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Hi there I'd like an MPEG!spock fic where Kirk is the other father but he's very unhappy with the entire situation and resents the kid and Spock. They don't get along. Kirk isn't present and he's scary mean but then when Spock is father along he has an accident and that's where something changes (the at is up to you, it's your story:))

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chapel, Chekov, McCoy, Sulu, Uhura
Summary: Features preggers!Kirk. I would like for Spock to still be in a relationship with Uhura at start of story. And Jim has secretly been in love with his First Officer for the past year. No one knows of his attraction to Spock, not even Bones. (Though he can be suspicious if you want). During a scout out on a once technologically advanced planet, Spock and Kirk stumble across an old, left behind piece of technology. The technology feeds off of emotional energy to create new life; it senses Jim's utmost desires to be with Spock, and so it activates and causes Jim to be impregnated, with Spock as his child's DNA "donor". Neither Jim or Spock are aware that Jim has been impregnated at first, but soon they become aware. Another side effect of the machine is that it causes the pregnant person to become more dependent on the one s/he has feelings for, so Jim's attraction magnifies, and it takes all he can not to let Spock find out. BONUS POINTS: If Spock, at first, wants nothing to do with the baby because he is with Uhura, but his paternal instincts start to kick in and his attraction to Kirk grows intensely. BONUS POINTS: If Uhura turns out to be mature in the end and wants Spock and Kirk to be together.SUPER BONUS POINTS: Spock becomes possessive over pregnant!Kirk, and finds his pregnant Captain sexually tempting, and gets aroused constantly when near Kirk. MEGA SUPER POINTS: There is eventual (lot of) pregnant sex, and Kirk is a "virgin" when it comes to men. TROPE: Bottom!Jim
Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, McCoy, Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

Jim is the one in a relationship when he has a drunk fling with Spock. Not knowing Spock is completely in love with him. After that they decide to forget about it. Spock ends up being prenant (vulcan thing) and decides not to tell Jim or anyone because he doesn't want to embarress/end Jim's relationship. When it gets to the point he can't hide it anymore he disappers from everyone's life. Its many years later (7-9) that anyone finds out about the baby.



*Jim can be with Carol or someone you just make up

*Jim could be getting married to said girl and the bacholer party is where "it" happened


*Abrams Verse

*Amanda didn't die

*Boy child

*NO ONE on the Enterprise knows why Spock left

*Spock Prime takes one look at the baby and knows its Jim's

*Sarek and Amanda don't know its Jim's until Jim finds out

*Jim and Spock end up together somehow

*Kinky times

*long story no less then 30,000 words (I'll live if you have less its just a example of how long and what not lol)


Good luck! 

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Carol Marcus, Chekov, Chris Pike, Gary Mitchell, McCoy, Sarek, Scott, Stonn, Sulu
Summary: Inspired by the Scissor Sisters' song "Baby Come Home" from the album "Magic Hour". Jim has to use his considerable charms to woo an ambassador/member of planet's royalty/whoever to ensure the outcome he wants for mission success. Spock waits up for him to come home, and shows Jim how much he wants him, despite Jim having been with someone else within the last hour. I'd love it if this could be a PWP, heavy on the sexytimes and light on angst. "Baby come home to me, it's half-past quarter to three..."
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Summary: Set in TOS, with Abramsverse Kirk. Q pops up and decides to take Kirk on a tour of what his life would have been like if Nero hadn't altered the timeline. Those in TOSverse can't see or hear Q or Kirk. Extra bonus points if Kirk realises that TOS Spock is the same (albeit younger) one he met on Delta Vega and it's a bit of an emotional moment for him to see Spock so like his own first officer.
Categories: None Characters: None

Timeline: Post ST: XI

Pairing: Spock/Uhura(existing), Spock/Jim(pre-slash to slash)

Warnings: UST, Masturbation, Angst, Voyeruism

Summery: Spock and Uhura are still together but Spock is starting to realize that he can't logic away the fact that he is homosexual. But so far Uhura is really his only close friend and it is only natural to make her happy, right? Even if that means participating in a romantic/sexual relationship that didn't bring him any happiness?

So one night Uhura finally convinces Spock to have sex with her, but Spock is finding it hard to really get into it. It takes all his control just to get it up enough to start but halfway through he starts to realize he's going soft. But wait! Jim saves the day again. On the other side of the bulkhead Spock can hear the Captain pleasuring himself and the sound, which only Spock is able to hear thanks to his super Vulcan hearing, spurs him to greater heights of passion. Time should pass and Spock finds he can only perform for Uhura if Kirk is pleasuring himself next door. Uhura should figure out something is wrong and eventually breaks it off. No "evil, bitch" Uhura please.

Should start off with S/U but end with a happy K/S.

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: Uhura

I would like to request a minor twist on Live Long and Prosper's 'Double, Double, T'hy'la Trouble' challenge.

I recently rewatched the original series episode 'Balance of Terror' and was struck by the kinship and similarity between Kirk and the Romulan commander, even though they hardly said a handful of words to each other. I believe it would be interesting for Spock's second mate to be the Romulan Commander. The choice of his 'real' name is yours, as is the universe.

I would like the general plot to remain the same but, if using Abrams universe, I would be interested to see how Spock and his clan would deal with the situation, since denying the Romulan could cause a diplomatic incident but morally (or perhaps more appropriately, emotionally) they would be unable to accept him because of the destruction of their planet by Nero. I would also like Sarek to feature heavily in the story and to see his reaction to Amanda's death.

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

ST: XI Abrams fic based on the TOS episode "Balance of Terror."

Spock is no stranger to being the unwilling subject of racism and xenophobia because of his childhood on Vulcan. So when a fellow crewmember begins flaunting his bigotry in increasingly violent encounters with the Commander, Spock intends to follow Starfleet protocol an resolve the conflict as professionally and quietly as possible. However, when he contacts the head of security, he finds that Chief Giotto shares the same xenphobic tendencies he's trying to dissipate.


  • Spock withdraws from Kirk as the encounters escalate, which leads to angst!Kirk because he's worked so hard to build their friendship after the Narada engagement.
  • Spock does his best to prevent Kirk from getting involved because 1) he refuses to put his captain in a position that could potentially threaten his command, and 2) he's always been secretly terrified of discovering the same sickening hatred in those he holds close to his heart.
  • Kirk is his usual refuse-to-lose self and snoops until he discovers what's happening.
  • Kirk catches Spock in a lie (perhaps about suspicious injuries he has) and Spock reveals the depth of his fear and caring for Jim, which naturally leads to drawn out and delicious space sex and bonding.
  • Bigger bonus if both Kirk and Spock talk about how stupid in love they are and spend a few hours completely wrapped up in each other while they plan how to handle the racism on board.
  • Bully beat downs appreciated (but only if they are 'Fleet approved).
  • Handle Spock's lack of relationship with Nyota however works best, but please no Uhura bashing. I love that woman.

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

I would like a story that is based on Fifty Shades of Grey. Jim could be based on Christian and Spock on Anastasia or the other way around. I thought it would make a really good K/S story.


*Abrams Verse 

*Narada never happened

*Kinky times (Of course!)

*I want some fluffy scenes to..

*I want the ending to to happy

*I want it to be a long story please


*If you feel up to a challange you could have mpreg (it would be interesting) if so boy baby please 

*Sarek trying to be closer to Spock after not being there for him (you can make a background for that)

*You could have everybody come together somehow

*Jim could or couldn't be in Starfleet at some time - your choice




If you feel up to it have at it I look foward to see what you do with this! (=

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Chekov, Chris Pike, Gary Mitchell, McCoy, Sarek, Scott, Stonn, Sulu, Uhura
Summary: Sam Taylor "You think you have seen beauty... then it walks into the room and you realise you have never seen it before"

Could I have a short story or poem based on the above quote please?  Thank you.

Categories: Essays, Poetry, Ficlets, Fiction, Filks and Songs Characters: None
Summary: STID. While in the hospital, Kirk has that promised chat with Spock about his bedside manner. A bit of fluffy sweetness wouldn't be amiss here. :)
Categories: None Characters: None

When he was the "only genius level repeat offender in the Midwest" to make ends meet Jim worked as the 23rd century equivalent of a Phone sex entertainer. After taking up Pike's to do better he still peded the money and kept his old job. During this time he starts to fall for one of his clients who has a fetish to be spoken to in dirty Vulcan and calling him even after he gets a girlfriend. Eventually the client stops calling and Jim moves on. After a couple weeks of working together as captain and first officer, Jim realizes that Spock was that infamous client.

I would like a happy ending with Jim and Spock getting together. 

No Nyota bashing.

I love her, she just doesn't belong was Spock.

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

Pretty much what the title says.  He can be part or full but let it be so. 

Bonus if there are tensions between Betazoid and Vulcan (I don't think they would like each other much)

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

I've had this idea for awhile, but I doubt I will actually get around to writing it so here's the challenge!

Vulcan and Earth are in a war both parties fighting because they believe the other to be brutal barbarians that want to hurt their race.

Earth wins and seeing as all they really want is peace from their neighbors they deiced to demand a member of the Vulcan race marry a member of their race in order to build a bridge between there two cultures and promote peace, however for some reason the demand is tampered with or the Vulcans mistake the wording and the Vulcans think the demand is that one of them must join with a human as their slave.

Of course the human and Vulcan in question is Jim and Spock.

On the way to Earth Spock is treated like a slave. He is to be hurt and at least somewhat traumatized over it. While he may harbor some hatred for the humans his main emotion is fear by the time he arrives.

No matter what Jim’s feelings on marrying a Vulcan wither he is disgusted or delighted or just doesn’t care he is completely furious that someone dared to hurt his future husband. He goes to meet Spock when he arrives determined to at least be civil, when he finds Spock chained and in slave garb, with visible bruises or perhaps some other injury.

Someone who hurt Spock should attempt to drag him to Jim or hit him or something and Jim should throw an absolute fit. Jim should end up earning at least a small amount of trust from Spock due to his protecting him and being the only human to touch him and not hurt him.

Somehow though a mind meld or some other way Jim and Spock realize that they have both been lied too about the other’s race and they uncover some kind of plot to make their people destroy each other.

This is set up in a way that it could be different planets or different kingdoms if you want. Either both Jim and Spock could be princes in there kingdoms or for whatever reason you want chosen for their planets.

The Vulcans find it logical to give up Spock seeing as they have lost it is best to give in to the brutal illogical demands of the humans lest they all be enslaved or killed.

Spock’s father is not a complete asshole and while is very against this decision there is nothing he can do about it.

If Spock’s mother is a human then you need to come up with an original and believable reason she’s his mom. Spock must know Amanda and have been close to her at least as a small child. I do not want her to die at least not until Spock is with Jim.

I want this to have: Hurt, Shy, Bottom Spock and Protective, Kind, Top Kirk.

I would really like this to have.: All the bridge crew members if possible including Scotty and Bones. Bones being Jim’s close friend would be really awesome.

I think it would be really interesting to have Spock not understand human langue at first so we see some adorable confused Spock not understanding why Jim is being so nice to him or treating him differently.

Extra points if the humans do keep slaves.

Extra, Extra points if Jim has slaves and is very nice to them.

Of course Spock and Jim falling in love and having lots of sex is awesome and something I want to happen, but don’t rush it too fast. I want both charters to be somewhat in character.

Oh and Happy ending Jim and Spock can’t die and if you add mpreg for some reason their child cannot die. 

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

My life has been systematically falling apart for the past six months, and just today a brand new shit-storm popped up to kick me while I'm down. Please, please, please, could somebody write me a H/C story  to cheer me up?

I'd love to see something where Jim has to deal with his f-ed up up family screwing him over once again, (Moi? Projecting? Why, no, of course not.) and a very protective Spock comes to his rescue.

I'm looking for a veritable fluff overdose here people. Cuddling preferred.  

Categories: Fiction, Ficlets, Works in Progress Characters: None

Kirk and McCoy are married. They have been since the 2nd year at the academy. At the start of the five years mission, McCoy has problem with Spock and doesn't get along with him but Kirk is getting along with him very well and they become fast friends to the point that makes McCoy jealous. McCoy himself finds a great comfort and confidante in Scotty and they start to have feelings for each other. Things aren't great between McCoy and Kirk and after a fight McCoy cheats on him with Scotty and when Jim finds out, he is very angry at first but then wants to work on his marriage despite being madly in love with Spock. The ending should be happy because dammit this is fanfiction! No transferring from the ship or character death.

Bonus point: I want a very long story with great character development. I don't want any character bashing.

Extra bonus point: I want lots of original characters. All of them from the crew and their relations to the main characters.

Extra extra bonus point: I don't want a uptight, serious Spock. I want him fun and a tease. I want him to be adored and loved by all of the crew. And I want him to have a lot of friends. And I want him to have had a lot of romantic relationships before and between Nyota and Jim.


Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy

How does K/S fare after the events of the third reboot movie, Star Trek Beyond? Be inspired by the events of the newest AOS canon and incoporate them into a fic that has eventual canon (or a Spirk Beyond AU). The more answers to this challenge, the better! :)

Categories: Essays, Fiction Characters: None

Everyone believes Jim is a big perv, after all he went through how many men and women at the Academy. So when security and/or Scotty finds out someone has been hacking the security feeds to spy on people in their quarters they/he thinks it must be Jim. Scotty brings it up to Jim who denies, denies, denies but no one believes him. PO'd he starts stalking the feeds/putting on a "show" hoping to find out who the voyeur really is.

Would prefer the voyeur be either McCoy or Spock. Whichever one isn't the hacker I would love to see participating in a "show" with Jim. Would also love a K/S/M threesome ending.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: McCoy, Scott
Summary: Feature a girl!Kirk who has a heart of gold, and is a virgin. While she is friendly and compassionate, because of a very difficult past (which is up to the author), she doesn't let others too close to her heart. This begins to worry and upset those she befriends (namely McCoy and Spock) because they come to care for her in their own ways and hate to see her alone. Spock becomes determined to get past her barriers once he realizes he loves her, but does not alert her to his intentions initially because he does not want to scare her off. So, as time passes, he slowly slips further into her heart by always being there for her, comforting her, etc. And then when Kirk realizes how much she loves him, she's afraid to tell him or do anything about it because she doesn't think she deserves him. When Spock finds out her love for him, he sets out to do all he can to prove to her he's willing to do whatever it takes to be with her. BONUS POINTS: If there is a scene where Kirk tries to convince Spock he's better off with someone else, and he simply pulls her to him and kisses her until she almost collapses from the intensity of it. MORE BONUS POINTS: If the story starts in the early years of Kirk's Captaincy while she is still getting to know others, if the story is really long, in-depth and shows progression and character development. I am a SUCKER for those kind of stories.
Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: girl!Kirk, McCoy, Uhura


I wanted to write one like this right, but I'm 100% sure that someone on this site can write it a whole lot better than myself. So I thought I'd put this idea out there for you guys to play with.

We all know the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and I thought of a cool crossover idea for it.


  • Jim is Kida and Milo's son (time difference can easily be explained away by the Atlantean's ability to live so long, because of the crystal)
  • If you want to make this more of an AU, then remove Milo and Kida and make him the son of two Atlantean OCs - but he has to be royal
  • He was stolen from them when the Federation (Section 31) discovered their home
  • The real James T. Kirk died in childbirth (how he came into Winona's possession is up to you, but he must be unaware of his adoption)
  • Takes place after STID (thus, Abrams universe please)
  • During their 5-year mission
  • The crystal of Atlantis must choose Jim to help protect Atlantis
  • A crystal necklace must somehow end up in Jim's possession
  • Spirk, obviously


  • Jim dies because I love character deaths
  • The Federation is partially corrupt (Pike's involvement prior to his death can be up to you)
  • A scientific explanation for the crystal and its effects on the inhabitants (it would make the blend of fantasy and sci-fi a whole lot easier I believe)
  • Milo and Kida/Jim's real parents were murdered by either a rebellion faction for by the Federation
  • Atlantis has been relocated to another planet, so it's discovered by an away team from the Enterprise

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura