. I have no doubt that she never intended to go through with the mating, that she had been more or less actively searching for another mate since she was adolescent. She must have *known* that Spock would be an extreme threat to her chosen lover, and so she chose to force Kirk and Spock into a death match that would leave Spock dead or imprisoned by Starfleet.

An ISS-trained Spock would be far more dangerous than canon - deadly, ruthless, relentless... an accomplished and experienced killer. A man who wouldn't hesitate to enforce her absolute submission if he was victorious. So, mirror!Spock, who might be more or less in control of his reactions during pon farr (depending on how you want to write it,) comes down with Jim Kirk - one of the most dangerous rattlesnakes in Starfleet.

Are Spock and Kirk already involved? Does the pon farr open either of them to each other? Could they work cooperatively when faced with T'Pring's betrayal? I wouldn't mind a K/S as lovers MMf theme, with T'Pring as their utter slave, her loyalty absolute.

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Would love to read a crossover Mirror flick with the Big Bang Theory (all the characters still uber-clever, but popular girl magnets) and Mirrorverse.  A transporter malfunction dumps Mirror Spock and Mirror Kirk in Sheldon's apartment and they have to stay there until their shipmates manage to beam them out....

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I love the character of Edith Keeler in TOS.  But what would Mirror Edith be like?  Would she be a nasty dominatrix running the 21st St Whorehouse, helping the Nazis with their secret plans?  And would Mirror Spock and Kirk help or hinder her????

TOS please

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Summary: TOS-verse Spock mindmelds with Mirror-verse Kirk.
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In the Mirrorverse, Mudd is a clever snake who trades in men (not women) and slaves, and he is ultra rich and powerful.  Kirk peeves him and Mudd manages to take over the Enterprise, and ends up leading Kirk and Spock around by chains around their necks on their own ship. 

The Venus drug (the Mars drug, of course, now) still acts the same, but Mudd annoys McCoy into concentrating the drug and injecting it into Kirk and Spock in the hopes this will empower them to escape and help him overpower Mudd.

The concentrated Mars drug turns Spock into a fire-breathing demon with a long tail and horns, and Jim into an Archangel complete with white wings and a baaaaad attitude.

What will their revenge be, on both Mudd and McCoy?

Bonus points if the change is irreversible and the two start to find their new forms attractive to each other.

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Summary: McCoy has a full-length mirror installed in the Captain's quarters as "incentive" for Jim to watch what he eats (it's hard to ignore additional pounds when you see them every day). Jim and Spock come up with a better use for said mirror. PWP sexytimes ensue.
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Use the following line in a story:

“What?” Pike asked, eyebrows raised. “You two think you’re the only ones who have ever accidentally gotten married during a First Contact?"


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Spock thought that becoming Jim Kirk’s bondmate would help him better understand the illogical human, but he was wrong. Spock’s more lost than ever. Is the Vulcan just seriously inept or is his husband crazy?

Established Spirk (obviously). Would love to see Spock having some preconceived notion that the link between him and his thyla would give him the metaphorical manual to handling Jim Kirk. The properties of the bond are up to you. (It can be a lighter sort of thing where only emotions and physical sensations are shared or the whole “we are connected and talk to each other telepathically all the time now” sort of situation.) Sexy times not necessary, but always appreciated.

Basically a “newlyweds” sort of story where Spock and Jim settle into a new phase of their relationship.

Bonus points for grumpy marriage counselor Bones, because who doesn’t love that?

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