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I was driving home and finally actually listened to the song "Up in the Air" by 30 Seconds to Mars.

It sounds like a great back and forth between Spock and Kirk ( Abrams mainly ).

"I wrap my hands around your neck so tight ( with love )"

"Stuck in a moment of emotion I destroyed"

"A thousand times I tempted fate"


Do you see?!  It sounds like it was made to be a fanvid or a great song to summary their interactions.

I have very little talent for writing fiction ( I dabble but it has been years.  I will probably take up my own challenge but I know it will be awhile ) and know that you lovely writers out there can do so much amazing work, I just wanted to prod you a bit.


For the TLDR :

30 Seconds to Mars : Up in the Air    -----  And Go!!

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Summary: Sam Taylor "You think you have seen beauty... then it walks into the room and you realise you have never seen it before"

Could I have a short story or poem based on the above quote please?  Thank you.

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Grab a tissuebox.

This is a simple challenge where kirk and/or spock have to cry before, during or after sex or at some other awkward/inappropriate time. The reason for crying can be anything, whether ridiculous or serious, feel free to get creative. Go!

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The challenge is to take the last song you listened to, whether you like the actual song or not. Leave a link to the song, and the lyrics in the story notes.

Construct a story or vignette putting Spock and Kirk's; Spock and McCoy; McCoy and Kirk or Spock and Uhura, or multiple pairings into the positions implied by the song. Explore the situation leading up to the contents of the song, the parameters of their relationship within it, the resolution of any conflict brought about by or in the song.


  • Must be prose
  • Can include lyrics from the song in the fic, but they must seem incidental if said by a character, and subtle if included in the text, with a maximum of two lines from the song standing apart if you just can't help yourself.
  • Minimum 100 words; make it as long as you like (It can be 100000 if you want). 
  • Can be any age rating, with any content warnings.
  • Can be in any universe including original ones.
  • Can tie in to an episode of TOS, the movies with these characters in them (including the recent two).
  • Can use original character if you need.
  • Include a youtube link for the song in the notes.
  • Fic should be named after the song. 


Bonus points if:

  • The fic reads well to the song you've used. 
  • The song sets the mood for at least some of the fic.
  • You include sex to the rhythm of the song.

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I would like you to listen to the song by Tape Five called 'Tango For A Spy (remastered)' And base what you write on what impressions you get when listening.

Please DO NOT use lyrics.

No rating limit, no word limit, no imagination limit.

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