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AU. Academy Fic. Jim's maternal bloodline is that of Federation alligned Humanoid race known as Veenans (Veena for singular), a peaceful, advanced race that are also heavily empathic. Because of their genetic evolution, some are even telekenetic. This species is uniguely united; seeing as all others as "brothers" and "sisters". Also, because of their genetic makeup, Veenans hardly, if ever, engage in sex with someone without a proper empathic bond to keep them stable.  One sign of a Veena is that their irises glow slightly when they are emotionally overwhelmed or excited. Veenu blood is strong in Jim, and after joining Starfleet, becomes infatuated with the Vulcan professor Spock. Due to Spock's half-Human heritage with a blend of Vulcan passions (albeit repressed), it appeals to Jim, who begins making an empathic bond with the Vulcan unknowingly. Spock finds Jim's company- as well as that of Uhura's -appealing. He, intially, sees Jim as nothing more than a friendly aqcuaintance, but overtime the Cadet's intelligence and friendly personality attracts him more and more. Eventual K/S. POINTS: Once Jim finds out he is unconsciously bonding with Spock, becomes horrified that Spock may not reciprocate, and tries to avoid the Vulcan in order to find a way to dissolve the bond. Spock becomes suspicious and won't take the hint to leave Jim alone. BONUS POINTS: Jim's mom is a sweetheart, and Jim confides in her his feelings with Spock, who then helps Jim come to accept what he feels. (Due to Winona being Veena, she is affectionate and close with her son, despite losing her husband at his birth.) BONUS POINTS: Before Spock realizes he's in love with Jim, Jim becomes slightly protective/possessive of Spock. Not violent- just somewhat defensive and territorial. Jim cannot help the primative instincts rising within him, and a few times confuses his friends, himself and Spock by the protective streak that he has over the Professor. PURE LOVE: If Spock's parents come for a Starfleet gala, and bring T'Pring and her family to visit as well. Jim does NOT like it, and gets paranoid/territorial of seeing T'Pring and Spock together.

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I might have to my own challenge but, if I have time but I really want to see this story. I am reposting because it was too confusing the first time around, and the formatting was bad. On to the challenge:

Universe: Abrams regular or Mirror Abrams, (if you can make it work in any other then more power to you. I haven’t seen all the episodes in TOS so I can’t speak to that; I know I am a bad fan.)

Trope: !Bottom Kirk

So Kirk likes Spock, and Spock likes Kirk but he will not admit it even to himself. So at some sort diplomatic mission to New Vulcan Kirk meets another Vulcan male. The problem is that the other Vulcan ends up falling for Kirk, and gets himself assigned to the Enterprise. Of course Spock has to find out. !Bottom Kirk please.

Can be any rating you want and any length you want.

Bonus points:

~The other Vulcan male is someone who picked on Spock as a child.

~Same Vulcan male sees the feelings that Spock has for Kirk and originally hooks up with Kirk to hurt Spock even more.

~Lots of Kinky sex

~Kirk being a “virgin” when it comes to men

Any other things you want to add you want just have fun. I will give Spock and Kirk shape cookies to anyone who gets all the bonus points, as soon as I figure out how to make them and make them look good. ::smiles::

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Spock walks in on Uhura and Scotty (kissing or more, it's up to you!). He finds himself trying to figure out if he even cares or not. In the post-breakup stage, a certain captain is there to comfort his Vulcan First Officer.


Abrams Universe.



   - If Spock cries and Kirk finds him

   - Bones tries to offer realtionship advice (I don't care who he gives it too!)

Categories: Ficlets, Fiction Characters: McCoy, Scott, Uhura

I have no good explanation for this. I just love hurt!Jim.

Prompt: James Kirk has suffered more than anyone can ever imagine. Behind the arrogant and cocky mask there is broken man.     

 Jim has many dark secrets (Tarsus IV, abusive stepfather, suicide attempt when he was ten=driving car off the cliff, distant and broken mother and brother who left him alone when he was ten) and he has every intention to keep them that way (McCoy doesn't know about any of them) but after anniversary of Tarsus IV comes his carefully build mask stars to shatter. He has flashbacks and hallucinations (younger Jim that comes to speak to him) that are taunting him. At first he tries to ignore them but starts slowly losing his mind. No one notices at first but eventually some of them start to notice (Spock is the first one, then McCoy, some others can also notice but they don't get to know the truth). Eventual K/S slash (McCoy and Jim are just friends, no threesomes thank you)

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

I want a fic where the Enterprise experiences some unknown phenomenom and everyone is de-aged. How far is up to the author they could be kids or teens or you could have them de-aged a set number of years so there are some teens and some younger kids. I want them not remembering anything before whatever age they are and they have to figure out what has happened and somehow fix it or get to help without getting destroyed/captured by enemies of the author choice.

Bonus points for kid Jim trying to stay in charge of everyone. Extra bonus points for rebel Bones. And extra extra bonus points for Spock and Jim not knowing why they share quarters!

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

This is mostly all up to the author. I would like to see a story with this...

* already into there five year mission after Vulcan was destroyed, when spock goes into pon farr. And spock request to be taken to the new Vulcan plant (name is up to the author).

* spock doesn't want to tell what he's going though out of embarrassment, and the fact that it's not something vulcans talk about, even to themselves.

* while on the planet, spock and his father look for a new mate for him. But things don't go well since Vulcan males outnumber the women. Spock being half Vulcan while also sterile, none of the Vulcan women are willing, since the point is to have a child.

* Not willing to let his friend die Kirk, volunteers, to mate with Spock. And in the process they become th'y'la. Kirk doesn't see spock that way as asked for the blind to be broken. Some how Spock has to convince Kirk they should be together.

The rest is up to the author, though I truly want a happy ending.

Bonus points!

* some how though the process, bones and sarek get together.

Even more points!

* If there are relationship development, with bones and sarek. (Opt.NC-17 moments with them).

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura
Summary: Had a really cool but weird dream....thought it would make for a good story.

basically, picture The nu!star trek characters as actual superheroes. Yeah, sounds crackastic but in a strange way I think it could work.

I had this dream where they were like in this universe where:

Amanda had this healing and flying superpower,which is how she met Sarek who was being treated for his heart disease and stuff. He discovered that being with Amanda helped him last longer, and helped him be far more healthy. plus, like in all other universes he fell in love with her anyway. So they get married and then have Spock.

It turns out that Spock has telekinetic, flying and healing superpowers... similar to what his mom has but with extra mind-powers due to being a Vulcan. This makes him even more of an outcast amongst the Vulcan, as seeing they already distrusted/feared a race that had those abilities to start with... they imagined the worst of what a Half-breed like Spock would do with those powers.

and then back to spock's parents here. even a combination of the medicine and Amanda's amazing healing power could not delay's Sarek's eventual death. Spock's bullying got worse now that the kids and adults knew that his dad wasn't around to reliate should he catch wind of it. So Amanda decided to move back to earth with Spock while he was a teenage.

He enrolls into this school designed for aspiring superheroes and stuff, where he runs into people like Uhura, Sulu, Chevok, scotty and even Kirk.

Have fun with this if you can! I just would like to see if it would be possible to have a serious story where everyone's training to be superheroes or something instead of being a starship captain. :P

if you haven't the slightest idea what the crew's superpowers would be, here's some suggestions:

Uhura has the power of being able to instantly know the language of another person just by touching them, has some minor empathy skills too as well. She gets one of the suckiest yet somewhat useful superpower, haha. Her parents wanted her to hone on her empathy skills more, which is greatly hindered by the fact that she tends to be WAAAY judgmental of people, due to bad experiences with people. She has to realize this later on in the story though, and actually tries her best to try to mellow out a little more.

Chekhov's still a super genius here, has the ability to talk to animals, and has a great aptitude for building all kinds of machinery.

Sulu has the ability of matter manipulation, like turning paper into an actual steel sword for example. he also has the power to instantly learn how to operate machinery like a old pro just by feeling his around the said machine for the first time.

Scotty is like a techno-tekic...he can control machines, communicate with them, etc with his mind. He's friends with chekov and sulu because of their shared affinity with machines. He's considered a little bit of a oddball out of the entire group, because he relates to machines better than he does humans.

Jim Kirk has full-blown empathy, which he uses to his fullest advantage to try to get people to like him. he also has regeneration powers, which makes him a person that's really difficult to kill. (just think Clarie from heroes). This came in handy when it came to saving James Kirk on many occasions when Frank beat him bloody to the point of death. This also causes Jim to have very little fear of death, and as an result he takes dangerous, unnecessary risks which is a source of worry for his friends.

MyCoy has healing powers, but that's it. he's basically the most regular person out of the group, and feels weird attending a university designed for superheroes when all he wants to do is be a regular doctor. the only reason why he agreed to go is because he hasn't fully mastered his healing abilities.

If you also want to do a collaboration, I'm also game for it!! I would write this fanfiction myself, but... I have a VERY BAD habit of almost not fhinshing any of my fan-fictions, mainly because I have way too many projects going on. However with Collaborations I would be more likely to finish it?
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Slight AU. Humor. In this reality, James T. Kirk is still the friendly, easy-going Captain that everyone knows and is intrigued by. However, while he is intellectually smart and perceptive at helping/comforting others, he does not truly understand how attractive he is, or the appeal he has to many. Whether it is because of how he was often neglected to his own devices when he was young, growing up being independent and depending only on himself, or just that he doesn't see himself as desireable, Jim has trouble accepting the fact that people can be attracted to him. Sure; he has many friends, and many of the people who were once romantically attracted to him eventually settled for just friendship because he never shows any signs of reciprocating their feelings. And it's not like he is a prude or standoffish- he's genuinely nice, a great friend and confident, and a much respected Captain. However, to one Vulcan First Officer, as he comes to know Jim more and more, he realizes he wants more than just friendship. And, okay, maybe Jim may be inept at confiding in and relying on others due to his upbringing of doing everything himself, but Spock refuses to let that deter him. As he slips his way further into his Captain's trust, he is further motivated. James Kirk will be his, even if he has to show Jim what it means to be loved and desired. Where all others have failed before, Spock will succeed. Eventual K/S.

BONUS POINTS: Cute, oblivious!Jim- one who can acknowledge that someone may be attracted to him, but cannot really figure out... why.

BONUS POINTS: Jim initially sees Spock's devotion and care of him as his duty as First Officer and being his friend.

BONUS POINTS: Jim finds he is becoming unusually fond and affectionate of Spock, which he has never experienced with anyone else before. It eventually takes Bones, Uhura and maybe a few others to to clue him in that he's attracted to the Vulcan.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, McCoy, Original Character(s), Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura
Summary: [AU]. Jim Kirk never joined StarFleet. He moved to California to escape his home in which his mother ignored him and his stepfather used him as a scapegoat for his frustration. Instead of becoming a notorious womanizer, Jim has chosen to lead a quiet life of solitude, living in a apartment complex, fixing people's computers and appliances for money. He keeps to himself, unless required to be around others in which he is unfailingly polite and respectful... but he uses his charm as a wall to keep people from getting to close to him. All of that changes when Jim goes to a StarFleet academic event to accompany a friend who goes to school there (not McCoy- who Jim can be introduced to later at author's discretion). Jim happens upon Spock, and cannot help himself from striking up a conversation after having read some of Spock's research in journals. Spock becomes intrigued of the intelligent young man, and wants to know more about him... but getting through Jim's barriers may prove to be quite difficult... K/S romance. No sex needed, but preferred. Would like emphasis on the evolution of their emotional/romantic relationship. BONUS POINTS: Please, PLEASE would like for Jim to be inexperienced in being intimate sexually with anyone (has issues with getting close to anyone enough for sex due to childhood neglect), but nonetheless is becoming intensely attracted to Spock. MEGA BONUS POINTS: Spock becomes patient, but determined, to win Jim's affections... and eventually leads to a lot of affectionate touching, comforting "snuggling", and maybe even some fondling. RULES? Have FUN.
Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, Gary Mitchell, McCoy, Scott, Stonn, Uhura

Can anybody try and write a fem!spock X kirk? The plot doesn't matter. It can be alwaysagirl!spock, temporarygirl!spock, or anything.

Bonus points for any other characters involved and for non-generic plot.

No fem!kirk

Categories: None Characters: Amanda, Carol Marcus, Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, David Marcus, Edith Keeler, Gaila, Gary Mitchell, Gillian Taylor, girl!Spock, Leila Kalomi, Lori Ciani, McCoy, Original Character(s), Romulan Commander, Saavik, Sarek, Scott, Stonn, Sulu, T'Pring

Spock and Uhura come from very wealthy and famous families and attend the Interplanetary Academy for Gifted Minds that is a few miles outside San Francisco, CA. They are best friends, at the top of the social ladder in the academy, and really want to find their soulmate/T'hy'la as their parents have.

James Kirk and (Scotty or Galia, your choice) are orphaned/run aways and poor. They're admitted to the academy on scholarship that also requires them to have a job at the academy. (It's with a teacher that believes they're stupid, is disgusted by them, and thinks they're sleeping with someone of high status either inside or outside of the school as an explanation for their admission) In addition, they also have an extra job outside of school.

They share a run down two room apartment together (bathroom and other) that is an hour from the academy, since the dorms provided by and near the academy are super expensive. This living arrangement has mostly everyone believing that they're sleeping with each other, even though all they are are best friends. (They tried to be lovers, but it got too awkward quickly and felt wrong to both of them)

However, they are geniuses that are on par with Spock and Uhura level of intelligence. But they still are on the very bottom run of the social ladder (which seems to be on the verge of falling off the damn thing entirely) and are condsidered to be slobs or carriers of some kind of disease, physical or social in form.

After days of staring and watching/stalking the two mentioned above, Spock and Uhura are loving (Not "in love", which is a dominant/subordinant power relationship, not one of equality. Just remember: Being in love is like being in a ditch, they're both out of your control.) Jim and (Scotty or Galia) respectively.

Problem is that Jim and (Scotty or Galia) have no experience of serious and honest non-platonic loving, so they don't believe Spock and Uhura. Thus, the two wealthy teens must roll up their uniform shirt sleeves and learn the art of wooing in order to have their love reciprocated by the insecure, poor geniuses.

Happy Ending Please!

Pairings: Jim/Spock and (Scotty or Galia)/Uhura

Bottom Jim in sex scenes too, please.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Gaila, Scott, Uhura



Challenge: Make this sad prompt have a happy ending. (not my prompt, belongs to anon at the kink meme)

Difficulty: Very

Prompt: Kirk/character of anon's choice are in a relationship the whole crew knows about and accepts. Then, Kirk gets top!secret-super!classified orders from stafleet basically forcing him to seduce a traitor/spy to get information for starfleet. [OR Kirk's orders force him to gain trust from the traitor/spy, so Kirk is all friendly and the traitor/spy takes advantage of Kirk.] Kirk follows orders/is forced but he's horrified, disgusted, and seriously messed up mentally by the encounter. Instead of comforting him or trying to understand Kirk's side, his significant other dumps him for cheating and the crew blames/is nasty to Kirk, since they aren't privy to starfleet's orders. Much angst ensues!

Keyword: Redemption

I've seen many takes on this prompt, all seeming to end sad which is why I haven't read them. Sad as in a broken Kirk, a broken relationship and K/S not getting back together. Mostly because Spock never found out...or he did but it was too late (Kirk ended up with Bones). I find it interesting that so many think a happy ending cannot be done. Kirk didn't believe in no-win scenarios and he didn't settle for the impossible. Instead of thinking in the box, he not only thought outside of the box but reshaped it. Saying something couldn't be done made him want to do whatever it was, even more. Yet, many feel that this prompt can only end in one way, heartbreak and it can only be written if the characters were extremely ooc. I think that is BS. A good author can make one believe in anything. They can take something old, already done and reshape it. The challenge here is to reshape this prompt and for that, you have to have the Kirk mentality and be as equally stubborn.

Stuff I would like to see but not required:

-A groveling and tortured Spock. Tortured as in self loathing. Kirk being all "fuck u, you didn't trust me, abandoned me, don't talk to me" and Spock maybe falling to his knees crying? "I have wronged you thyla in ways you/I cannot imagine. I'm so sorry." 

-Super awesome dramatic make up sex somewhere down the line is mandatory. Pretty please?

-Spock has to find out somehow. Kirk left and Spock is clearing the Captain's computer maybe? Kirk thinking his hacker skills is all that leaves the file there thinking it won't be found? Maybe Spock overhears a secret conversation from Starfleet officials? Maybe Spock and crew are on an away mission some angry person is all "I'll never forgive him for using me for information! I thought he loved me but he was only pretending to follow orders!" Spock, "What orders?" Angry person, "Oh you didn't know?"

-Big time angst. Things like K/S seeing each other from across the room. Accidental touching. Something with big time tension.

All is forgiven and it ends HAPPILY aka with Kirk/Spock together.

How to make it happy: To me, there are many steps for this to end happily. It has to start with the assignment and the misunderstanding. XI Kirk has a past seemingly of not being able to settle. This could be used. I prefer him not to cheat but get caught in an compromising position that looks like it. A break up happens and Spock shuts down. After all he's been through, why not shut down? Glares, gossip, avoidance and no one to believe. Fed up, Kirk leaves. He's bitter, depressed, still in love and lonely. Highly resentful towards Starfleet. Spock, Uhura, McCoy or someone finds out about assignment and is plagued with guilt. Finds Kirk yet Kirk has built walls. He doesn't want to listen or even be bothered. That's where everything slows down. Maybe he comes back to the ship. The crew is sorry but they have lost Kirk's trust. He is detached and doesn't get close to him. After all, how could his friends think he's still a 'man whore' or whatever. A slow building of trust, forgiveness and ultimately, a rekindling of a relationship.



Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Chekov, Chris Pike, McCoy, Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

Kirk gets bored during an especially long, uneventful journey/travel time thingy, and decides to play crew matchmaker, starting with Sulu and Chekhov.  Somewhere along the line, he falls for Spock.

'Verse doesn't matter so much.  If TOS, bonus points for utilizing the yeoman-backrub scene in Kirk's attempt to woo his First Officer.  If Abrmas'-verse, bonus points for Kirk's lack of verbal filter, blue jeans on the bridge, and making Spock curse, out in public as well as behind closed doors.

General bonus points if various members of the crew get caught pairing off in public places, Sarek expresses disapproval, and some sort of important transmission interrupts things.

Extra special bonus cookies if Kirk sings "Matchmaker" from Fiddler On The Roof, and at least one crew member asks him to stop or calls McCoy up to hypo him into submission.

I'd write it, but I think I'd kill it.

Categories: Ficlets, Fiction Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

At a social event on a new planet welcoming a new alien civilization to the Federation, Jim is bestowed a "gift"  by the Priestess. For a few days nothing changes, so Jim forgets all about it. However, soon he begins to hear voices when no one is nearby, and when no one is actually saying anything.

And then his emotions begin to go wild; he is happy one moment, then sad the next. He tries to keep it a secret so as to not let others think he is going crazy. He manages to keep these strange changes a secret for a week before he starts to become overwhelmed.

Upon contacting said Priestess, she explains she "opened" his mind and heart. She made him telempathic- capable of receiving others' thoughts and emotions. It is irreversible.

Desperate to get it under control so as not to be too overwhelemed and lose his command, Jim begins to search out Spock's help. With Spock's mental and emotional shields, his very presence is a balm to Jim's new extra senses. To help anchor Jim, Spock allows a small mental bond to develop, so whenever Jim's mind becomes too loud with thoughts, Spock can speak to him mentally and drown out the other voices.

It isn't long until Jim is falling in love with Spock- hopelessly so. The bond makes him realize his attraction to the Vulcan, even while said Vulcan seems only to see him as a Superior Officer.

The question is, will Spock eventually come to feel the same? Eventual K/S.

BONUS POINTS: Would love to see Jim slowly coming to recognize Spock's "signature" mind above others; like he smiles before Spock enters a room, or he seems to know what Spock is going to ask before he does and responds to the unspoken question, etc.

BONUS POINTS: Because Spock's very presence helps Jim's mind and emotional state, Jim begins to unconsciously seek him out. Whenever they are together in a setting, Jim seems to simply gravitate to Spock. (This happens even before they create a link- Jim's dependence on Spock gives the Vulcan the idea that an anchoring bond may help.)

BONUS POINTS: If, at first, Spock is uncomfortable the way Jim keeps finding him and hanging around him (as Jim didn't do so before). Now, Jim seeks him out when he is the labs, or when he is in the Mess, during his free time, etc. But as time goes on and Spock gets used to Jim's unique mind merging with his own, he finds himself growing protective and possessive of his Captain- ancient Vulcan warrior mentality showing itself now that Spock's mind has found its equal... (Not that Jim minds in the least... it's kind of a turn on as far as he is concerned...)

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Original Character(s), Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

Right after the Narada incident, the Emperor, who is becoming a bit unpopular with rumors of uprising starting to trickle in, decrees that the recently widowed Mrs. Kirk and her sons be moved to San Francisco and be under his care. Winona is very suspicious of this, despite her depression, and remarries Frank, a best friend and loyal confident of hers, to raise her sons and protect them from the Emperor as she starts her extensive Starfleet duty, which she is suddenly given by the Emperor himself.

As Sam and Jim grow up, they are constantly held at a large distance away from the scheming ruler. However, one day Jim slips under Frank's and Sam's watch and guard, and wanders into the Emperor in the large mansion they live in with said ruler. Too Pretty for the egotistical ruler to resist, Jim is suddenly trained to be and becomes his consort at a young age, even though Jim wants to be a Starfleet Captain instead. When Frank finds out, he tries to get Jim back, but is punished harshly and made a cripple. Sam tries to get his baby brother back and loses an eye. When Winona finds out... Well, she suddenly disappears and is never heard from again. Thus, Jim remains under the Emperor's control, given all the books and luxuries he wants, but is never allowed to have any relationship with anybody else. Any time the Emperor allows him to leave to go else where, Jim is covered from from head to toe in clothing and wears a plain mask, in addition to a large barrage of guards around him.

However, things change when Jim is eighteen: the rarely seen empire of Vulcan appears and wages war against the Terran Empire. It ends quickly once the humans realize what they want and allow him access to their Emperor, if they promise to treat them better than their now former ruler did. Thus, the Emperor is publicly killed and the Vulcans now rule Earth and their somewhat vast Empire. During a raid of the Emperor's many homes, but focussed on the one in San Francisco, Jim is found, clothed in the manner that allows him to be outside when he was under the Emperor's rule. But once Jim realizes what has happened, he takes things into his own hands: he manipulates the Vulcans to get him in one of their very advanced but small spaceships, kicks them out, and steals it. 

When the Vulcan empire hears of this, they send Spock, a halfbreed that is cherished on Vulcan for his ability to out do any warrior and conquering many planets for them, to retrieve the thief because of one thing: unknowingly, Jim is wearing a holy and sacred artifact stolen from Vulcan that is said to only worn by those destined to be especially great for Vulcan itself. 

So basically I want a Spock/Jim story here in which Spock is logical but also emotional and very toppy with a clever, genius, and defiant Jim (who is a bottom and a teasing one at that). 

Bonus if Spock has a certain human crew to help him track Jim.

Bonus if Jim does become great in that he saves Vulcan from the deranged Nero with some help of his seduction skills, which pisses off Spock once Nero is dead and the Narada is destroyed and has him fucking Jim in the transporter to remind him who he's mated to. 

Another Bonus if Spock Prime (remember this is the mirror verse) is accompanied by Kirk Prime (again mirror verse), who he resurrected and bonded to him as his bondmate, and the two meet Spock and Jim of this verse and start making all kinds of weird comments that alluded to similar things that happened in the prime universe that almost made it have a similar outcome to this one. And have Spock Prime become touchy-feely possessive with his T'hy'la when he learns of this. 

Super duper bonus for Spock and Jim first meeting in a club in which Jim manipulates Spock into position for Jim to ride his green cock as Spock tries desperately to not only get his hands on the artifact, but also prevent himself from getting lost in the sex and proceeding to fuck Jim's brains out and claim him as his mate.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chapel, Chekov, Gaila, McCoy, Original Character(s), Scott, Sulu, Uhura

Sort-of crack-fic request (hopefully for Pamdizzle): 

Spock is looking everywhere for the Captain so that they can review some important scientific reports about their next mission. No one has seen Kirk for several hours and he is not on duty, so Spock logically proceeds to go to the Captain’s locked quarters. When he overrides the password and enters, he is greeted by Kirk admiring himself in the mirror, wearing women’s fetish gear including a leather and lace bustier set, six-inch high heels, makeup, and a Marilyn Monroe wig. Hilarity ensues, along with some hot, kinky sex! 


Kirk is tipsy.

Spock goes absolutely wild and gets violent (not unlike pon farr)!

Kirk is embarrassed and goes to the closet to find a uniform to change into, but Spock attacks him and shuts himself inside with Kirk, where they begin their encounter.

Bondage is included when Kirk takes a submissive role.

Either Kirk or Spock asks the other to sing a weird song during sex.

McCoy becomes involved in the scenario in a hysterical way.

McCoy’s medical expertise is embarrassingly needed due to the craziness of the sexual encounter. 


Sulu and Chekov discuss a dirty fantasy while on the bridge (exactly like what is happening in Kirk’s room).  Later, those involved with the incident at Kirk's quarters and a still-costumed Kirk rush onto the bridge due to an inopportune emergency, causing Sulu and/or Chekov to have stronger reactions to the bizarre situation than anyone else because of their previous discussion.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura
Summary: Kirk mc coy and all other humans on enterprise are paranormal either were creatures vampires gargoyles. Plaese hive cross over with next gen and q and plaease include Thor
Categories: Fiction Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Original Character(s), Saavik, Sarek, Scott, Sulu


It's Parents' Day at Starfleet Daycare&School and the brats from the Enterprise are going to show everyone why their parents are better. At everything. With charts, logic and Power Point presentations too.

(Don't know why, character selection doesn't have Spock and Kirk, but they obviously are in the prompt/ff.)

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: Carol Marcus, Chekov, Chris Pike, Gaila, McCoy, Original Character(s), Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

Basically, AOS does Ocean's Eleven


Danny Ocean - smooth con man - Chris Pike
Rusty Ryan - 2nd in command, always eating - Jim Kirk
Linus Caldwell - naive yet talented pickpocket - Carol
Basher Tarr - munitions - Scotty
Frank Catton - inside man - Uhura
Turk Malloy - Sulu
Virgil Malloy - Chekov
Saul Bloom - experienced con / impersonator - Gaila
Reuben Tishkoff - bankroll & advisor - McCoy
Livingston Dell - technology/hacker - Spock
Yen - grease monkey - Keenser

Benedict - Admiral Marcus
Ocean's ex-wife - Number One


I just thought it would be a brilliant AU

Follow the movie for the most part, improvise where desired, keep the characters, well, in character

Categories: Fiction Characters: Carol Marcus, Chekov, Chris Pike, Gaila, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura
Summary: Well, you know the episode "Return to Tomorrow", where Kirk, Spock and Dame of the hour are possessed by aliens while they make temporary bodies, and the aliens inhabiting Kirk and the Dame's bodies are having this huge epic love affair which they act on even though they're in borrowed accomodation? Well, switch the aliens around, so that Kirk and Spock are the host to Romeo and Juliet, then watch the fireworks. Can be TOS or nu!Trek. BONUS POINTS if this makes K/S realize their epic love for one another is reciprocated. DOUBLE BONUS POINTS if at any stage before it is common knowledge about the possession, the bridge crew see some of this odd behaviour.
Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura