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Jim Survived Tarsus and has kept a close eye on "his kids" ever since. To the point that when it comes time to "Meet the Family" JT is offten introduced as "Papa" or something similar.

SO what happens when one of the "kids" starts dating a member of the Enterprise Crew.

Bonus Points for "Scary Daddy Jim" and "Annoying little brother" Kevin Riley

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Summary: While I was reading CMM's Finding T'Hy'La, I had this idea and I would love someone to turn it into a story. I would like to see NuKirk raised by SpockPrime and KirkPrime after the Taurus IV disaster. How you have KirkPrime survive and accompany SpockPrime is up to you. Though use of Picard asking Q or the two of them being intelligent about leaving the Nexus for Ten Forward to confront Solan earlier in the movie. A Kirk waiting for Spock in the Nexsus thinking he is dead and waiting for his bondmate to join him in the afterlife with Picard informing him it is simply another dimension and he can go to Ambassador Spock if he leaves with him. A tearful reunion between Spock and Jim would be beautiful. I would like SpockPrime to have a kin bond to the NuKirk since T'hy'la bonds are a universal constant but you can't have two bondmates Nukirk has a kin bond. If Selik is James imaginary friend that speaks in his head that would be awesome. Nero still destroys the Kelvin, Spock and James came out of the black hole like a week before the Kelvin disaster and is no where near the Kelvin. Spock can feel NuKirk being born and his life. I'm looking for a NuKirk that has been hit by the Bad Things Happen Stick. They find and adopt him after Taursus IV because Spock Prime refuses to leave him to people who don't care for him anymore. Where they raise him also up to you though I like the idea of a spaceship with visits to Vulcan. SpockPrime is the permissive parent because he can never say no to his Captain no matter what form he finds him in, while KirkPrime enforces the rules would be appreciated. NuKirk uses KirkPrime's Charm to Disarm behavior. SpockPrime calls NuKirk Pi'Khartlan (little captain) SpockPrime granted his place in the House of Surak by T'Pau or Sarek because it is logical. Perhaps he is placed as the brother to S'kon Sarek's father who left Vulcan and died years before. Things I would like to see Academy meeting with NuSpock. How you do it also up to you, but I would like to see Spock's shock by being addressed by a human with his full correct unpronounceable name in Vulcan with the greeting for the Heir of House Surak by a family member including the Ta'al. This story should be Kirk/Spock Slash please full on T'Hy'La bond for both couples. I would like to see Incorrigible Flirt VirginKirk! Bottom Kirk! yeah it's my kink I admit it. VirginKirk because he wants what his parents have. Flirt because he is James T Kirk and he finds it amusing. SpockPrime known as Father in Vulcan by NuKirk and KirkPrime is Dad. Nero maroons SpockPrime on Delta Vega with KirkPrime on the warpath, Mind Meld with NuKirk to explain because they didn't tell him about Nero before. I would like it to follow ST2009 plotline basically at least for the first meetings of Uhura, Bones, and Captain Pike. He is in Iowa because....I have no idea maybe to look for Sam or to see George's family farm. Though I would like to see Kirk talking in Vulcan to Uhura in the bar and winning the fight with the cadets. A conversation with the Primes before he leaves for the shuttle. Bonus Points for Evil or Neglectful Winona, Genius NuKirk as if he could be anything else being raised by the Primes, Jealous Uhura, Freaked Out Bones, MPREG and Amanda Lives. Super Bonus Points for a heartwarming and yet heart wrenching story with a dark life leading into the light for Jim. Happy endings for everyone!
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Basically Spock and Jim play a long running sexual game in which Jim must maintain his dominanting and ruthless authority (or lose power and fear from his crew), while subject to sexual domination from Spock.

For example, Jim has to maintain his demeaning figure while having a technologically advance dildo in his ass driving him crazy.

Or Spock sending Jim thoughts and visions of said captain submitting to said Vulcan and acting like a wanton whore under his control.

Be adventurous here.

Bonus if you include sounding; a sex dildo that randomly inflates, deflates, and thrusts at various strengths, depths, and speeds; a sex toy that stimulates the rim; etc. Go crazy with your pervy imagination.

And if you didn't get my direct hints: I want Jim as bottom, please.

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So this is kind of a sad prompt, Humans have daemons, but Jim had his daemon cut while on tarsus (the daemon dies but jim lives). Maybe he hides the fact pretending his daemon is in a water/bug pod or something for protection.

I would love to see jim with his daemon before the fact and what happens after.

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I have read countless of stories on here that just put mine to shame, but the worst part of it is I have so many ideas and I was wondering if some one would like to take on my challenge. I know the creative mind some of you have are just too brilliant to be tied down by guide lines so I want you to let loose on this one the only thing I ask is that is the Original Characters and its an AU of corse. Here it is and have fun!

My AU idea…

The AU is a little darker then most, my version is two planets in conflict only for one to rule over the other. Vulcan, the successor. Vulcans now warriors, often savage have connected partly with their Romulan ancestry, but still hold their logical outlook on life with a more sinister understanding.

In the year 2268, Vulcan has now ended a long and bloody war with Earth by taking it over by storm, the Terran race now only lives to serve as slaves to its now superior race. But there are Revolutionaries determined to restore the balance that has been lost. James T. Kirk, the sole survivor out of the four the founders of The Underground now fight to gather members and free the human race. At a steady decline, has Kirk’s capture signaled the end for the freedom fighters?

Vulcan is ruled by Emperor Sarek, the one who rose above the ranks enlightening Vulcans to a new age by completing his regime to enslave the terran race. With thousands of loyalists to the Emperor can one man truly bring on a new era of peace and restore what has been lost? Emperor Sarek is known for cruel and cutthroat tactics while his only son, Spock is known for merciful understanding and logic in this dark time can love overcome duty?

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I have no good explanation for this. I just love hurt!Jim.

Prompt: James Kirk has suffered more than anyone can ever imagine. Behind the arrogant and cocky mask there is broken man.     

 Jim has many dark secrets (Tarsus IV, abusive stepfather, suicide attempt when he was ten=driving car off the cliff, distant and broken mother and brother who left him alone when he was ten) and he has every intention to keep them that way (McCoy doesn't know about any of them) but after anniversary of Tarsus IV comes his carefully build mask stars to shatter. He has flashbacks and hallucinations (younger Jim that comes to speak to him) that are taunting him. At first he tries to ignore them but starts slowly losing his mind. No one notices at first but eventually some of them start to notice (Spock is the first one, then McCoy, some others can also notice but they don't get to know the truth). Eventual K/S slash (McCoy and Jim are just friends, no threesomes thank you)

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I want a fic where the Enterprise experiences some unknown phenomenom and everyone is de-aged. How far is up to the author they could be kids or teens or you could have them de-aged a set number of years so there are some teens and some younger kids. I want them not remembering anything before whatever age they are and they have to figure out what has happened and somehow fix it or get to help without getting destroyed/captured by enemies of the author choice.

Bonus points for kid Jim trying to stay in charge of everyone. Extra bonus points for rebel Bones. And extra extra bonus points for Spock and Jim not knowing why they share quarters!

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

There is never enough de-aged Spock. But I'd like something else for a change. Instead of fluffy and cute, I'd like something angsty as hell. Like, mini!Spock being kidnapped, hurt, tortured, whatever. I'd like for it to start out normal: it's all fun and games at the beginning, because only Spock's body has changed. But then it all goes to hell, because not only does something bad/terrible happens to him that causes him to gets taken away from the safety of the Enterprise, his mind changes to one of a kid too. So when Spock finally gets rescued, they have to deal with a terrified, traumatized kid!Spock. What happens next is up to the filler :)

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So, I read all of the de-aged Spock fics and I totally love them. And I would really like more of them, so here I go :

I want a de-aged Spock that hopelessy clings onto Kirk, with lots of jealousy, possessivness and fluff :D

And of course, when Spock has his right age again, I want a nice bonding happy ending =)

The rest is up to you, I'm looking forward to any fics that you guys will write ;)


If Sarek makes an appearance.


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I would like to see an AU of the Reboot Universe in which Kirk is born deaf. He is neglected/abused by his mother/step-father. He runs away to become homeless, either as a pre-teen or a teenager. Depending on his age, he is eventually discovered/rescued by either Sarek & Amanda (if pre-teen) or Spock or Spock Prime (if a teenager), who help him to recover, leading to an eventual relationship with Spock. Starfleet may or may not figure in this story. While I would prefer a long story, I'm mainly interested in a character study rather than an action plot, i.e., I don't give a rat's ass about Nero or Kahn. Also, if you somehow want to get Kirk to Vulcan to be rescued by Sarek & Amanda, that would be great. Other crew members are optional (don't feel you have to shoehorn everyone in somehow), but McCoy would be nice to have along and maybe Chris Pike.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Chris Pike, McCoy, Sarek

Both Spock and Jim are deaged.  Starfleet plans to separate the boys and send them to their respective home, which both boys fight. Spock, being 3 years old than Jim, is the protector.

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: Amanda, Sarek

Prompt: some how spock gets deaged while serving on the enterprise

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: None

The Big 3 get de-aged

Yah I know is the twist Sarek and/or Amanda are on board ship when it happens...

Spock want's mommy but Jim is hogging her attention

Sarek is getting tierd of hearing "but why?" with a southern accent.

And has anyone seen what happened to Sarek's PAD?


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Ever seen "Austin Powers" (the first film)? Maybe even loved it for its self-ironic, clichee and meme parodying undertones?
OK, then read on:
James T. Kirk is a Starfleet hero who has made it to his agenda to fight the insane machinations of "Dr. Evil" (insert galactic super-villain here) and his imperium of maniacs. When the latter disappears after having put himself into stasis (or a cryogenic frozen state or undergone a similar procedure), Kirk decides selflessly to let himself be put into stasis too - to save the universe in case "Dr. Evil" returns. Which he does of course. So, Kirk gets "defrosted" and is confronted with a world that has considerably changed since his last contact with it. Dr. Evil has to face the same problem of course. To complicate matters, Kirk is a real tomcat, always horny and willing and on the prey - which has been part of his fame and well-accepted, even admired, in his own time, but - times a changin' - is frowned upon in the future. But despite his erotic conquests he has only really loved one person ever - insert Spock here. ;-) They were working together in his own time and were best friends but had never acted on their mutual romantic interest because Spock was already in a committed partnership then. BUT: The defrosted Kirk is introduced to his new partner who will work with him on this case: Spock's son or grandson (which is well into the future, as Vulcans have a long lifespan)! Who is at least optically a perfect copy of Kirk's failed love interest. Though he seems to be emotionally rather uptight ... Complications ensue ... Kirk has to fight Dr. Evil, save the universe, struggle with the present and his own sexual drive, and - win over this version of Spock or descendant of Spock.

I'd love to read a fic which manages to capture the humour and self-irony of "Austin Powers" while still keeping it in character with Star Trek. Can be set with the original or nu! characters in mind. (Or maybe both? If you find a way ...) Please no gender-bending and no crack!fic. While the challenge may sound cracktastic, I am sure there must be a way to keep it in style with the special humourful dignity which the classic Star Trek was famous for.

Bonus love for including McCoy!

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy, Original Character(s)

I was watching the "Wedding Planner" the other day and in the movie the father of Jennifer Lopez's character tells her that the the marriage between her mother and him was arranged. He told her how at first they hated each other but had no choice and then one day he became really sick and she stood by his side and took care of him, and that's how she had gained his respect. He said how that respect eventually turned to friendship and how that friendship eventually turned to affection and how the affection eventually turned to this deep love that he would always treasure.

So I thought well since Spock and Kirk had such a rocky start in ST:XI that perhaps its possible to do the good old derserted island technique to get them together. But, since we are already in space it might be easier to find a deserted planet than a derserted Island. You can decide how Kirk and Spock end up on said planet. Perhaps a freak accident with a escape shuttle and they get stuck together without the crew unitl such a time they are rescued.

So of course before they get rescued: they start out butting heads and you can decide how they eventually come to an understanding which evetually turns into friendship, and the friends turns to love bettween the two. Feel free to include hot sexy times on said planet when the time comes^_~

Have fun and Enjoy!


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Jim and Spock are trying to consummate their relationship, but keep getting interrupted. What lengths will they go to in order to relieve their mutual sexual frustration?

Annnnd... go!

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During a research session on his human heritage, while in his second year in Starfleet, Spock accidently downloads a porn video that changes him into a nonstop horny machine: a pornography starring Jim Kirk (Under a porn name as to maintain his privacy) as the fuckable and loud bottom.

Thus, Spock becomes extremely fascinated with Jim and is addicted to watching pornography videos in which he stars in (always a bottom). He even buys a porn magazine, anonymously of course, that is a special edition on Jim with pictures articles, interviews, a free DVD of his latest project, and more. When Spock reads about his obsession being turned on by light skinned, dark haired and eyes, male aliens with at least two times more strength than humans, Spock's fantasies start delving into himself being to one (and the only one) fucking Jim in all of his videos.

By the time he's almost finished his last year as a cadet in Starfleet, a strange thing occurs: Jim drops out and disappears from the porn world. Spock greatly mourns this, until his first year of teaching, when he spots the man that was and still is the center of his sex fantasies stepping out of the shuttle from Iowa and joining Starfleet.

Will Spock finally get to satisfy his sexual fantasies and guck Jim? Or will Jim's determination to have a celibate life (must be mostly a personal reason) prevent such a thing from happening? Especially when Jim actually wants to have a serious, stable, healthy, and happy relationship for once in his life?

Please, in all sex scenes in which Jim is involved in, make him the bottom. Thank you to anybody who answers this prompt.

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I love stories where Aliens Made Them Do It.  I am looking for a story where Kirk and Spock are kidnapped by a slaver who is under hire from a planetary leader who has a fixation on the great Captain James Kirk and his first officer Spock.  The leader wants the slaver to bring Kirk and Spock to his planet where they are suppose to put on a sex show for him.  The slaver, after getting them on his ship, tells them this and says if they do not "perform" they will be sold to the Klingons or the Romulans.  He tells them they have three days of traveling time to "practice" before they arrive at the planet.  Oh, and there is no way for them to escape the slavers ship.  So, much angst ensues while Kirk and Spock are faced with whether or not they should go ahead and "practice".  They are, of course, eventually rescued (after the practicing) and taken back to the Enterprise.

Bonus points if neither Kirk nor Spock ever thought of each other in a romantic way before.

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Jims family has alwyas been messed up but nobody else needs to know that..

So when (Winona/Sam/Both) show up on (ship/starbase/shoreleave) it's not exactly a good thing. Especially with Spock there to witness it.

Spock does not understand, for all their problems Spocks family loved him ESPECIALLY his mother. 

Can Spock and the crew fix this? Or is it better for Jim to keep his family as far away from him as possible?

End it anyway you want.


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Summary: First challenge, kind of long (because, face it, I'm incapable of writing anything (including a challenge) in under 1000 words.)

The Enterprise is on a rescue mission, and Admiral Pike can't seem to stop interfering. He has a reason-- a personal connection with the party being rescued.

Here's the deal: this is a character-heavy story with a plot draped over it. The extent of the K/S is pretty optional.
  1. Story is set maybe six months to a year after the beginning of the mission. Long enough for the crew to kind of be in a groove, but maybe not entirely.

  2. Pike considers Kirk something of a personal project. He isn't necessarily interfering, but he tries to stack the deck in Kirk's favor, gives him lots of advice, and is generally mentoring him to be the greatest captain in Starfleet history.

  3. Spock served under Pike in the past, at length (not just for the few days of the Narada incident). In fact, Pike is something of a mentor to Spock, has coached him through his career, showed faith in his leadership, etc. Spock is very loyal to Pike.

  4. Sensing a theme here? Pike also more or less hand-picked the crew of the Enterprise-- young hotshots and experienced officers who had served under him. He was mostly trying to surround Kirk with talent during his first command, but the crew is also full of officers and enlisted that Pike has seen something in. He is seriously beloved by the whole. damn. crew.
So, when Pike occasionally slips into old habits and issues an order, a significant portion of the crew snaps to without thinking twice.

Wishlist (instead of requirements):
  1. The rescue mission isn't a slam dunk. There is some complicating factor that makes it possible that the Enterprise won't get there in time. Whether or not they succeed in the rescue is author's choice (though this fan does love her angst... hint hint hint)

  2. Pike has years (decades?) of command experience under his belt vs. Kirk's very limited experience. Kirk basically catapulted from cadet to captain without passing go, and while he's brilliant and charismatic and has great instincts, he does not have anything approaching Pike's experience, and at least on one occasion, the crew responds to Pike's command. Kirk has been in space for long enough to have a very good handle on the real situation. He knows more about the Enterprise than Pike does, and Pike has not been on the bridge of a starship lately. On at least one occasion, Kirk's 'street knowledge' of what is going on in the sector and on the ship outweighs all of Pike's past experience and his knowledge of the specs and politics of the situation. This is what the story is about-- Pike and Kirk.

  3. Kirk is a grown-up and Pike is a good guy. Neither of them is always right, but neither of them makes dumb calls either. I'd love to see a scene where one of them issues an order that results in some major fuck-up that seriously jeopardizes the Enterprise's ability to complete the rescue. If it also jeopardizes some crewmembers, even better. Heart-to-heart ensues where the one who fucked up wonders (either to the other one, or to a third party) whether he chose that course of action because it was the opposite of what the other one would have done.

  4. The injuries Pike sustained on the Narada have had a lasting effect on him. I'm not necessarily after Pike in the wheelchair blinking out his responses, but he's not up to space-jumping or crawling through airvents or anything like that. He has some physical impairment that is going to keep him at a desk for the rest of his life.

  5. Assuming you go the K/S route, I prefer that Pike comes on board the day after Spock and Kirk's first time. They've become steadily closer as friends, but the tumble in bed wasn't exactly pre-planned, and between the stresses of the mission and Pike being there, they don't have much time to talk it out. Their relationship is certainly against regulation, but to what extent is author's choice. They do have reason to try and keep it under wraps though. In other words, I don't want Kirk and Spock making like a couple of bunnies all over the ship and the admiral walking in on them and everything's hunky-dory, k?

  1. Spock frequently gets stuck in the middle between Pike and Kirk, and his loyalties are seriously split between the two of them, and neither is happy when he takes the other's side.

  2. McCoy is unquestioningly on Kirk's side, even when Kirk is just plain wrong. Mega bonus if McCoy is a little skittish around Pike because he (McCoy) knows that he did a major no-no in bringing Cadet Kirk onto the Enterprise in the first place (even though that worked out well in the end). Ultra Mega Bonus if Pike notices and subtly teases him about it (especially if he acts really stern around McCoy).

  3. Kirk and Pike have a complicated relationship-- father/son, superior/subordinate, teacher/student certainly, but also are friends and truly like each other.

  4. At some point, both Pike and Kirk are on the bridge and Pike keeps issuing orders and Kirk finally gets out of the captain's chair and tells him, "At this time, Admiral, I am prepared to offer you command of the Enterprise." Mega bonus if it's in a crisis situation and Pike refuses. Ultra mega bonus if the two of them were actually issuing contradictory orders and confusing the crew.

  5. Pike's presence somehow prevents Spock and Kirk from having any private time together. Their relationship was in a fragile stage to begin with, and it gets more and more awkward.

  6. Spock sympathizes with Pike over feeling helpless while someone he loves is in jeopardy/lost.

  7. Kirk gets that Pike's career as a captain was cut short by his injuries at the hands of Nero, and does hand command over to him at some point. Mega bonus if this comes at the end Kirk uses the opportunity to finally slip out for some nookie with Spock.

Exceptional ultra mega super bonus for authors taking artistic license with this prompt and making it their own!

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